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We are interested in the development of resonant technologies based on studies of the dynamics of nonlinear physical and biological systems in resonant areas.

"... Could IKAR take off "Under the very sky"?...

Daedalus taught his son : "Fly in the middle of space!
Obey me, Ikar: if you direct your way below,
The water will aggravate the wings, if higher - the fire will burn them".

Publius Ovid Nazon.
"Metamorphoses, Book Eight"

"The new is the well-forgotten old"


New highly efficient breakthrough technologies offered (*) and devices, based on fundamental scientific approach ((*)) based on understanding - the stability of the world around us and its evolution due to nonlinear processes and resonance (*, *).


The history of the development of physics actually began with the study of the nonlinear equations of the solar system - the famous Kepler problem. Kepler's problem contains typical attributes nonlinear oscillatory system with parametric resonance: the dependence of the period of revolution of the planets around the Sun on the parameters of the orbit, a large number of harmonic components in the temporal characteristics of the current coordinates of the planets. Having failed to solve the problem with small denominators in celestial mechanics, and "splashing out with water baby" the subsequent development of theoretical and experimental physics, followed the path of constructing linear physical theories: the theory of elasticity, electromagnetism, problems of confinement of bodies and particles outside the zones of parametric resonance, quantum mechanics and quantum field theory.

It took a long time (from the 17th to the 21st centuries) to become clear: the ideas of linearization are absolutely inapplicable for solving nonlinear problems, problems and phenomena, including number of "abnormal". And in this sense, today there is a return to the classics.

Simple truths, state and relevance of nonlinear problems

Mathematically rigorous proof of the proposition that resonance is the most stable state of motion in nature follows from the principle of least action and works by A. Poincaré, P. N. Lebedev, M. V. Ovenden, N. G. Chetaev, I. I. Blekhman, V. G. Shironosov. … (*). The very principle of least action lies at the heart of the equations and laws of physics, wildlife.

Nonlinear resonance makes it easy to explain numerous "abnormal" phenomena (acceleration of biochemical reactions, homeopathy, "transmutation" elements, "cold" thermonuclear fusion, contactless activation of liquids, recording "information" on the water, Dietary supplements, "new unknown biofields", vortex heat and energy generators with efficiency.>100 %, "supernova torsion transmitters", unique low mineralized sterilizing, disinfecting, washing solutions, antioxidant properties and resonant microcluster structure of aqueous solutions with time relaxation from seconds to several days or more) and outline further ways of solving urgent problems by methods of nonlinear classical physics.

Promising technologies for the 21st century

  1. Creation of resonant traps of particles of various types with sizes from elementary to macro- and study of the properties, dynamics of individual particles in such traps, including electrons, ions, atoms, molecules (with their further packing on the board - molecular technology), cells, electrodynamic plasma confinement.
  2. Weighing, holding and moving various bodies (rotors of motors, gyroscopes, toys, vehicles on a magnetic suspension).
  3. Robotization - spatial non-contact orientation, retention and control of micro-parts when assembling various devices, products and devices.
  4. Selective separation of various powders (magnetic, ferromagnetic, etc., in particular for magnetic storage media magnetic disks, tapes).
  5. Ultrasensitive field sensors (electromagnetic, acoustic, hydrodynamic, gravitational) based on suspensions and resonant microclusters.
  6. Selective reception and transmission of energy, electromagnetic radiation without loss.
  7. Obtaining autonomous, stable, oscillating systems, in particular, self-stable plasma, activated water.
  8. Hydrogen energy and hydrogen peroxide production based on the development of technologies for non-contact activation of liquids (BAF).
  9. Obtaining a new class of condensed matter with a resonant microcluster structure (substances, crystals, products, solutions).
  10. New non-contact resonant methods of diagnostics, prevention and treatment with a guarantee.
  11. Solving the problem of providing the population with drinking water (at a cost of ~ 5 kop per 1 liter), economical, efficient, environmentally friendly production drinking water, washing, disinfecting and sterilizing solutions (*).
  12. Express diagnostics (from 6 hours and less) of contamination of liquids (water, drinks, blood, human body, animals) with microbes, viruses; registration and optimization of chemical, biochemical and physical processes under the influence of various factors (in particular, optimization of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, preparation of drinks, dietary supplements and research of their biological activity, optimization of hydrogen energy technologies).
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