We understand, what yet early
but we hope to find person concerned in these works - to find each other.

Our aim is to increase the rate of introduction of achievements in sciense and technology based on brand new scientific results of resonant effect of different fields on
- nonlinear physical systems;
- biological systems;
- to develop new treating and diagnostic methods and devices as well


"...Could IKAR to fly up "Under the sky"?...Dedal taught his son : "I want you to fly in the middle of the space!
Be obedient, Ikar: If you make your way in law,
water will aggravate your wings, if you make your way in height, fire will burn it".Publiy Ovidiy Nazon.
"metamorphoses, book 8"

Resonance technology projects

Scientific-research center "IKAR" is interested in expansion and consolidation of business-like cooperation with regional groups, working in the field of ecology, health and medicine:
  1. Resonance technologies - pr-0.htm, sb44-2e.htm, sb44-2e.pdf,, project23594.shtml, (in Russian)
  2. Devices for noncontact liquid activation.(for saline infusion and drug, soft drinks, tea, coffee, drinking water, therapeutic baths, swiming pools, biotechnology intensification, lifetime increase). Nomination - Innovative projects - Medicine, biotechnologies and an agricultural industry - pr-1.htm, i-si-04_uni.htm, (in Russian) , sb43-3e.htm, sb17-4e.htm.
  3. Supplying on national basis with pure drinking water with biological activity and disinfectant cleaning detergent composition - pr-2.htm, sb44-1.htm, , (in Russian). High quality water production: analysis and perspective sb43-1e.htm.
  4. Air ionization, dedusting, sterilization, problem-solving - pr-3.htm (in Russian).
  5. Production-run equipment and devices for people environmental safety on the basis of a resonance. Everything necessary for home, office, hospital and the rest - Nomination - History of success - Medicine, biotechnologies and an agricultural industry - pr-4.htm, in Russian).
  6. Elaboration of school supplies, training appliances and university extensions on the subject of nonlinear dynamic systems in physics chemistry and biology - pr-5.htm, sb45-2.htm, i-si-03u.pdf, i-si-04u.pdf (in Russian).
  7. "X-autostability plasma" project, (continuing works of Nicola Tesla, Petr Kapica (in Russian) and Valentin Shironosov (in English)).
  8. Nanotechnology - Receipt of condensed matter with Resonance Microcluster Structure by Non-Contact Activation of liquids.Crystallization by other means on basis of noncontact activated liquids Nomination - Perspective projects - Nanotechnologies and new materials ( sb44-1.pdf in English) pr-7, htm (in Russian) (in Russian) (in Russian)
  9. The multi-purpose device "IKAR-TEST" for noncontact sensing the dynamics of physical chemical and biochemical process in water solutions Nomination - Innovative projects - Instrument making
    pr-8.htm (in Russian), (in Russian)
  10. The multi-purpose AWIE-device (Aero-, Water-, Ions-, extremely-high frequencies therapy) with methods for preventive measures and the courses of medical treatment for many illnesses. Medical treatment with high quality assurance on the basis of resonance effects from ions, molecules and oscillators - avik.htm
  11. Technology of preparation and bottling of biologically active drinking water, water solutions (drinks, cognac, milk, petrol ...) with the ORP (ORP) <- 900 mV, long-term (months), retain their properties - pr-10.htm , (in Russian)
  12. Agricultural biotechnology, technology and food processing industry on the basis of a new generation of activated water solutions - pr-11.htm , (in Russian), 100601-03_GRNT_en.pdf.