We are interested in development of the resonance technologies, based on the researching of nonlinear physics and biological system dynamics in resonance fields.


"...Could IKAR to fly up "Under the sky"?...

Dedal taught his son: "I want you to fly in the middle of the space!
Be obedient, Ikar: If you make your way in law,
water will aggravate your wings, if you make your way in height, fire will burn it".

Publiy Ovidiy Nazon.
"metamorphoses, book 8"

Resonance Technologies

  1. Resonance technologies (analytical note).
  2. Global Resonance Non-linear Technology - for Water.
  3. New contactless resonance methods of treatment with the garantee.
  4. Traps creation for particles of different type (with particle size from elemental to macro-) and researching of the particles characteristics, dynamics of separate particles in such traps, include electrons, ions, atoms, moleculs (with its packing on the plate - molecular technology), cells, electrodynamic plasma retention;
  5. Obtaining of an autonomic, steady, oscillating systems, in particular self-sensitive plasma, activated water.
  6. Robotisation, spatial contactless orientation, retention and control of microditails by assembling of different units, articles and devices; experimentary found contactless liquid activation phenomenon (CLA), which corroborates SAD existence, in electrolisers without diaphragm (1999) and by chemical reactions (2001) - by dissolution of microhydrine ( "longevity"capsule), developer's components (metol-hydroquinone, phenidonehydroquinone), tea, medical preparation.
  7. Selective separation of different powders (magnetic, ferromagnetic e.t.c., in particular for magnetic bearers of information magnetic discs, tapes);
  8. Supersensitive fields data unit (electromagnetic, acoustic, hydrodynamic, gravitational) based on the clips and microclusters SAD;
  9. Suspending, retention and movement of different bodys' (motor rotors, hydroscopes, toys, transport on the magnetic clip);
  10. New resonance methods of diagnostics on the base of resonance cells retention and microclusters SAD;
  11. Decision of the problem obtaining infabitants by drinking water (costprice ~5 cop. for 1 l.), economical, effective, ecologicaly clean manufacture of drinking water.