SRC "IKAR" - 34 years with you

SIC “IKAR” created in 1990 with the support of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR - Laverova N.P., Kurdyumov S.P., Council of Ministers of the USSR and a number of defense plants for development and implementation of new resonant technologies and their commercial use to get out of the global stagnation - the "crisis" that hit our civilization. The reason for the "crisis" in our opinion, consists in the development and massive use of old energy-consuming technologies, in stagnation and "linearization" in the development of scientific and spiritual values, as a result - a sharp deterioration in the ecological situation and health. >>>

SIC “IKAR” – leading company in resonance technologies, developer and manufacturer of unique installations for obtaining activated ionized drinking water of the highest quality, condensed matter and ionized plasma based on technologies nonlinear parametric resonance. >>>

SIC “IKAR” – it is our own production, research, development and implementation of ideas in the final product. All our products are developed taking into account various requirements for water purification, obtaining activated aqueous solutions for various applications, which allows you to effectively purify tap, well and well water anywhere in the world.

Today SIC “IKAR” is a unique manufacturer of installations for the production of drinking water of the highest quality and domestic water purifiers based on them. Attention to the specifics of water treatment problems in different conditions and the scientific potential of the employees allowed us to take the place of the technological leader of the household water treatment market.. >>>

The excellent quality of SIC "IKAR" products is achieved by continuous improvement of existing products and the creation of new ones. We pay great attention to the development of advanced technologies for water purification and methods of their application. Only the best materials are used in our filters, and the quality of the product is monitored at all stages of its creation.

We make sure that our customers receive the highest quality product. The company's position is consumer safety and our commitment is confirmed by certificates of compliance with high international quality standards from leading independent organizations.