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Levitation ... it's easy!!!

In science This is how it happens. In the beginning - It can't be !? Then - M ... yes, maybe ?! In the end - Well ... this is ... Obviously, This is ... Just !!!

The temple of charm (mechanical, optical, and physical office of the famous Russian illusionist Gamuletsky), which existed until 1842, became famous for the fact that visitors, ascending the stairs, even from below they saw a gilded, human-sized figure of an angel, hovering in the air without any supports. When approaching, the Seraphim raised to his lips French horn and played on it, moving his fingers in the most natural way. According to Gamuletsky's notes, he spent ten years searching for a point "supports" - location and weight magnet to keep the figure in the air. In all likelihood, the illusionist felt the deep inner connections of the world and, by trial, error and calculation, made a breakthrough into the unknown. I did not leave any recommendations for repeating the miracle. Orthodox Muslims, in turn, are convinced that the coffin with the remains of the prophet rests in the air, hanging in the tomb without any supports between floor and ceiling. " They tell, - wrote Euler - that the tomb of Mohammed is held by the force of some magnet. (p. 159, Perelman Ya.I. Entertaining physics. - M .; Science, 1982, book. 2). Is it possible? Perelman thinks it is impossible - " if, using the attraction of a magnet, such an equilibrium was achieved for one moment, then the slightest push, the slightest breath of air would have been enough to disturb it, and then the coffin would either fall to the floor or be pulled up to the ceiling. Hold it down motionless is almost as impossible as putting a cone on its top, although theoretically the latter is permissible". Various vaping messages in localized areas of objects are often perceived as something pseudoscientific (Kartsev V. Adventures of great equations. - M; Knowledge, 1971). The phenomenon was eventually given the name - levitation. The Encyclopedia Britannica explains that it is "lifting the body into the air without the use of mechanisms". But the scientific interpretation of the phenomenon still does not exist.. Apparently, and impossible on the basis of a misunderstanding of physical concepts and approaches. But not be content with the really Sanskrit equivalent, which explains levitation "supernatural ability becomes light at will" and mixes everything together - legends, myths and amazing facts. In fact, everything is much easier. There is no prophet in his homeland.

Even in the last century, the great Russian scientist Pyotr Lebedev described resonance as the most characteristic phenomenon for nature. But he did not manage to finish his flight. In technology, in engineering diligently avoided resonance. School textbooks still unambiguously interpret the example of a bridge that collapsed under the feet of a soldier's platoon. Not for nothing in the military the rules say: "... bridges pass freely". The resonance is ambiguous.

Almost at the same time, two events were observed. A group of foreign authors of three people in 1989 was awarded the Nobel Prize for non-resonant retention charged particles in electromagnetic traps without external feedback. Resonant retention continued to be considered impossible. A group of Russian scientists, also of three man (1983, ZhTF, Letters to ZhTF, DAN USSR), theoretically and experimentally (for macro-particles) proved the possibility of resonant confinement of bodies and particles (from elementary to macro) in non-uniform electromagnetic fields without external feedback. The idea itself was expressed by A.I. Filatov back in 1972 for ferromagnetic resonance.

As never happened in the homeland, the work of the group was simply not noticed. Although a breakthrough was made theoretically and experimentally and the foundations of new technologies were laid. The possibility of resonant selective hovering of bodies and particles in inhomogeneous electromagnetic fields without external feedback was demonstrated. For the uninitiated: in the pilot plant, such small objects as pencils and pens floated without supports. These works laid the foundations for new resonant technologies, a springboard for the take-off of the economy our society. As a result, in 1989 "rewarding" - reduction of the scientific division from the walls of the Academy of Sciences "as not working effectively". A spat on the bridge connecting science and budget took place. The takeoff turned into a fall. What to do: it is difficult to survive, but it is sinful to betray the Fatherland. Moreover, according to scientists, before the future, both We and the West have equal starting conditions. It sounds paradoxical. Naturally, they live better, but they have a high prevalence of old technologies, we are worse, but we have the soil is free for new ones and we have nothing to lose. Whoever takes off first wins. We need wings in resonance technologies - this is how the Research Center appeared "IKAR" in Izhevsk. The international information system on electronic media using resonant technologies is also called to serve this purpose "MIS-RT" - mis-rt.htm.

The main results of the research carried out in the field of the resonant effect of fields on nonlinear physical and biological systems:
1. For the first time theoretically and experimentally demonstrated the possibility of selective spatial confinement of bodies and particles (from elementary to macro) in inhomogeneous resonant electromagnetic fields without external feedback (1974). A method has been developed that allows in an analytical form, with the required degree of accuracy, to find areas dynamic stability of unstable states of complex multicomponent nonlinear systems of physical nature outside and under resonance conditions (1988). For example, abroad, in 1989, a group of authors was awarded the Nobel Prize for non-resonant confinement of charged particles in electrodynamic traps without feedback. According to foreign experts, this direction means a breakthrough in the field of fundamental physics, biophysics and technology. In the future, various scientists have developed new unique methods of diagnostics and biotechnology (nanoseparation) based on the in vivo study of cell dynamics in inhomogeneous electromagnetic fields (1994).
2. Problem solved "1/R3" (1984). For the first time, the possibility of the emergence of resonant microclusters - stable resonant states of movements in the system of two oscillating dipoles (SOD) due to nonlinear parametric resonance.
3. The phenomenon of non-contact activation of liquids (BAF), confirming the existence of SOD, in electrolyzers without a diaphragm (1999) and with chemical reactions (2001) - upon dissolution of microhydrin (capsules "of longevity"), components of a conventional developer for black and white photography (metolhydroquinone, phenidone hydroquinone), tea, medicines.
4. The method of microwave spectroscopy of BAJ (2002) has been developed. The BAJ effect makes it possible to obtain thermodynamic nonequilibrium liquids with a microcluster structure and with a negative redox potential (ORP) without changing their chemical composition (drinking water, saline, blood, etc.). For reference: microhydrin at its dissolution leads to a similar effect of obtaining activated liquids with negative ORP.
5. The positive effect of activated media (water, air) on biosystems (seed germination, fish breeding from eggs, cells, formed elements of blood, in the treatment of patients).

Russian scientist Lebedev called resonance the most characteristic state for nature. According to recent studies, it is also the most stable. History is a vivid witness to this: the earth did not know disasters until a person equipped it in his own way and himself was lost under the yoke of disease. From a synchronous framework of ordered resonantly interacting our entire organism consists of molecules. A clock that ticks the time is enclosed in every cell. The death of one or the weakening of the reactions of the other lead to the failure of the organism as a whole.. Similar processes are taking place in society. In Russia, it seems, a chain reaction has begun - dozens of small rivulets using resonance technologies pulsate in various regions of the country: laser; resonant mechanisms, instruments, aircraft and transporters differ by an order of magnitude from the usual in their technical parameters; new systems for the activation of liquid media that allow hundreds and thousands of times to reduce energy consumption - when obtaining environmentally friendly drinking water without chlorine, dioxins and to intensify technological processes in agriculture, food industry, construction, mechanical engineering, medicine, everyday life, etc. unique, highly effective installations of low-energy contactless impact on resonance effects for the treatment and prevention of many diseases.

Resonant technology

Already now, further most promising areas of resonance technologies can be identified.:
1) creation of traps of particles of various types with sizes from elementary to macro- and study of properties, dynamics of individual particles in such traps, including electrons, ions, atoms, molecules (with their further packaging on the board - molecular technology), cells, electrodynamic plasma confinement;
2) obtaining autonomous, stable, oscillating systems, in particular, self-stable plasma, activated water;
3) robotization non-contact spatial orientation, holding and control of micro-parts when assembling various devices, products and devices;
4) selective separation of various powders (magnetic, ferromagnetic, etc., in particular for magnetic storage media magnetic disks, tapes);
5) supersensitive field sensors (electromagnetic, acoustic, hydrodynamic, gravitational) based on suspensions and microclusters of SOD;
6) weighing, holding and moving various bodies (rotors of motors, gyroscopes, toys, vehicles on a magnetic suspension);
7) new non-contact resonant treatment methods with a guarantee;
8) new resonant diagnostic methods based on resonant retention of SOD cells and microclusters;
9) solving the problem of providing the population with drinking water (at a cost of ~ 5 kopecks per 1 liter), economical, efficient, environmentally friendly production of drinking water.


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