SRC "IKAR" - 34 years with you

"IKAR" (mod.01os) - universal installation for the preparation of drinking ionized water of the highest quality (sb43-1.pdf) with given mineral composition (microelement Са++, Mg++, йод ...) and antioxidant properties (рН, negative ORP, microclusters). The unit is equipped with a built-in controller, display, flow sensors with a two-level indication system - monitoring the operation of systems: osmosis (purification), activation (water ionization), mineralization (optimization of the mineral composition) of drinking water.

Pic. 1. Block diagram and external view of the installation "IKAR" (mod.01os) and "IKAR" (mod.01m)).
ECS - electrical conductivity sensor, HPS - high pressure sensor, LPS - low pressure sensor,
MFR - membrane flow restrictor, KEM1 - inlet valve, KEM2 - metering valve,
DSI - activated water potential sensor (EMF meter).

New installation model from the series "IKAR" devoid of all the disadvantages inherent in reverse osmosis systems and is intended for the production of drinking water of the highest quality with antioxidant properties with a cost price of ~ 2 rub/l (the closest analogue - drink " Your health", cost ~ 140 rub/l,

It has been proven that at the outlet after reverse osmosis plants, water is:

* - the truth about reverse osmosis;
** - resonant microclusters.

"IKAR" - this is your Health and Longevity in any country.






Pic.2. Device "IKAR" (mod.01os) in different cities and countries.

Pic.3. "IKAR" (mod.01os) - "Refuelling" at home ~ 3 rub/l

More information aboutbenefits of ionized water see:

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Today, all over the world there is a race on technologies for the preparation and bottling of biologically active drinking water and ice, in particular with a negative ORP:

9) Japan, water "H4O" with ORP=-600 mV,, $20 for 1 l;
10) Russia, water of Piskarev I.M., sb46-2.htm;
11) Russia, water of Kiselev B.I.., "Aquacite", sb45-3.htm;
12) Russia, drink of Dvornikov V.M., "Your health",, , sb37-4.htm, 400 rubles for 1 l;
13) Russia, water "Biola";
14) Water of Alekhin S.A., drink "Esoco" sb6.htm,;
15) Austria, Jochberg, Grander water;
16) Pee water TARAMA,;
17) Russia, Akvadisk,;
18) Russia, BSL-MED,;
19) Microhydrin.; $20 for 1 l

The secrets of preparing ionized water are simple and obvious, it is enough to master and pass:

20) "Young Fighter Course" от SIC "IKAR";
21) "RM" (Resonant Microclusters);
22) "SI" (Spin Isomers - Collection №69).
23) Research: 05.11.16, 14.07.17 (*mis-rt-170714.pdf), and optimization different switching options mod.01os.

Reviews in "Questions and Answers":

  • 22.06.2020 Georgi <>
    That's water analysis in Sydney from the grid and water from your device. Look at page 6 table on the water off the grid in Sydney ( Ph 7.5 и ORP +576 mv.). On page 7 water result from your ured ( Ph 9 и ORP - 442 mv.). Now and in writing what I want will receive as a result at the end of vending machine for water of the highest quality. Water with Ph 9 и ORP - 300 mv - 350 mv. Debit at least 2 liters per minute. In 24 hours (it will actually be 14 hours during which the device will work) I want to receive from 600 to 800 liters. Please, calculate how many devices are needed to receive such an amount of water in 24 hours, which bottle is needed (100 liters, 200 liters, 300 liters?). Please tell us the approximate prices.
    Best regards: Georgi.
  • 04.09.2013 Yehuda <>
    A week since I installed mod 01os. Everything works fine despite 2 flights. Taking this opportunity, I want to thank you for the wonderful device! For a week now I have been drinking activated water and I can state a decrease in fatigue and a significant increase in working capacity ... (Israel)
  • 24.09.2012 Alexander <>
    Good afternoon! Launched the installation. I tried your water .... - I want to become your dealer...
  • 22.09.2012 Andrew <>
    Thanks for the device! Installed - great! I am glad that there are still those in Russian villages who, in spite of everything and in spite of everything, are doing a great deed and believe in it! Thank you. There were doubts about the connection - but it took 5 minutes, everything was thought out, in general, well done! I will buy a shower unit from you later. ... put the system at night, already tired, in general, could not resist - drank water - I thought the taste would only be good. Eh! After five minutes, the fatigue disappeared somewhere, in general, I until three in the morning fiddled with the system for pleasure. Super! ... The last thing - I want to become a dealer, I am in ..., a little later I will make a website, etc., my acquaintances are already interested in - word of mouth radio is a good advertisement! It's nice to sell sensible things, not a dummy. thanks again...
  • 21.09.2012 A.Y. <>
    Hello! I bought the installation from you and connected it. Everything is working! ORP in the minus!
  • 26.09.2009 SD <>
    Recently I have already tried the 4th device similar to yours and I want to express my deepest gratitude to you for your invention IKAR (mod. 01os). This is really the most valuable a device that should be in every home and you have it the best in Russia and possibly the best in the world, no single device gives such water quality! Thank you!
    As a sponsorship, I want to buy your SIC some device worth up to 10,000 rubles, this will be the least of me.