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"IIS-RT" is focused on the information materials and articles, based on the observation, researching, interpretation and using of the resonance technologies in the Nature and Society ( ikar_xxi_en.pdf).

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Published collection of articles:

Collection №1
  1. Nature of the ball-lightning. (Kapica P.L.)
  2. Physical bases of the resonance water activation. (Shironosov V.G.)

Collection №2
  1. ECA (ElectroChemically Activated water): History and matter. (Bahir V.M.)
  2. Application of coherent waves in medicine and biology. (Devyatkov N.D. and oth.)
Collection №3
  1. Bioelectroactivator "Espero". (Alehin S.A.)
  2. New technologies, based on the ECA. (Alehin S.A.)
Collection №4
  1. Publication in the mass media. (ECA, aeroionization, SHF, the physics of the resonance phenomenon)
Collection №5
  1. Aeroions and health. (Sanitary-hygienic norms, metodological instructions)
Collection №6
  1. "Alive" water - myphs and reality. (Alehin S.A. and oth.)

Collection №7
  1. Some questions of the application of electromagnetic radiation of low power of the highest frequencies (millimeter waves) in medicine. SHF-therapy, v.1. (Holant M.B., Devyatkov N.D. and oth.)
Collection №8
  1. Some questios of the application of electromagnetic radiation of low power of the highest frequencies (millimeter waves) in medicine. SHF-therapy, v.2. (Holant M.B., Deviatkov N.D. and oth.)
Collection №9
  1. Some questios of the application of electromagnetic radiation of low power of the highest frequencies (millimeter waves) in medicine. SHF-therapy, v.3. (Holant M.B., Deviatkov N.D. and oth.)
Collection №10
  1. Electrochemical activated water: anomal properties, mechanism of biological effect. (Priluchkiy V.I., Bahir V.M.)
Collection №11
  1. Water as a new energy source. (Kanarev F.M.)
  2. Preface to hydrogenous power (report on an international symposium on hydrogen energetics). (Kanarev F.M.)
Collection №12
  1. All - Russian conference "Methods and means of sterilization and disinfecting in medicine" (1992). Theses of articles from 28 September to 2 October 1992. (Redactor Bahir V.M.)
Collection №13
  1. All - Russian conference "Methods and means of sterilization and disinfecting in medicine" (1993). Theses of reports 22 - 26 November 1993. (Redactor Bahir V.M.)
Collection №14
  1. All - Russian conference "Electrochemical activation in medicine, agrotechnicalculture, industry" (1994). Theses of reports 20 - 22 December 1994. (Redactor Bahir V.M.)
Collection №15
  1. Published articles of department Biomedical physics in the field of nonlinear dynamic systems (AWIK, resonance).

Collection №16
  1. Preface to classical electrodynamics and atomic physics. (Shalyapin A.L., Stukalov V.I.)
Collection №17
  1. Mysterious of the conception: ovules has - "beauty competition". (Speed-info, October 1999)
  2. Bactericidal effect of anolyte in the biology and ecology microorganism aspects (actual direction, review). (Kazankin D.S.)
  3. Electrokinetic methods of cells intravital study. (Kazankin D.S.)
  4. Adaptive treatment method (artificial biofield source in medicine). (Kiselev B.I.)
Collection №18
  1. Hydrogen energetics:the stage of practical decisions. (Studennicov V.V., Kudymov G.I.)
  2. Electrogydrogen generator (EGG). Brief technical substantitation. (Studennicov V.V., Kudymov G.I.)
  3. Correction of the mineral salts and microelement deficit in drinking water as a factor of an initial profilactics of ecologicaly based diseases. (Churina S.К.)
  4. Electrolysis or water instead of petrol.
Collection №19
  1. Millimeter Wave Radiation's Effects on Mental States - a philosophical framework for study of MMR. (Jeremy Horne, Ph.D)
Collection №20
  1. Model system of power connections between points of an acupuncture. (Voronov V.Y.)

Collection №21
  1. The First International Symposium. Electrochemical activation in medicine, agriculture economy, industry. Thethises of articles and brief reports. (Moscow, 1997)
  2. The Second International Symposium. Electrochemical activation in medicine, agriculture economy, industry. Thethises of articles and brief reports. (Moscow, 1999)
  3. VII International Symposium. Infotechnological and medical ensuring of population safety and environment preservation in exceeding powers. (Cyprus, April 29 - 6 May 2000)
Collection №22
  1. Resonanse in physic, chemistry and biology. (Shironosov V.G.), sb22e.pdf
Collection №23
  1. Phenomenon of an information and information interaction (Preface to semantic information theory). (Polonnicov R.I.)
  2. Influence of activated water on feeding quality of of pigs. (Apalicov M. A , Zoteyev V.S., Ryabov А.G.)
Collection №24
  1. Beneficial effect of the active oxygen forms. (Voeykov V. L.)
  2. New technologies of disinfecting. (Maleyev B.V.)
  3. Monsters makind in MGU(astonishing experiments of russian biologists). (Аndrey Sharov)

Collection №25
  1. Modern insufficiency of aeroions. (Ibragimov А.)
  2. Chizhevsky and company (Attention "Chizhevsky Lamp"). (Zayceva Е.)
  3. Influence of electrochemical activated solution on feeding quality of pigs. (Apalicov М.А., Ryabov А.G., Zoteyev V.S., Ulyanov U.N.)
Collection №26 - All-Russian Scientific Conferention of Physic Students-8 (RSCPS-8)
  1. Non-contact liquid activation measurement by means of microwave spectroscopy. (Konovalova N.A., Menshicova S.G., Shironosov V.G.)
  2. Non-contact liquids activation by means of microhydrin and chemical reactions . (Dubrovskaya О.А., Mulahmetov R.F., Shironosov V.G.)
  3. Influence of activated water on larvae and young fish of African catfish. (Dubrovskaya О.А., Shironosov V.G. som-bio.jpg)
  4. Appearance model of non-contact liquid activation in a non-diaphragm electrolyzer. (Selunina Е.А., Shironosov V. G., Shironosov Е.V.)
  5. Appearance model of production of drinking water and activated washing, disinfectant and sterilizing solutions (catholyte and anolyte). (Minacov V.V., Shironosov V. G., Halyavina I.L.)
Collection №27
  1. Influence of low-level lazer radiation on activity of the phagocytoses process. (D.V. Rudic, E.I. Tihomirova, I.О. Bugaeva)
  2. Methodological materials to aerosolic disinfection. (Boris Maleyev)
  3. New factor in pathogeny of wound process. Uninvasiable ways of bringing neutral anolyte to suppurative inflamatory breeding ground. Polonged effect neutral anolyte in ointment. (Devyatov V.А.)
  4. Neutral anolyte - antiseptics of the choice for military surgery necessity. Modern method of conservative treatment of burning wounds. Methods of treatment of festering traumatic wounds. (Devyatov V.А., Petrov S.V.)

Collection №28
  1. III International Symposium "Electrochemical activation in medicine, agriculture economy, industry. " Thethises of articles and brief reports (Moscow, 2002). XIII International Symposium "International year of water 2003".
  2. Beginnings of physical chemistry of microword. The second publication. (Kanarev F.М.)
  3. Neutral anolyte - antiseptics of the choice in purulent surgery and traumatology. Resonance effect - new factor in pathogeny of wound process. (Devyatov V.А., Petrov S.V.)
Collection №29
  1. Colloidal nature of cancer. (Davidan D.B., Sarcisan A.J.)
  2. Fractal-resonant principle of action. (Holmansky A.S.)
Collection №30
  1. On complex resonance vibration systems calculation. (Karavashkin S.B., Karavashkina O.N.)
  2. Treatment using the actuating liquids. (on published work material,review has prepared Ovechkin A.)

Collection №32
  1. Research of extra low concentration salt solutions in infrared area. (Academy of medicine, Tver)
  2. Effectiveness of using activated medium in agricultural (publications review). (Glukhova N.A.)
  3. "Ionized" shower - new sanative and rejuvenative method. (Davtyan V.G., Markaryan T.G.)
  4. Examples of practical application of activated solutions.
Collection №33 - All-Russian Scientific Conferention of Physic Students - 10 (RSCPS-10)
  1. Potassium permanganate solution spectrum changes during non-contact activation. (Berdova E.S., Glukhova N.A., Shironosov V.G., Kourganovitch V.S.)
  2. Non-contact action phenomenon of activated water solution on dynamics of erythrocytes concretion. (Kazankin D.S., Shironosov V.G.)
  3. The phenomenon of non-contact activation of liquids by living organisms. (Karataeva S.J., Shironosov V.G.) sb33-3-en.pdf.
  4. Termal anomalies of contactless activated liquids. (Leontyeva Е.В., Berdova E.S., Shironosov V.G., Glukhova N.A.)
Collection №34
  1. Works of study of water orto- and para-spin isomers.
  2. Determination of antioxidant activity of water. (Yashin A.Ya. and others.)
  3. Technologies of use of electroactive solutions.

Collection №35
  1. Experimental disclosure of "odd" radiation and transformation of chemical elements. (Urutskoev L.I., Lixonov V.I., Tsinoev V.G.)
  2. Laser ray in soap film. (Stoylov Yu.Yu.)
  3. Field deep on melts of metal. (Panov V.F., Kurpatov S.A.)
Collection №36
  1. Experimental researches on antitumoral activity of electroactivated anolyte solution (EAS). (Gitelman D.S.)
  2. The experience of natrium hypochlorite weak solution appliation in cure fo diabetic lesions of lower limbs, and some other deseases. (Lopatin S.V.)
  3. Intracellular mechanism of laser therapy. (Zaguskin S.L.)
  4. Extra-weak physical signals and bioresonance conditions. (Zaguskin S.L.)
  5. Linear approximations of temperature dependence of water characteristics. (Kholmansky A.S.)
  6. Some pecularites of water thermodynamics and bioenergetics. (Kholmansky A.S.)
  7. Infra-red spectroscopy of blood serum. (Gordecov A.S.)
Collection №37
  1. Water with active oxygen - water of life. (Voyekov V.L.)
  2. Initialization of humid air luminescence with UV-photons. (Voyekov V.L.)
  3. Cavitation phenomena in yielding blood. (Voyekov V.L., Goncharenko A.I., Goncharenko S.A., Kaganovsky I.P.)
  4. Technology of maintaining low-mineralized activated water in a metastable state. (Dvornikov V.M.)
  5. Technology of maintaining liquid concentrates of bifidobacteriums and lactobacilluses on the basis of the stabilized low-mineralized activated water in a metastable state. (Dvornikov V.M.)
  6. IGA-1 devices application in measuring extra-weak electromagnetic fields of pyramidal construction. (Yedukova L.V., Kravchenko U.P., Savelyev A.V.)
  7. Hygienic sanitary galvanic shower. Physical grounds. (Davidyan D.B.)

Collection №38
  1. Registration of non-contact contamination blood medication. (Kazankin D.S., Shironosov V.G.)
  2. Noncontact biological activity test of liquids with kinetics growth of Escherichia coli assistance. (Karataeva S.U., Shironosov V.G.) sb38-2-en.pdf.
  3. Adsorption spectrum of disbalance solution, obtained as a result of electrolysis. (Kurganovich V.S., Shironosov V.G.)
  4. Non-contact activated infusion solutions as applied to prophylaxis of postoperative pancreatitis of oncopatients. (Shironosov V.G., Napolskikh V.M., Sorokin E.P., Kubashev A.P.)
  5. The nature of activated water anomal characteristics. (Shironosov V.G.)
Collection №39
  1. Original works on parametritic stimulation of electric oscillation. (Mandelshtam L.I., Papalexy I.D., "Tehnical Physics Magazine", vol. IV, number 1. 1934.)
  2. Physicochemical reactions as indicators of space phenomena. (Chizhevsky A.L.)
  3. Dangerous waste products containing in chlorinated water, the ways of its disclosure and elimination. (Voyekov V.L., Aspharamov R.R., Rozental V.M.)

Collection №40
  1. The multi-purpose device "IKAR-TEST" for noncontact sensing the dynamics of physical chemical and biochemical process in water solutions. (Kazankin D.S., Shironosov O.V., Shironosov V.G.) sb40-1-en.pdf.
  2. The activated water solutions have an non-contact influence upon hemolysis. (Kazankin D.S., Mutagarova A.I., Shironosov V.G., Solovyev A.A.)
  3. Making new species of substances on basis of non-contact activated liquids. (Leontyeva E.V., Shironosov V.G.) sb22e.pdf, sb40-3sp.pdf (spanish)
Collection №41
  1. Money — water. (Olga Evseeva, Expert Ural №19) sb41-1e.pdf
  2. Experimental invevestigation of ponderomotoring action of waves on resonators. (Lebedev P.N.) sb41-2.pdf
Collection №42
  1. Influence of small dozes of non-contact activated vodka on bioelectric activity of brain. (Krivonogova М.А., Pronichev I.V., Shironosov V.G., Kazankin D.S.) sb22e.pdf, sb42-1sp.pdf (spanish)
  2. Diagnostic complex "IKAR- TEST" intended for non-contact monitoring of microorganisms development dynamics. (Anisimov J.S., Kazankin D.S., Shironosov V.G.) sb22e.pdf, sb42-2sp.pdf (spanish)

Collection №43
  1. High quality water production: analysis and perspective. (Shironosov V.G., Minakov V.V., Shironosov O.V., Shironosova G.I., Ivanov V.B.)
  2. "Alive" and "dead" water - the newest medicine of the present. (Dyne Ashbah, fragments from the book)
  3. The Treating of Patients in U.S.A. using Anolyte, Catholyte and Non-Contact Activated Liquid (NAL). (Khachatryan A.P.)
Collection №44
  1. Solution of the problem of population provision with high quality drinking water and disinfection solutions: analysis and prospects. (Shironosov V.G.) sb44-1-en.pdf
  2. Forceps and scalpel for nanotechnologies. (Shironosov V.G.) sb44-2e.pdf
  3. Open Letter to President of Russia, Chairman of the Government, the Director-General ROSNANO and answer from ROSNANO. Letter, Otvet_Rosnano

Collection №45
  1. Method of processing physiological solution Kisseleva B.I. Description of the invention. (Kiselev B.I.)
  2. Baking wheat bread using electro-activated aqueous solutions. (Nabok M.V., Plutahin G.A.)
  3. Water - a source of biological and electrical energy. (Kiselev B.I.)
Collection №46
  1. “The Khachatryan Effect and Cancer” - Open seminar Professor Ashot Khachatryan in Singapore (26.03.2009) The Treating of Patients in U.S.A. using Anolyte, Catholyte... and Non-Contact Activated Liquid - NAL.
  2. Preparation of potable water with negative ReDox by saturation hydrogenation. (hydrogenated water, hydrogen blow) (Piskarev I.M., Aristova N.A., Tugolukov S.N.) sb46-2.pdf

Collection №47 - A jubilee volume devoted to the 20th anniversary of the center "IKAR"
  1. Breakthrough technologies. (Scientific heritage - Filatova A.I.)
  2. A tuning fork as an object of comparative analysis of a nonliving and living substance wave radiation. (Kudrin A.G.)
  3. "Rather obvious than unbelievable" (A phenomenon of levitation, "dead" and "alive" water*, Philippine healers, Vanga, Wolf Messing, Nikola Tesla and Poincare's theory). (Shironosov V.G.)
  4. "Clouds" (Phase transitions and structural transformations in the models of natural and anthropogenic geosystems during cryogenesis). (Melnikov V.P., Nesterov A.N)
Collection №48
  1. Key role of stable nonequilibrium state of aqueous systems in bioenergetics. (V. L. Voeikov)
  2. Organosilicon human model and health resumption recommendations. (Melikyan M.A., Davtyan V.G.), sb48-2.doc
  3. The action of minute doses of bioactive substances and low-intensity physical factors. (Burlakova E.B., Konradov A.A, Malceva E.L.)
  4. A piezoresonance sensor for evaluation the state of electrochemically activated water. (Plakatina O.S., Borbat V.F., Muhin V.A.)
  5. Studing the state of electrochemically activated water by tetra-aqua-chromium (III) dichloride reaction. (Plakatina O.S., Borbat V.F., Muhin V.A.)

Collection №49
  1. The answer to the phenomenon of fluid activation from magnesium and microhydrin. (Shironosov V. G.)
  2. The economical way to supply people with premium quality water is resonance technologies application.
  3. Piping system disinfection and self-purification (recovery) by means of aqueous solutions with resonant microcluster structure.
  4. Production of bioactive bottled drinking water with long-lasting redox potential and antioxidant effects.
  5. Agro-biotechnologies, food and processind industry new generation technologies on the basis of activated aqueous solutions. 100601-03_GRNT_ru.pdf
  6. 1,5 to 2 times decrease in the morbidity rate of Udmurt republic's population in 3 years by means of activated aqueous solutions usage. 190511_udm.pdf, 190511_udm.jpg
  7. The batch manufacturing of a device for the production of the highest quality drinking water, disinfectant, sterilizing and cleaning solutions, new substances based on resonance nanotechnologies. 230611_rosnano_udm.pdf, 230611_rosnano_udm.jpg
Collection №50
  1. Rhythmic integrity of a human body. (a conference at the school "PILOT" 10 - 11/11/11)
  2. Solution of a problem of water supply, water removal, water purification and maintenance of the population with first-rate quality potable water. (Averkiev M.S., Shironosov O.V., Shironosova G.I., Minakov V.V.) sb50-2-en.pdf.
  3. Working out of biologically active preparations for treatment sick of a tuberculosis. (Malkov S.A., Shironosov O.V., Shironosova G.I.) sb50-3-en.pdf.
  4. Clearing of reservoirs of blue-green seaweed. (Pigalev S.A., Shironosov O.V., Shironosova G.I., Minakov V.V., Kazantseva S.R.) Positive influence of an anolyte on water from a pond (Kazantseva S.R.)

Collection №51
  1. About the principle of least action, the crisis in modern physics, the physical basis of quantum mechanics and the structure of water. (Shironosov V.G.) sb51-1_en.pdf
  2. Steady non-equilibrium state of water systems - the basis of the living condition (Voeukov V.L.) sb51-2.pdf
  3. The radiation of biological objects and prospects of its application. (Fedorenko A.) sb51-3.pdf
  4. Thinking - a medicament for fabrications. (Matveev V.V.) Comments on the paper: Technologies that make the call modern thinking: the transfer of the properties of drugs by the communication lines. (Fedorenko A.A. and etc.)

Collection №52
  1. Applications of activated water in poultry. (Mityunin D.V., Filippov D.A.) sb52-1.pdf
  2. The action of ultra-low doses of biologically active substances and low-intensity physical factors. (Burlakov E.B., Conrad A.A., Maltsev E.L. // Chem. physics. 2003. T. 22. № 2. p. 21-40.) sb52-2.pdf
  3. The phenomenon of release activity and hypothesis "spatial" homeostasis. (Epstein OI .// Advances of Physiological Sciences -. 2013. - T. 44, № 3. - p. 54-76) sb52-3.pdf
Collection №53
  1. Diagnosis by blood drop. Crystallization of bioliquids. (Koltovaya N.A., Kraevoi S.A.) sb53-1-1.pdf, sb53-1-2.pdf, sb53-1-3.pdf, sb53-1-4.pdf
  2. Diagnosis of the functional state of people by changes in pH / ORP. (Starikova T.A., Jidkova E.O., Sorokin S.N., Mushta V.M.) sb53-2.pdf

Collection №54
  1. Basics of nanomembrany technology. (Medvedev I.N.) sb54-1.pdf
  2. This article is about the forgotten (universalization of oriental philosophy and western knowledge) "Galvanic shower Sahakyan." Electrolytes Samohotskogo - Five cell metabolism factors. (Sahakian O.V.) sb54-2.pdf
  3. Concretion model of the planet Earth and the cold nuclear fusion (CNF). (Tarasenko G.V., Demicheva E.A.) sb54-3.pdf
Collection №55
  1. Analogies in electromagnetism. (Zakharov V.A.) sb55-1.pdf
  2. The use of electroactivated solutions in the agricultural sector. (Plutahin G.A., Koschaev A.G., Aider M.) sb55-2.pdf
  3. Theoretical basis of electrochemical treatment of aqueous solutions. (Plutahin G.A., Aider M., Koschaev A.G., Gnatko E.N.) sb55-3.pdf
  4. Theoretical basis of electrochemical treatment of aqueous solutions. (Plutahin G.A., Aider M., Koschaev A.G., Gnatko E.N.) sb55-4.pdf
  5. Fractionation juice of alfalfa for feed additives. (Koschaev A.G., Plutahin G.A., Koschaeva O.V., Kalyuzhny S.A.) sb55-5.pdf
Collection №56
  1. Method of Kirlian. (Koltovoi N.A.)
  2. A series of books on crystallization of bioliquids. (Koltovoi N.A)
  3. A series of books on microscopy and on spectroscopic techniques. (Koltovoi N.A)
  4. A series of books "non-electromagnetic field, psychophysics". (Koltovoi N.A)

Collection №57
  1. Electrochemical synthesis of hypochlorite and hydrogen in the bloodstream. (Rudenok V.A., Alimov A.M., Zakomyrdin A.A., Milan V.B., Shabalin E.V.) sb57-1.pdf
  2. Water that heals. (Mitekin V.V.) sb57-2.pdf
  3. Studies of structural organization of super-clean waters and its dynamics. (Stepanov A.M.) sb57-3.pdf
Collection №58
  1. Installation for the production of drinking water of the highest quality productivity 600-800 liters per day based on two modules 01m-50. (Lagus O.V.) sb58-1.pdf
  2. Water. Justification of the concept of the method of magnetic anti - scum technology and equipment under the existing complex mine water. (Usachev V.P.) sb58-2.pdf
  3. Creating an ideal source of energy - the solution of global energy problems. (Sorokodum E.D.) sb58-3.pdf

Collection №59
  1. Theoretical background for the creation of cold nuclear fusion reactor. (Davidian D.B., Danilov I.Y., Tumanyan R.V., Davtyan V.G.) sb59-1.pdf
  2. Self-regulation of the body. (Davtyan A., Davtyan V.G.) sb59-2.pdf
  3. Galarmin - a versatile product with a wide spectrum of action for Serious pathologies. (Sargsyan D.S., Chailyan S.G.)
  4. The water and its current problems. (Slesarev V.I.) sb59-4.pdf
Collection №60
  1. Tunnel kinetic effect. (Andrianov S.A., Dmitriev S.P.) sb60-1.pdf
  2. Feel insite: the relationship of intestinal microflora and brain functions. (Jane Foster) sb60-2.pdf
  3. Bread on the activated water. (Nabok M.V., Plutahin G.A.) sb60-3.pdf
  4. Cold thermonuclear fusion. (Koltovoi N.A.) sb60-4.pdf

Collection №61
  1. Effect on the rate of dissolution and the concentration of oxygen in them on the rate of germination of barley. (Plutakhin G.A., Fedorenko K.P., Molchanov Y.D. Scientific Journal of KubSU, № 100 (06), 2014) sb61-1.pdf
  2. Evaluation of the quality of wheat malt grown using electroactivated aqueous solutions. (Plutakhin G.A., Besedina N.V., Yavorskaya E.S. Scientific Journal of KubSU, № 100 (06), 2014) sb61-2.pdf
  3. Problems of measuring and interpreting the oxidation-reduction potential of activated waters. (Nekrasova L.P. MZPiFI 2013) sb61-3.pdf
  4. Unusual properties of some non-contact activated solutions. (Nekrasova L.P. Progress of Natural Science 2013) sb61-4.pdf
  5. Physico-chemical properties of water activated in the cell without diaphragm type. (Nekrasova L.P. Consciousness and Physical Reality, 2012) sb61-5.pdf
  6. Determination of the antioxidant activity of electrochemically activated water by potentiometric and spectrophotometric methods. (Nekrasova L.P.) sb61-6.pdf
  7. Effect of noncontact electrochemical activation on aqueous solutions of certain proteins. (Nekrasova L.P.) sb61-7.pdf
  8. Research of the antioxidant activity of drinking and modified waters by the kinetic method. (Nekrasova L.P.) sb61-8.pdf
  9. Investigations of remote laser action on the properties of liquid media. (Nekrasova L.P.) sb61-9.pdf
  10. Approbation of the fermented milk product Bifilux of Bioproduct company. (Andrianov S.A.) sb61-10.pdf
  11. Why is the Lactanal product intended for women? (Andrianov S.A.) sb61-11.pdf
Collection №62. Made in Russia – "Tomed"!!!
  1. Peat in weight of gold sb62-1.pdf
  2. Medicine
  3. Poultry farming
  4. Fertilizer
  5. Primary sources sb62-5.pdf
Collection №63
  1. Dynamic systems of magnetically interacting free bodies (Kozorez V.V.)sb63-1.djvu.
  2. Information in thermodynamics and phase transitions of the second kind (Slesarev V.I.) sb63-2.pdf.
  3. The perspective possibility of the properties of cellular structures to resonantly restore the functions of tissues and organs by contactless exposure to the energy of cold plasma sources in a coherent electromagnetic field(Усов В.П., Парыгина Т.А., Митюнин Д.В.) sb63-3.pdf.
  4. "IKAR" in "Healthcare-2017" sb63-4.pdf.

Collection №64. NTS - Rather Obvious than Incredible!
  1. Nuclear reactions and transmutation of isotopes in biological systems (prehistory, current state, prospects). IJUS №17-18 (Vysotsky V.I., Kornilova A.A.) sb64-4.pdf.
  2. Experimental studies of excess heat release in a Ni + LiAlH4 system. IJUS №17-18 (Stepanov I.N., Panchelyuga V.A.) sb64-2.pdf.
  3. Arguments in the biology of transmutations at weak energies. Part 1. IJUS №17-18 (Kervran K.L.) sb64-3.pdf.
  4. Arguments in the biology of transmutations at weak energies. Part 2. IJUS №17-18 (Kervran K.L.) sb64-4.pdf.
  5. The concluding remarks of O. Costa de Borgar (theoretical physics). IJUS №17-18. (O. Costa de Borgar) sb64-5.pdf.
  6. Physical principles of cold thermonuclear fusion in water based on the works of Tesla, Lebedev and Poincare. II All-Russian Water Congress. Moscow. 05.06.18-07.06.18. (Shironosov V.G.) sb64-6e.pdf.
Collection №65
  1. The reasons for obtaining a reduced oxidation-reduction potential in melt and rainwater (Aristova N.A., Kuzina E.D., Piskarev I.M.) sb65-1.pdf.
  2. Possible approach to the normalization of the salt composition of the human body (optimization of the composition of drinking water, food and balneological procedures) (Decin A.N.) sb65-2.pdf.
  3. The microalga Chlorella is the best natural system for healing people (Kotlovker I. F.) sb65-3.pdf.
  4. New directions in increasing biological adaptation and human health: spectral-dynamic impacts (Soloviev A.A.) sb65-4_en.pdf.
Collection №66. "GRNT" - "Open, Invented in the USSR" и "Made in Russia" – "IKAR"!!!
  1. FMR on the loose samples. (Course project. The executor: Shironosov V.G., Head: Filatov AI. Sverdlovsk. 1975. UPI them. CM. Kirov, Faculty of Physics and Technology, Department of Theoretical Physics.) sb66-1.pdf.
  2. Features of nonlinear ferromagnetic resonance on loose samples. (Graduation project. Diplomant: Shironosov VG, Head: Filatov AI Sverdlovsk. 1976. UPI them. CM. Kirov, Faculty of Physics and Technology, Department of Theoretical Physics.) sb66-2.pdf.
  3. Ponderomotive effect of an electromagnetic field on ferromagnetics under ferromagnetic resonance conditions.(The dissertation author's abstract on competition of the deceased degree Ph.D. Diplomant: Shironosov VG, Head: Chirkov A.K. Moscow. 1983. Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University. Faculty of Physics.) sb66-3_en.pdf.
  4. Ponderomotive effect of an electromagnetic field on ferromagnetics under ferromagnetic resonance conditions. (Dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Diploma: Shironosov V.G., Head: Chirkov A.K. Moscow, 1982. MV and SSS RSFSR., UPI named after S.M. Kirov, IGMA.) sb66-4.pdf.
  5. On the stability of unstable states, bifurcations, chaos at nonlinear dynamical systems. (Shironosov V.G. - DAN SSSR, 1990, v. 314, No. 2, p. 316-320.) sb66-5_en.pdf.
  6. About the pendulum P.L. Kapitsa outside and inside the zones of parametric resonance. (Shironosov VG - ZhTF, 1990, Vol. 60, no. 12, p. 1-7.) sb66-6en.pdf.(sb66-6.pdf - text in RU).
  7. The task of two magnetic dipoles taking into account the equations of motion of their spins. (Shironosov VG - IzVuzov USSR, 1985, No 7, p. 74-78.) sb66-7_en.pdf.
  8. Effect of resonance traps of spin particles. (Shironosov VG - ZhTF, 1983, Vol. 53, No. 7, p. 1414-1416.)sb66-8_en.pdf.
  9. GRNT - Global Resonance Nonlinear Technologies. ikar_xxi_en.pdf.
Collection №67. "Resonance from Russia"
  1. About need of accounting of magnetic resonance forces at experimental studying of nonlinear ferromagnetic resonance in loose samples. (Filatov A.I., Shironosov V.G. - Izv. higher education institutions, Physicist, No. 1, 1977, p. 138-139.) sb67-1_en.pdf.
  2. Answer of authors of V.E. Shapiro. (Filatov A.I., Shironosov V.G. - Izv. higher education institutions, Physicist, No. 8, 1978, p.154.) sb67-2e.pdf.
  3. Several notes concerning V.E. Shapiro's objections on "Magnetic resonance forces".(Shironosov V.G. - Depp. No. 3596-79 VINITI. MVISSO of the USSR. Edition. Izv magazine. Higher education institutions, Physicist. 1979. 5 p.) sb67-3e.pdf.
  4. About new components of force acting on ferromagnetics at resonance. (Shironosov V.G. - Theses of reports All-Union konf. On physics of the magnetic phenomena, Kharkiv, on September 26-29, 1979. 5 p.) sb67-4.pdf.
  5. On the need to take into account the ponderomotive force moment in the study of nonlinear ferromagnetic resonance in anisotropic samples. (Shironosov V.G. - Depp. No. 3110-79 VINITI. MVISSO of the USSR. Edition. Izv magazine. Higher education institutions, Physicist. 1979. 6 p.) sb67-5e.pdf.
  6. Increase the sensitivity of ponderomotive wattmeters with the help of ferromagnetic resonance. (Shironosov V.G. - the Radio technician, 1980, t. 35, No. 5, p. 64.) sb67-6e.pdf.
  7. Electromagnetic resonant pressure and moment of forces. (Shironosov V.G. - UFZh, 1980, t. 25, No. 10, 1742-1744.) sb67-7_en.pdf.
  8. On the need to take into account the ponderomotive force moment in the study of nonlinear ferromagnetic resonance in anisotropic samples. (Shironosov V.G. - ZhTF, 1981, v. 51, no. 1, p. 192-193.) sb67-8-en.pdf.
  9. Resonant confinement of particles with intrinsic magnetic moment in a variable inhomogeneous magnetic field. (Bonstedt A.V., Shironosov V.G. - Letters in ZhTF, 1989, v. 15, No. 5, p. 82-85.) sb67-9_en.pdf.
  10. Stability of stationary motion of a magnetic gyroscope in an inhomogeneous magnetic field. (Shironosov V.G., Susloparov V. M. - ZhTF, 1987, vol.57, No. 4, pp. 785-788.) sb67-10-en.pdf.
  11. Analog modeling of the dynamics of magnetic dipole in an inhomogeneous magnetic field. (Shironosov V.G., Kuzmin S. V. - ZhTF, 1987, 1987, vol.57, No. 3, p. 583-585.) sb67-11-en.pdf.
  12. Parametric resonance in nonlinear systems with several degrees of freedom. (Shironosov V.G. - Dissertation of doctor of technical Sciences, 2000. URO RAN) sb67-12.pdf.
  1. Morphogenetic fields of the human body November 17-18, 2018 (Thematic readings at school “pilot” from first persons.) sb68-1_en.pdf.
  2. Introduction. Function-form-genome-energy-information-adaptation. (Litvinov I. A.) sb68-2.pdf.
  3. The key role of the steady imbalance of water systems in the emergence and functioning of living matter. (Voleikov V. L.) sb68-3.pdf.
  4. Distant interactions of biological objects in the period of morphogenesis. (Burlakov, A. B.) sb68-4.pdf.
  5. Principles of energy balance and control in a living system. (Gall L. N.) sb68-5.pdf.
  6. Мodeling of critical periods of the development of the loach on the kinetics of changes in the ORP of the incubation medium. (Burlakov A. B.) sb68-6.pdf.
  7. The theory of morphogenesis and biodynamic model in osteopathy. Where we come from. (Litvinov I. A.) sb68-7.pdf.
  8. Anomalous physico-chemical properties of ultra-high diluted aqueous systems - a possible basis for homeopathy? (Voleikov V. L.) sb68-8.pdf.
  9. Morphogenetic fields and cavitation in biosystems. Health in damage. Where are we going. (Goncharenko A.I.) sb68-9.pdf.
  10. Technologies based on non-linear parametric resonance of N. Tesla (demonstrations from a series of unexplained phenomena - “physicists are joking”). (Shironosov V.G.) sb68-10_en.pdf.
  11. The voice of the universe - as a projection of the human voice (presentation of the seminar "SOUNDAGE"). (Demin S.V.) sb68-11.pdf.

Collection №69. "Couple" and "Ortho", "Living" and "Dead" Water! – Spin Isomers!
  1. "Couple" and "Ortho", "Living" and "Dead" Water! Spin Isomers! (Experiment)
  2. Physical foundations of Resonance Microclusters (PM-quadrupoles) and Spin Isomers. (Theory)
  3. Practical application of RM and SI. (Practice - Criterion of Truth)
Collection №70. "Resonance from Russia." - Spin Isomers in water, in the MM range!
  1. High-Q resonance in a waveguide with a highly absorbing dielectric.//Electronic technology, ser. 1, Microwave Electronics, 1986, no. 9 (393), S. 3-5. (Belyakov E.V.) sb70-1.pdf. (Experiment)
  2. Microwave moisture meters of hydrocarbon mixtures (development of methods and designs.//Journal of Radio Electronics, ISSN 1684-1719, N8, 2018. (Kazarinov K.D., Polnikov I.G.) sb70-2.pdf. (Review)
  3. Propagation of an H10 wave in a rectangular waveguide with a dielectric inhomogeneity.//ZhTF, 2005, vol. 75, no. 8, p.105. (Bludov Yu.V.) sb70-3.pdf. (Theory)
Collection №71.
  1. Chlorella microalgae - the best natural system for healing people! (Kotlovker I.F.) sb71-1.pdf.
  2. The mechanisms of action of a suspension of chlorella microalgae on athletes and methods for tracking the results of this application. (Kotlovker I.F.) sb71-2.pdf.
  3. The creation of a new industry, the production of microalgae is one of the stages of economic recovery in Russia. (Kotlovker I.F.) sb71-3.pdf.
  4. Water as a nanostructured metamaterial. (Sergeant V., Prilepov V., Zalamay V., Gashin P.) sb71-4.pdf (EN), sb71-4-1.pdf (RU).
  5. RENEWABLE ENERGY: from the energy of self-destruction to the energy of life support. (Plotnitsky I.O.) (Kotlovker I.F.) sb71-5.pdf.
  6. “AQUA MERUS” - “Living Drinking Water” a fairy tale come true! ( (Plotnitsky I.O.) sb71-6.pdf.
  7. "Agua da Vida" - "Water of Life" a fairy tale come true! (Sviridov A.V., Panteleev A.V.) sb71-7.pdf.

Collection №72. SRC "IKAR" - 30 years with you!
  1. The study of the influence of activated solutions on the behavior of living cells by alternating cell electrophoresis. sb72-1en.pdf. (Kazankin D.S. Thesis project. Izhevsk. 2001. UdSU, Faculty of Biology and Chemistry. Department of Animal Ecology. Head: Zubtsovsky N.E. Consultant: Shironosov V.G.) (sb72-1.pdf - full text in RU)
  2. Microwave spectrometer for studying the electrical and magnetic properties of condensed matter.sb72-2en.pdf. (Kurganovich V.S. Thesis project. Head: Shironosov V.G. Izhevsk 2002. UdSU, Department of BioMedPhysics.) (sb72-2.pdf - full text in RU)
  3. Microwave methods for the study of activated aqueous solutions.sb72-3en.pdf. (Konovalova N.A. Thesis project. Izhevsk 2002. UdSU. Faculty of Physics. Department of BioMedPhysics. Head: Shironosov V.G.) (sb72-3.pdf - full text in RU)
  4. The study of non-contact activation of blood by physical methods.sb72-4en.pdf. (Menshikova S.G. Thesis project. Izhevsk 2002. UdSU. Faculty of Physics. Department of BioMedPhysics. Head: Shironosov V.G.) (sb72-4.pdf - full text in RU)
  5. The study of activated liquids by absorption spectroscopy.sb72-5en.pdf. (Berdova E.S. Thesis project. Izhevsk 2004. UdSU. Faculty of Physics. Department of BioMedPhysics. Head: Shironosov V.G. Consultant: Kurganovich V.S.) (sb72-5.pdf - full text in RU)
  6. The effect of activated water on bacteria Escherichia coli.sb72-6en.pdf. (Karataeva S.Yu. Thesis project. Leader: E. Magradze. Consultant: Shironosov V.G. Izhevsk 2006. UdSU, Department of Botany and Plant Ecology.) (sb72-6.pdf - full text in RU)
Collection №73. Coronavirus - Mutations - Immunity - Spin Isomers! sb73en.pdf.
  1. Suggestions of Scientific Research Center “IKAR” (Izhevsk) for the elimination of the coronavirus epidemic. sb73-1en.pdf.
  2. History of question (draft of the investigation). sb73-2.pdf.
  3. Practice is the Criterion of Truth.
Collection №74. What should we do – It continues - Pandemic - Vaccinations and / or Immunity? sb74en.pdf.
  1. History of the issue (draft investigation). sb74-1en.pdf.
  2. Theory. sb74-2.pdf.
  3. Practice is the Criterion of Truth. sb74-3.pdf.
Collection №75. Rather Obvious than Incredible?! (Hypothesis - Investigation - Join) sb75en.pdf.
  1. Tweezers and scalpel for biotechnology. Shironosov V.G. sb75-1en.pdf.
  2. Physics of “anomalous” properties of aqueous solutions. Shironosov V.G. sb75-2en.pdf.
  3. Transformation of chemical elements in non-equilibrium media. Shironosov V.G., Mitin S.V. sb75-3en.pdf.