Systems and devices
for ecological safety of houses, offices and hospitals

The Scientific Research Center "IKAR" is interested in cooperation with local companies and individual persons working in spheres of ecology, health care and medicine (download the price list - pr-020608d.pdf)

The system AWIK - medical prophylaxis devices for air-, water-, ion-, and EHF therapy.

Aeroionizer "LCh-1" (domestic plasmatron- Chizhevsky lamp)- a sanitary hygienic unit for light and negative ionization and aeroionization deficiency compensation in computer-based work places. The device is meant for aeroiontherapy and air ionization indoors, and for treatment of diseases, caused by negative computer influence. Thanks to "LCh-1" the level of aeroionization deficiency decreases up to the norms specified in the Sanitary Standard The level of light and negative ionization decreases up to the Sanitary Standard N 2152-80. The levels of electromagnetic and electrostatic fields intensity and magnetic flow density don't exceed acceptable levels. The content of ozone and nitrogen dioxide near the aeroionizer doesn't exceed acceptable level for atmospheric air. The device is meant for office buildings, working areas, houses, childcare organisations, health care centers and scientific centers, public places and transport. Available models: mod. 01- a portable model; mod. 02- for hung ceilings; mod. 03- a model built in an air conditioner. Now most models of widely advertised Chizhevsky lamps do not conform to the Sanitary Standard, the State Standard and the Sanitary Standard N 2152-80 set by the Ministry of Public Health. Conformance certificates of the device were issued 09.12.2000 (№ ROSS RU.AY09.В19012) and 23.03.2004 (№ ROSS RU.AY39.N01194), hygienic certificates were issued 26.10.2000 (№ 18.UT.2.515.P.122.10.00) and 16.03.2004 (№ 18.UT.02.515.P.000142.03.04)

"Stel" - a device for production of washing, disinfectant and sterilizing liquids. Production of the device based on the license agreement between ZAO 'IKAR" and OOO 'LET' and OAO VNIIIMT NPO 'Ecran' (Moscow).

"Izumrud- SI" ("Izumrud" +"Stel") - a multifunctional device, created on the base of circuits of both devices. It is meant for production of drinking water with predetermined mineral composition (especially with predetermined content of Ca++, Mg++ ) and properties, and for the following production of washing, disinfectant and sterilizing liquids on the base of produced water.The device has bactericidal effect. It purifies water containing seeding up to established standards for drinking water and eliminates suspentions. Received solutions (katolyte and neutral anolyte) have washing, disinfectant and sterilizing properties. Due to the device water ORP shifts from +400 mV to - 400 mV and more. Available models: mod. 01 - for production of ionized drinking water with a predetermined mineral composition and negative ORP; mod. 02 - combines functions of mod.01 with pH and ORP regulation; mod. 03 - combines functions of mod.02 with productions of washing, disinfectant and sterilizing liquids; mod. 01k, 02k, 03k -devices for public places; mod. 01d device with a dispenser (for public places); mod. 01 railway - self-contained model for railway, water and motor passenger transport; mod. 04 -multifunctional device for production of biologically active liquids (water, drinks, physiological solutions, medicines) with negative ORP by means of contact and noncontact liquids activation for domestic and industrial use (farming, oil industry, medicine, etc). Conformance certificates of the device were issued 14.11.1997 (№ ROSS RU.AY09.N07683), 13.06.2000 (№ ROSS RU.AY09.B16506), and 25.03.2004 (№ ROSS RU.AY39.N01195); hygienic certificates were issued 30.04.1997 (N54), 09.02.2000 (№ 18.UT.2.515.P00049.02), and 16.03.2004 (№ 18.UT.02.515.P. 000159.03.04)

Models of the devices "Izumrud-SI"
for contact and noncontact liquids activation**

* * ionized drinking water with negative ORP
  * drinking water with predetermined mineral composition (of Са++, Mg++, J ...)
* drinking water with predetermined properties and structure (рН, ORP, microcluster structure)
* washing, disinfectant, sterilizing liquids (contact activation)
- - * noncontact liquids activation

** - liquids in a non-equilibrium thermodynamical state with resonant microcluster structure and supercoherent electromagmetic emission


Technical characteristics of the devices "Izumrud-SI", "LCh"::

Model H2O, L per hour ANC, L per hour The total volume of H2O, mln. l The total volume of of ANC, mln. l Size, sm Capacity, W Weight,
1. 9, (0,2 т/24 ч) 0 2,0 0 65x30x55 50 20
2. 9, (0,2 т/24 ч) 0 2,0 0 30x35x9 25 3
3. mod.2000                


activation (contact/non-contact)
24. "MIS-RТ"
complete version of journal and data base about resonant technologies (CD-ROM, free for 1-19, 25, 26)
models of devices for training
25. mod. 03u
Model of a device for contact liquids activation
26. mod. 04u
Model of a device for contact and noncontact liquids activation

ATTENTION: If a device is ordered by an artificial person, the order is free from VAT. Private individuals should state their name, address, telephone number with prefix, passport number and series, Tax Payer Identification Number.

(*) - a device price according to the connection scheme N1; connection according to the scheme N2 adds 900 roubles to a device price; connection according to the scheme N3 (recommended for tap water in Russia- includes a presampling filter) adds 2500 roubles to a device price (Figure 2);

(**) - individual models- are made according to a client's requests;

(***) if the number of ordered devices is 100 and more.
"LCh-1" (mod.01, 02, 03) - portable model, pendant model and computer model respectively.

Variants of delivery – via mail, air mail, railway mail, 'GRUZOVOZOFF' company - at your option. Delivery price in Russia - 600 roubles for a device (N 1-4, 20-22), insurance included. Delivery in other countries- custom+ delivery+ package price. Because of automatic procurement an ordered device will be delivered in 1 month upon payment transfer to our settlement account.

The device 04-S for water disinfecting in swimming pools

Model 03/S03/S-20 03/S-5003/S-10003/S-20003/S-1000
Capacity of a swimming pool (S), m 32050 1002001000

H2O - drinking water production mode, ANC - disinfectant, washing and sterilizing liquids production mode (anolyte, katolyte). Models 20, 40, 80 are automated and conform to European standard of quality. Depending on the model, a device can have a reducer, electromagnetic valves, prefilters, a storage tank level sensor, etc). Available models: mod. 01k - multi-step purification automated device for public places; has a storage tank (50 litres) which is supplied for extra charge; mod. 01d – a dispenser-type automated device, with water heating and cooling systems; 04 - S – a device with a spare activation unit. Activated solutions conform to EPA standard and to the standards set by the Ministry of Public Health. The solutions are environmentally-friendly and economical.

Discounts for whole-sale buyers:

100 and more


All the models are certified according to the state standards of the RF

Efficiency of water purifying*
Water pollutantsEfficiency, %
Suspended particles (> 5 micrometers)100
Turbidity> 95
Chlorine> 90
Lead (Pb), Zinc (Zn), Cadmium (Cd), Caesium (Cs) - 137, etc.> 90
Iron (Fe), Aluminum (Al)> 90
Microbiological pollutants99,999 - 100
Harmful organic substances
(phenols, herbicides, pesticides etc.)
70 - 90

* according to connection scheme N3 (with the prefilter 'Geyser'), recommended for tap water in Russia

In contrast to different filtration and sorption water purifying systems (comparative efficiency of water purification methods), the devices "Izumrud - SI" purify water by means of oxidation-reduction reactions taking place in electrochemical and catalytic reactors of flow-through devices. The process of purification is very intense, but energy consumption does not exceed ~ 1 watt/L. Performance life of flow-through devices is 10000 - 25000 hours. Purifying and activation technologies combine high efficiency and economy; a liquid costs ~ 0,05-0,15 roubles per liter.