Compact household plasmatron -
plasma generator

Chygevsky lamp

Protection from "of display illness"

ю Ionization of air,
ю Protection from "of display illness ",
ю Clearing of air from dust and microbes,
ю Aeroionotherapy and preventive measures of diseases.

27 000 000 000 000 000 000!
So much molecules are placed in one cubical centimeter of air.
20 000!
So much of light negative aeroions it is necessary in 1 cm3 for normal habitability and obtaining of clean ionized air of mountain health resorts.
The minimum concentration of negative aeroions in 1 cm3, at which the Ministry of Public Health allow to be in a room.
Negative aeroions in 1 cm3 in our cities.
Negative aeroions in 1 cm3 in our houses.
Negative aeroions in 1 cm3 near the display of the computer and TV set. In such deionized air the mice dead for 14 day.


that the diaphragms of all cells of the man have a natural negative charge. The illnesses arise, when the negative potential of cells drops below than norm. The negative aeroions, created by an ionizer, transmit the charge to a blood and deliver on all organism, filling negative charges, which cells lost at illness.

In mountains of Abkhazia (where are most of all of long-livers) quantity of negative aeroions about 20000 in 1 cm3 of air, in a maritime air them 2000, in a green massif of a mean band of Russia - 200-1000, in manufacturing rooms only 20-60, and before a screen of the TV set or computer - absolute 0.

Under the sanitary regulations Ministry of Public Health of Russia a level of concentration of light negative aeroions, the deviation from which one endangers life and health of the man - is in range from 600 up to 50000 in a cm3. Air, dispossessed aeroions, is "dead", that is affirmed by experimental researches on mice.

The main applying of household plasmatrons - creation an optimal concentration of negative charged aeroions in the rooms, which one is necessary for normal habitability.


The aeroionizer "LCh-1" - sanitary-hygienic device, is intended for compensation of aeroionic insufficiency in work-rooms of the computer users up to the normative requirements of SanPiN and enrichment of room’s air by light negatively ionized atoms up to the sanitary-hygienic norms № 2152-80. "LCh-1" can be used in administrative, manufacturing and living rooms, educational, scientific, children's preschool and medical firms, computer centers, places of cultural service of the population, on a passenger transport.


The display screen of the computer (TV) is under a high positive potential (~24 KV). Therefore there is a deionization of air and there is a dead area in the location of the computer (TV) user.

Concentration C light negative (-) and positive (+) aeroions;
negative ions without an aeroionizer,
- negative ions with an aeroionizer,
positive aeroions,
L - spacing interval up to the display.


The light negative aeroions effect at man organism is favourable: easy breathing, meliorate mood, functionability, positively influence medical effect at a series of diseases (bronchial asthma, acute and chronic diseases of top and bottom respiratory paths, disease of a cardiovascular system and organs of a hemopoiesis, combustions and wounds, dermal diseases, fast fatigability, stress, attenuation of immunity, functional disorders of a nervous system etc.).


The city dweller carries out in a rooms almost 90 % of the time. In flats air in 4-6 times is more dirty then outside and at 8-10 of time is more toxic. Almost all subjects, including construction, allocate toxicants: wall boards, plaster, white lead, linoleum, plastics, synthetic carpets, a lining of sofas and seats, furniture from tables, detergent powders etc. The ionizer reduces toxicity of air and cleans it from dust, flower pollen, microbes. The fluidized fragments of impurities and dust are electrized and deposit on a ceiling, walls, floor. Air is cleaned, however it is necessary more often to do cleaning of rooms near an ionizer. The most small-sized dust, including radioactive, practically is not injected from light, being step-by-step stored, shatters an organism. Such dust does not linger over by filters of vacuum cleaners and air conditioners. The contents in air of such small-sized dust the ionizer reduces at 10-25 of time, common dust - at 4-10 of time, microbes - in 3-4 times


ю Pharmacology and microbiology,
ю Cosmetology,
ю Plant  industries, animal industries and poultry keeping,
ю In alimentary, light and electronic industry.
ю Etc...


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