Water: recipes for preparing water for drinking,  "alive" and "dead" water ...


Water, which one we drink, has ceased to be potable for a long time. We, as a rule, drink tinned water (from the faucet, from the springs, from plastic, glass bottles …).

----The inhabitants of mountains, which one live long, is lucky. They drink potable water (charged, thawed - “living”, from mining springs, “Essentuki”, “Narzan” …).

----Most important parameter of water, from the point of view of modern medicine, is its “charge” - redox potential (ROP), which one should be negative, because the cells of the man have negative ROP (-70 mV). The illnesses arise, when the negative potential of cells (ROP) descends below than norm.

The customary potable (tinned) water with positive ROP, diving in a tissue of a human body, takes away electrons from cells and tissues, which one consist of water on 80-90 %. As a result the biological structure of an organism (cell’s diaphragms, organoids of cells, nucleic acids and others) subject to oxidizing destruction. So the organism is weared, grows old, the vital organs lose the function, the immunity is reduced.

The mining thawed water, is negative charged at the expense of a triboelectricity and structural phase changes, have microcluster structure. Such potable water with negative ROP is easily acquired by an organism, gives the charge to a blood and deliveres on all organism, filling cells by negative charges, lost at illness.

----For example, was established, that giving to drink of mice irradiated with a lethal dose of a X-radiation, water with ROP = - 450 mV has reduced death rate among them from 96 % up to 10 % as contrasted to by monitoring group, which one gave a customary (not activated) town water with positive ROP.

----Unfortunately negative ROP for water is saved no more than one day, therefore such water is desirable for preparing itself, or to live about mining springs with “living” water.

The American scientists in 2000 have opened life tablets “microhydrin”. One tablet on a glass of water, milk, coca-cola, changes it ROP from +300 mV up to - 300 mV of a vivifying negative potential, which one is more, than for quick-cooking carrots juice (-70 mV). But, unfortunately, cost of such tablet ~ $ 1.0.

On the other hand it is known, that the lack in water of the main ions Ca++, Mg++, J- results in a lot of diseases. And only in some sources their contents is within the medical norms.

The low level of entry in an organism of ions of calcium and magnesium is a reason of a lot of diseases: an idiopathic hypertensia, ischemic illness of heart, osteochondrosis (even for children 1,5 - years old), osteoporosis (brittleness of bones), disturbance of bearing, decrease of intellect and memory, destruction of an adamantine substance of tooth, loss of a hair. The ions of calcium and magnesium are extremely indispensable for normal development and operation of a man organism. Children, pregnant and feeding women, elderly people require them especially acutely.

A problem “pH=5.5” in a cosmetology is known for all of us; a problem of expensive drugs, which one “help” us to be saved of illnesses, in passing polluting our organism by chemical ingredients.

Practically to save us of drugs and to prepare the negatively charged water with a given mineral structure in home, unique know-how on cooking “living” and “dead” water opened in 1802 in Russia by the academician Petrov and embodied by efforts of the Russian inventors in a flexible unit “Emerald - SI”, help you.

The flexible unit "Emerald - SI" - sanitary-hygienic device, is intended for cooking clean, ionized potable water with a given mineral structure and properties, preventive, medical, sterilizing, detergent and disinfectant solutions. The different modifications of the installation can be used in administrative, manufacturing and living accommodations, educational, scientific, children's preschool and medical rooms, places of cultural and community service of the population, on a passenger transport.


For destreatment and sterilization: arms of the surgeon, glass products, plastic and gum products, vessels, constant wear garment, subjects of custom, medinstrument, metallical, including composite shape, san.-tech. equipment and harvesting stock, surfaces boarded with a plastic, glass, oil paint and linoleum, basin and waste water.

At treatment: combustions, trophic ulcers, purulent wounds and postoperative wounds, posttraumatic and other purulent complications, diseases of a gastrointestinal channel, genitourinary orb, dermal diseases.

Recovery of an immune system.


For processing of food (fruit, vegetables, berries, fish, meat) with the purpose of increase of store term, sterilization of vessels and food at preservation, decontamination of utensils, disinfection of vessels, toys, clothes, floors, walls, windows and subjects of household assigning, washing and bleaching of a constant wear garment, cosmetic maintenance of skin and hair, cooking of tonic and medical baths, deoxidation of soil, stimulation of plants growth, strife against insects-wreckers, increase of productivity of cultures on garden.

  • Pharmacology and microbiology,
  • Cosmetology,
  • Plant industries, animal industries and poultry keeping,
  • Alimentary and light industry,
  • And much another ….


  Mode of clearing of potable water in %:

  • Microbes, viruses, bacteria                                           99,99

  • Parasitic organic matters                                               50-90

  • Ions of heavy metals                                                      50-80

  • Productivity, liter/ hour                                                   25-30

  • Resource, l, not less                                               1.000.000

Mode of synthesizing of activated solutions:

  • - On an anolyte, liter/ hour                                           10-13

  • - On katholyte, liter/ hour                                              4-12

  • Concentration fissile chlorines, mg/l                        30-600

  • Control range of рН, unit рН                                       1,8-12,5

  • Control rande ROP, mV                        from +1150 up to -820

  • Resource, l, not less than                                           100000

  • Voltage rating of a power                                     110-220 V, 50-60 Hz

  • Consumed power, W                                                    30-180

  • Weight, Kg, depending on model                                1-3 


The installation has passed certification in VNIIIMT (Moscow), RSES (Izhevsk), testing in military medical hospital (Samara). The results of tests are reported on international symposium. On the parameters the installation “Emerald - SI” has no clones and is protected by the patents.

In the installation the original high-reliable manufacturing processes operating resonant effects.


The certificate of conformity
№ ROSS RU.АЯ09. В16506 from 13.06.2000.

The hygienic certificate
№ 18. УЦ.02.515. П00049.02 from 09.02.2000.



  • Universality;
  • Speed of cooking;
  • Reliability;
  • The profitability (cooking of 1 liter of mining, thawed, potable water in home conditions will be cost about 0,3 cent);
  • Durability (you can use the device "Emerald - SI" together with the great-grandsons, being still young, resource 1.000.000 liters).

----Take advantage of a capability to learn about it more, if  you suppose, that the "living" water is the indispensable condition for life in a modern world.


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