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To live today and be healthy is a Chance!

We believe that we will save ourselves from environmental disaster by installing treatment facilities, closing "harmful" enterprises, equipping their homes with superconditioners and super water purifiers. This is not enough.

Currently, numerous norms, rules and approaches are used to determine the quality of drinking water. The basis for the quality of drinking water is its purity and mineral composition. But, as it turned out, even chemically pure water is a liquid with an extremely complex structure and properties. And when developing standards for drinking water did not take into account the main thing and "splashed out with water a baby" - biological usefulness of water. Therefore, the water in our homes and "bottles" still remains not drinking (sb43-1.htm).

When talking about water and air for biological systems, we need qualitatively new sources and norms, not only effective, affordable, but also suitable. just for us, for the living. Otherwise, there will not be enough funds for subsequent treatment and operations.

Taking care and refueling our car with high-quality gasoline at a price of ~ 20 rubles / l (not with fuel oil !!!), we save on ourselves, refueling ourselves "with technical" (not drinking water) at a price of 2-10 rub/l and paying for it later with diseases.

One of the most important parameters of drinking water is its "charge" - redox potential (ORP). ORP of drinking water, measured relative to silver chloride electrode, must be negative, and pH neutral, because blood, human cells have an ORP ~ -70 mV. Diseases occur when the negative potential of cells (ORP) differs from the norm. Research has shown (ikar.pdf), ORP of drinking water is an integral indicator, reflecting its microcluster structural formations (Pic. 1), energy and biological activity (sb43-1.pdf).

Pic. 1. Resonant microclusters (5-25 mm) in aqueous solutions:
1 - sour anolyte; 2 - alkaline catholyte; 3 - anolyte neutral cathodic treated (ANC); 4 - 0,3 % water solution Na2CO3; 5 - distilled water; 6 - vodka "Sarapulskaya"; 7 , 8 - distilled water.

Solutions 1 - 3 were obtained at the installation "Izumrud-SI" (mod. 03), 1 - 2 in duct mode anolyte/catholyte 1:1, 4 - 5 received at the installation "Izumrud-SI" (mod. 04). Solutions activated: 4 - contact and 5 - contactless electrolysis, 6 - contactless by ultrasound, 7 - ultraviolet radiation, 8 - gaseous fractions from the interaction of Al with the solution HCl.

Video 1. Registration of resonant microclusters in drinking water by ultrasound-Doppler tomograph
(download - cluster_ikar.mp4).

Plain drinking ("canned") ORP water>0, penetrating into the tissues of the human body, it takes away electrons and energy from cells and tissues, consisting of water on 80-90%. As a result, the biological structures of the body (cell membranes, cell organelles, nucleic acids and others) undergo oxidative destruction. So the body wears out, gets old, vital organs lose their function, immunity decreases.

Mountain melt water, negatively charged due to triboelectricity and structural phase transitions, has a microcluster structure. Negative ORP drinking water It is easily absorbed by the body, communicates its charge to the blood and spreads throughout the body, replenishing the cells with negative charges lost during illness. For example, there was it was found that drinking water with an ORP = -450 mV in mice irradiated with a lethal dose of X-rays reduced their mortality from 96% to 10% compared with a control group who was given regular (non-activated) tap water with a positive ORP.

Typically negative ORP of activated water lasts no more than a day, so it is advisable to prepare such water yourself, or to live near mountain springs with "living" water.

In recent decades numerous studies proved the phenomenal effectiveness of treatment-and-prophylactic properties in contact and non-contact activated aqueous solutions (infusion solutions, drinking water, drinks type "Your health", microhydrin - longevity pills).

Installations and systems for environmental safety for home, office and hospital

We offer you unique devices based on resonance technologies for your health (ikar.pdf), honored with prestigious international awards.

"Izumrud-SI" (mod.01-04) - universal installation for the preparation of drinking water with a given mineral composition, antioxidant properties (negative ORP), and to obtain on its basis - detergents, disinfectants, sterilizing, contactless and non-contact activated solutions(sb43-1.pdf).

Activated liquids are in a nonequilibrium thermodynamic state with a resonance microcluster structure (RM) and with supercoherent electromagnetic radiation (SR). Disinfecting, sterilizing solutions have high bactericidal properties. The installation purifies water with a high degree of contamination to the standard requirements for drinking water, completely frees the inlet from suspended solids. The resulting solutions - catholyte and neutral anolyte have pronounced detergent, disinfectant and sterilizing properties. The installation allows you to shift the ORP of the source water from + 420 mV to - 55 mV and more, to obtain water based on mineral compositions with a given composition (in particular, by ions Ca++, Mg++).

Certificates - of conformity: № ROSS RU.АЯ09.H07683 from 14.11.1997, № ROSS RU.АЯ09.В16506 from 13.06.2000, № ROSS RU.АЮ39.Н01195 from 25.03.2004 г., № -RU.AG93.V.00902 from 19.04.2012; hygienic: № 54 from 30.04.1997, № 18.UC.02.515.П00049.02 from 09.02.2000, № 18.UC.02.515.P.000159.03.04 from 25.03.2004, № T-693 from 18.05.2012

mod. Functions for receiving contact and non-contact activated liquids (KAZH and BAZH). Passport
01 High quality drinking water with negative ORP, given properties and structure (рН, ORP, microclusters) and with given mineral composition  
01os Drinking water of the highest category quality with given mineral composition (microelements Са++, Mg++, iodine ...) and antioxidant properties (рН, ORP, microclusters). The plant is devoid of all the disadvantages inherent in reverse osmosis systems, and is equipped with built-in controller, display, flow sensors with a two-level indication system - monitoring the operation of systems: osmosis (purification), activation (ionization of water), mineralization (optimization of the mineral composition) of drinking water. 50
01k Functions mod. 01 + storage + automation.  
01d Functions mod. 01 + dispenser + automatic.  
01dos Functions mod. 01os + hot and cold water (purifier + 01os + automatic).
01 g/d Functions of the stand-alone variant of the mod. 01 for mobile public transport (railway, water, air, road).  
01-300 Functions mod. 01 (300 l/h, ionized shower, bath, pool, drinking water).
02 Functions mod. 01 + pH and ORP regulation.  
03os Functions mod. 01os + receipt washing, disinfecting, sterilizing solutions.
03 Functions mod. 02 + receiving washing, disinfecting, sterilizing solutions.
03s Disinfection of water in swimming pools based on modules "Izumrud-SI" (mod. nml).  
04 Functions mod. 03 + production of biologically active fluids based on contact and contactless activation of liquids (KAZH and BAZH).
04uni Functions mod.04uni - universal - significantly different from mod.04 - household, sanitary and hygienic appliance. The single central unit mod.04uni allows in automatically control the processes of contact and non-contact activation of condensed media, register their dynamics based on sensors of the degree of activation and output activation parameters to the built-in display or computer. The installation also allows you to register and manage activation processes for the program autonomously, either from a computer.
The installation can be completed with various peripheral devices (computer, heaters, pumps, additional sensors, ultrasound Doppler ...) at the request of the customer.
nml Functions mod. 01-04 for industrial use.  

Aeroionizer "LCh-1" (compact household plasmatron - Chizhevsky lamp) sanitary and hygienic device for room air enrichment light negative ions and compensation of aeroionic deficiency at the workplaces of PEVM users, for aeroionotherapy and air ionization indoors, protected from "display disease"..

"LCh-1" compensates for air ion deficiency at the workstations of PVEM users up to regulatory requirements SanPiN, enriches the air of premises with light negative ions up to sanitary and hygienic standards N 2152-80. Measured intensity levels of electromagnetic, electrostatic fields and magnetic flux density from the air ionizer does not exceed the permissible values. Ozone, nitrogen dioxide near working air ionizer does not exceed the permissible standards for atmospheric air. Areas of use - in administrative, industrial and residential premises, educational, scientific, preschool and medical institutions, computing centers, places of cultural and consumer services for the population, in public transport.

Device modifications: mod. 01 - portable; mod. 02 - for suspended ceilings; mod. 03 - built in air conditioner. Quick reference: at present, most of the widely advertised "Chizhevsky Chandeliers" cannot be recommended for use due to gross violation of norms SanPiN, sanitary and hygienic Ministry of Health N 2152-80 and GOST.

Certificates - of conformity: № ROSS RU.AY09.В19012 from 09.12.2000, № ROSS RU.AU39.Н01194from 23.03.2004; hygienic: № 18.UC.2.515.P.122.10.00 from 26.10.2000, № 18.UC.02.515.p.000142.03.04 from 16.03.2004.

"Stel" - installation for receiving washing, disinfecting and sterilizing solutions, issued on based on a license agreement with LLC "LET" and OJSC VNIIIMT NPO "EKRAN" (Moscow).

AVIK-cabinet - compact, mobile treatment-and-prophylactic complex (Aero-, Water-, Ion-, KHF-therapy) with highly effective techniques for diagnosis, prevention and guaranteed treatment - based on the resonant effect of fields from ions, air and water molecules and generators on the human body.

Unlike a variety of filtration and sorption water purification systems (see comparative efficiency of water treatment methods), installations "Izumrud" purify water by means of redox reactions in electrochemical and catalytic reactors TEM. Cleaning occurs actively, with the consumption of electricity with a capacity of no more 1 W/L. TEM service life 10.000-25.000 ch. Cleaning technology, activation, used in installations of the series "Izumrud", "Stel", combines high efficiency and economy 5-15 cop/l.

Research Center "IKAR" is interested in expanding and strengthening business relations with regional companies and individuals, working in the field of ecology, health, medicine.