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The water we drink has long ceased to be drinkable. We drink, as a rule, canned water (tap, plastic, glass bottles…).

The only mountain dwellers who live for a long time are still lucky. They are drinking drinking water (charged, thawed - "live", from mountain springs, "Essentuki", "Narzan"…).

The most important parameter of water, from the point of view of modern medicine, is its “charge” - the redox potential (ORP), which should be negative, since human cells have negative ORP (-70 mV). Diseases occur when the negative potential of cells (ORP) falls below normal.

Plain drinking (canned) water with a positive ORP, penetrating into the tissues of the human body, takes away electrons from cells and tissues that consist of water by 80-90%. As a result, the biological structures of the body (cell membranes, cell organelles, nucleic acids and others) undergo oxidative destruction. So the body wears out, gets old, vital organs lose their function, immunity decreases.

Mountain melt water, negatively charged due to triboelectricity and structural phase transitions, has a microcluster structure. Such drinking water with negative ORP is easily absorbed by the body, communicates its charge to the blood and is carried throughout the body, replenishing the cells with negative charges lost during illness.

For example, it was found that watering mice irradiated with a lethal dose of X-rays with water with an ORP = - 450 mV reduced mortality among them from 96% to 10% compared to a control group who was given regular (non-activated) tap water with a positive ORP.

Unfortunately, the negative ORP of water lasts no more than a day, so it is advisable to prepare such water by yourself, or to live near mountain springs with "living" water.

American scientists discovered life pills in 2000 “microhydrin”. One tablet for a glass of water, milk, Coca-Cola, changes its ORP from +300 mV to - 300 mV, which is significantly higher than that of freshly prepared carrot juice (-70 mV). But, unfortunately, the cost of such a pill~ $1.0

On the other hand, it is known that the lack of basic ions in water Ca++, Mg++, J- leads to a variety of diseases. And only in some sources, their content is within the norms ВОЗ.

A low level of intake of calcium and magnesium ions in the body is the cause of a number of diseases: hypertension, coronary heart disease, osteochondrosis (even in children 1.5 years of age), osteoporosis (fragility of bones), impaired posture, decreased intelligence and memory, increased stone formation of the biliary tract and urinary system, destruction of tooth enamel, hair loss. Calcium and magnesium ions are essential for the normal development and functioning of the human body. Children, pregnant and lactating women, the elderly are especially in need of them..

Everyone knows the problem of “pH = 5.5” in cosmetology; the problem of expensive drugs that “help” us to get rid of diseases, simultaneously polluting our body chemical ingredients.

Practically relieving us of medicines and preparing at home negatively charged water with a given mineral composition will help you with a unique technology for preparation of "living" and "dead" water, discovered in 1802 in Russia by academician Petrov and embodied by the efforts of Russian inventors in the universal installation "Izumrud-SI".

Universal installation "Izumrud-SI"

sanitary and hygienic device, designed for the preparation of clean, ionized drinking water with a given mineral composition and properties, preventive, medical, sterilizing, washing and disinfecting solutions. Various modifications of the installation can be used in administrative, industrial and residential premises, educational, scientific, children's preschool and medical institutions, places of cultural and public services for the population, on passenger transport


For disinfection and sterilization: the surgeon's hands, glassware, plastic and rubber products, dishes, linen, household items, metal medical tools, including complex shapes, dignity. equipment and cleaning equipment, surfaces covered with plastic, glass, oil paint and linoleum, pool and waste water.

When treating: burns, trophic ulcers, purulent sluggish granulating wounds and postoperative, post-traumatic, post-injection and other purulent complications, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, genitourinary sphere, skin diseases. Rebuilding the immune system.


For processing food products (fruits, vegetables, berries, fish, meat) in order to increase their shelf life, sterilize containers and food products when canning, disinfection of household items, disinfection of dishes, toys, clothes, floors, walls, windows and household items, laundry and whitening linen, cosmetic skin and hair care, preparation of tonic and therapeutic baths, soil deoxidation, stimulation of plant growth, insect pests, increasing crop yields in personal plots.


  • Pharmacology and microbiology,
  • Cosmetology,
  • Crop, livestock and poultry,
  • Food and light industry,
  • And much more ….
  • The installation uses original highly reliable technological processes using resonance effects.

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