SRC "IKAR" - 34 years with you
We understand that it is too early, but we hope that we will find those who will be interested in these works - we will find each other

"... Could IKAR take off "Under the very sky"?...

Daedalus taught his son : "Fly in the middle of space!
Obey me, Ikar: if you direct your way below,
The water softens the wings, the pain is higher - the fire will burn them".

Publius Ovid Nazon.
"Metamorphoses, Book Eight"

Our projects and installations:

(video : levitron; condensed matter plasmoids)
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  1. Policy Brief - Resonant Technologies with Efficiency.~100%: pr.htm, sb44-2e.htm, *,,, and projects for discussion and protocol of intent: pr-ikar-XXI.pdf, prez-ikar-XXI.pdf, license-lsh-1-XXI.pdf.
  2. Non-contact activation of liquids (infusion solutions and medicinal substances, drinks, tea, coffee, drinking water, including medicinal baths, swimming pools; intensification biotechnology; life extension) - pr-1.htm, i-si-04.htm, i-si-04_uni.htm, sb43-3.htm, sb45-1.htm , sb17-4.htm,
  3. Solving the problem of providing the country's population with biologically active, clean drinking water, disinfecting, sterilizing and detergent solutions pr-2.htm, Top quality drinking water - sb43-1.htm, sb44-1.htm, sb43-1.pdf,, Solving the problem of water supply, sewerage, water treatment and provision of high quality drinking water to the population based on activated aqueous solutions pr-2.htm, Solution to the problem water supply, sewerage, water treatment and the provision of high quality drinking water to the population based on activated aqueous solutions 100610_GRNT_water.pdf,
  4. "IRS-UR" - "Invented, Developed and Made in UR" - prez-170525-ur.pptx.
  5. Serial production of installations and systems for environmental safety for home, office and hospital - pr-4.htm,
  6. Development of laboratory works, teaching stands and courses on nonlinear dynamic systems in physics, chemistry and biology for schools and universities - pr-5.htm, sb45-2.htm, i-si-03u.pdf, i-si-04u.pdf.
  7. Solving the problems of deionization, dust removal, air sterilization. Лицензия на производство.
  8. Project "X-self-sustaining plasma" - rt.htm, following the traces of the works of Nikola Tesla, P.L. Kapitsa About nature ball lightning and V.G. Shironosov The physical nature of ball lightning.
  9. Nanotechnology for the production of condensed matter with a resonant microcluster structure based on the contactless activation of liquids - pr-7.htm,,, patent RU 2316374, gr_ntech.pdf.
  10. Complex "Ikar-Test" for contactless registration of the dynamics of chemical, biochemical and physical processes in aqueous solutions - pr-8.htm,, gr_ikar_test.pdf.
  11. Compact, mobile medical and prophylactic AVIK-complex (Aero-, Water-, Iono-, KHF-therapy) with methods for prevention and treatment with a guarantee - based on resonance the impact of fields from ions, molecules, generators on the human body - avik.htm, gr_awik_therapy.pdf.
  12. Technology for the preparation and bottling of biologically active drinking water, aqueous solutions (drinks, cognac, milk, gasoline ...) with ORP < - 900 mV, for a long time (for months) retaining their properties - pr-10.htm,
  13. Agrobiotechnology, new generation food and processing technologies based on activated aqueous solutions - pr-11.htm, 100601-03_GRNT_ru.pdf.
  14. The use of activated aqueous solutions to reduce the incidence of the population of the Udmurt Republic by 1.5-2 times in 3 years - 190511_udm.pdf, 190511_udm.jpg.
  15. Serial production of installations for obtaining drinking water, disinfecting, sterilizing and washing solutions of the highest quality category, new substances based on resonance nanotechnology - 230611_rosnano_udm.pdf, 230611_rosnano_udm.jpg, 230611_svg_shub.jpg - pr-13.htm.
  16. Disinfection and self-cleaning (restoration) of pipeline systems based on the use of aqueous solutions with resonant microcluster structures - pr-14.htm,
  17. Solving problems - housing and communal services, agro-industrial complex, Pure Water and Health: prez-gk-sl-en.pdf, 190511_udm.pdf, block diagram of the water supply of an apartment building (cottage village), block diagram of the water supply of the entrances of an apartment building (cottage village), Water of life.pdf,
    P.S. (рН-reactor + H-filter) - an amazing solution to problems with "dirty, acidic" water for water treatment, boiler houses and agriculture (greenhouses, hydroponics, soil deoxidation).