SRC "IKAR" - 34 years with you

Specialization: nonlinear resonance physics and biomedphysics.

Organized byUdSU and SIC "IKAR".

Scientific direction of work: studies of the dynamics of nonlinear physical and biological systems in resonance areas :

I. Development of numerical and analytical methods for the study of nonlinear dynamic systems;

II. Investigation of the resonant effects of fields on biological systems;

III. Investigation of the dynamics of particles of various types in resonant fields and in interaction with each other;

IV. Publishing an electronic journal "International Informational System on Resonant Technologies" - "MIS-RT";


Applied aspects p.p. I - III :

☑ Finding and stability analysis of periodic solutions of Lagrange systems at the critical points of the S-action function, as well as systems described by ordinary differential equations,

☑ Calculation of zones in the n-th approximation (n = 1,2,3, ...) of stable weighing of various bodies and particles without external feedback outside and in resonance zones,

☑ Finding periodic solutions of differential equations that do not explicitly contain a small parameter with allowance for dissipation and perturbations,

☑ Investigation of nonlinear systems for stability near periodic solutions,

☑ Optimization of the dynamics of the system according to the parameters of the problem, determination of the spectrum and conditions for the occurrence of chaos for nonlinear systems.

☑ Development of new non-contact methods and equipment for prevention, treatment and diagnostics based on the resonant effect of fields on biological systems, control of the course of biochemical reactions;

☑ Creation in various fields of resonant devices, devices, traps of particles of various types with sizes from elementary to macroscopic bodies without external feedback and the study of their properties, the dynamics of individual particles in such traps (robotization, selective separation of various powders, molecular technology), the creation of resonance traps for plasma, self-retaining plasma;


Learning tasks:

☑ Lectures and practical classes (theory, numerical-analytical modeling);

☑ Laboratory workshop (activation of liquids, air, resonant suspensions and dynamic systems, conducting experiments on the resonant action of fields on nonlinear physical and biological systems);

☑ Training, education and graduation of specialists "Full construction" with equipment - microclinics for treatment with a guarantee, installations for the activation of liquids, air for use in agriculture, industry, utilities, energy, specializing in nonlinear resonance physics and biomedphysics in collaboration with other departments of the University, Medical, Agricultural Academies, SIC "IKAR".