Medecine of the future. No gryds ! No pain !

Scientific-research center "IKAR" is interested in expansion and consolidation of business-like co-operation with regional groups, working in the field of ecology, health and medicine.
AWIK- polyclinic - medical-prophylactic complexes (Air-, Water-, Ion-, K-mm-therapy) with methods of treatment.
Equipment on the resonant therapy and diagnostics may consist of: (if required)
QHF-therapy apparatuses "Yav-1" with the stands and diagnostic devicefor the bioactive points to be determined.
Set of QHF-therapy apparatuses "Yarmarka" (5) with the diagnostic device for the bioactive points to be determined.
QHF-therapy apparatuses "Yasnost" or "Yadro" using in critical cases.
Set of checkers - waveguides for "Yav-1", it makes QHF- and reflexotherapy to be used wider.
Attenuator for "Yav".
Power-level indicator for QHF-therapy devices.
Stabilizing air-ionizer with a stand used in air - ionizer with a stand used in air-ion therapy "LCh-1".
"Emerald-SI" (mod. 01os-50, 04, 01-500) - a multifunctional devices for contact and non-contact liquid activation (for saline infusion and drug, for drinking water with the appointed mineral structure and properties, and for obtaining on its base washing, sterilizing and disinfectant solutions)
Multifunctional equipment for washing, sterilizing and disinfectant solutions and for the swimming - pool water purifing as well - Model 2000.
pH - ionometer.
Manual on QHF-therapy Volume-1, Volume-2, Volume-3.
Manual on air-ionotherapy.
Manual on water-ionotherapy.
Computerized data base on air-water-QHF-therapy for IBM.
Theaching and training of 2 specialist are available.
Warranty maintenance.
Variants to completing AWIK- polyclinic:
1 (2 pieces), 4 (2 pieces), 5 (2 pieces), 6, 7 (2 pieces), 8, 10, 11-16: $67.000.
3 (2 pieces), 4 (2 pieces), 5 (2 pieces), 6, 7 (2 pieces), 8, 9, 10, 11-16: $123.000.
2 (4 pieces), 4 (2 pieces), 5 (2 шт.), 6, 7 (2 pieces), 8, 9, 10, 11-16: $167.000.

----Compact, mobile AWIK-complex (Aero-, Water-, Ion-, К-mm therapy) with strategies for the preventive maintenance and treatment with the warranty - on the base of resonance influence of electromagnetic fields from ions, molecules, generators on the organism of person.
----"LINA" of the Scientific-Research Center "IKAR" are treating and teaching center on resonance therapy (non-contact resonance effect at the level of electron's and molecules) in the Ural region.
----The Regional Service Center "LINA" of the "IKAR" Scientific-Rescarch Center provides delivering of ready - to - work independent mini-complex's with maxi-availabilities:
- service delivery of ready-to-work complexes and manuals on resonance and air-, water- ion- therapy and diagnostic; we'll teach the specialists.
-guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance of the complexes;
-applying original methods ("know-how") a patient may be cured of ulcer gastric, gastroenteric and cardio - vascular, gynecologic and dermatic diseases, purulent wounds, trophic ulcers, oncologic diseases ets. Withour grugs and surgical intervention. No side effect was observed. People of any age can be treated (60 - 95% of our patients have been cured of their diseases). Usually a course lasts only 10 - 15 days.
Prophylaxis and computer diagnostics are available as well;
- treatment on board ship based on the tourist firm agency agreements;
- you can rent our equipment for a short or long period of time; our specialists will be sent to provide prophylaxis and treatment of different diseases.
- our experience, specialists and portable equipment with computer diagnostics available are at your service.
----Thousand of people have been given an opportunity to be cured of their diseases without gryds and operations.
----Microwave therapeutic treatment is economically effective.
----The only monography in Europe on microwave therapy treatment method edited by Doctor N.D. Devyatkov has been issued by our Scientific - Research Center.
----Depending on the customer's desire a complex may consist of:
- "Yav-1"(5,6 and 7,1) microwave therapeutic apparatuses with stands;
- "Yasnost", microwave therapeutic apparatuses for the critical trials;
- a resonance therapy complex called "Yarmarka" - a set of checker - waveguides for "Yav-1" (which makes microwave and reflexotherapy to be used wider), checkers for protection;
- indicators for microwave therapeutic and air - ionotherapy apparatuses;
- a diagnostic apparatus for the biologically active points to be searched and determined;
- multifunctional equipment used in water-ionotherapy and prophylaxis (phytotherapy and ionized water);
- multifunctional equipment for washing and sterilizing solutions and for the swimming - pool water purifying as well;
- an air - ionotherapy apparatus with a stand;
- computerized data base on air - water - , EHF-therapy;
- installations for absolutely pure water production, electrochemical synthesis of detergents, disinfectants and sterilizing solutions; it's also available the water in swimming pools to be disinfected as well;
----From time to time according to the customer's desire, the technical date of the equipment (e. g. frequency, power, frequency and amplitude modulation, air-ions concentration in room) is checked up and controlled by our specialists.
----According to the customer's desire the technical characteristics of the equipment (e. g. frequency, power, and amplitude modulation, air-ions concentration in a room) is checked up and controlled by our specialists.
Additional articles and methodic literature on microwave, air-, water- ion- therapy and resonance effect upon biosystems can be issued.