SRC "IKAR" - 34 years with you

Installation for contact and non-contact activation of liquids (awarded prestigious international awards - gold, Switzerland).

Intended Designed for contact and non-contact activation of liquids and obtaining biologically, chemically and physically active aqueous solutions, condensed media with resonant cluster nanostructure.

Activation of liquids this is the transfer of liquids to a nonequilibrium thermodynamic state with a resonant microcluster structure (sb43-1.pdf, ikar.pdf, sb43-1.htm, avk_com.htm). The activated liquid has excess internal potential energy, which causes its abnormal activity. This property can be used to intensify various chemical, biochemical and physical processes, in particular to obtain condensed matter with unique properties pr.htm. The design of the unit is protected by patents RU 2299859, 0074909, 0023302, sb43-1.htm, sb44-1.htm.


  • disinfection of drinking water and imparting antioxidant properties to it (negative value of the redox potential) - ORP;
  • preparation of ionized baths with antioxidant properties;
  • obtaining sodium hypochlorite (potassium);
  • contactless change of ORP of drinks (juices, milk, yoghurt, tea, coffee, vodka, beer, etc.), decoctions and infusions of medicinal plants;
  • non-contact change in ORP of infusion and dialysis solutions;
  • preparation of yoghurts, various drinks, mineralized water, anolytes and catholytes with different pH and ORP, in particular with negative ORP;
  • obtaining condensed matter with a resonant microcluster structure for their use in bio- and nanotechnology.

Device control: manual, automatic; automatic maintenance and determination of the temperature of water and aqueous solutions; and it is also provided for - determination of electrical conductivity (level of total mineralization) of water and aqueous solutions, current values (consumed by the activator); current, voltage and temperature protection.

"IKAR" (mod.04) - this is your Health and Longevity.

1. Operating conditions.

Ambient temperature +5…+35°С and used aqueous solutions +5…+80°С, drinking water SanPiN, distilled water, edible salt (NaCl), relative humidity up to 80% at +25°С.

2. Specifications.

Volume of activated aqueous solution, l
• contact 0,5... 200;
• contactlessly 0,05…2,0;
• Change in ORP* upon activation (max), mV:
• contact ± 800;
• contactlessly - 500;
• Time to reach the maximum ORP change upon activation * 60 ... 180 min;
• Power supply voltage AC 220 V;
• Power supply frequency mains 50 Hz;
• Activator supply voltage 0 ... 33 V;
• Activator current 0 ... 5 A;
• Power consumption 1 ... 200 W;
• Net weight 4 kg;
• Dimensions 0.45 * 0.40 * 0.20 m * m * m;
* Change in ORP - the difference between the initial value of the ORP and the final value achieved upon activation, depends on the conditions, modes, volumes and composition of the activated aqueous solutions, measurement methods and sensors dsi-2.htm.


Pic.1. Resonant microclusters (5-25 mm) in aqueous solutions:
1 - sour anolyte; 2 - alkaline catholyte; 3 - neutral cathodic treated anolyte (ANK); 4 - 0,3 % water solution Na2CO3; 5 - distilled water; 6 - vodka "Sarapulskaya"; 7, 8 - distilled water sb43-1.pdf.

Pic.2. A method of obtaining solids from contactlessly activated crystallizable liquids (patent RU 2316374)

Pic.3. Effect of activated fluids on biosystems

Pic.4. Measurements ppm (mg/l), ORP (mV) and EMF (mV) on DSI-2; a – yoghurt Activia (1691, 261, 294), b - technology based yoghurt BAJ (1657, 133, -388), c – yoghurt (-411) and bread based on BAJ technology, d – tap water (571, 286, 156), e – raw milk (1639, 240), f – yogurt (ACTIVEX), g – top quality water from the installation “IKAR” (mod.01os)

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18.06.2008 - All your equipment is installed and in operation. Surprising results have been obtained using baths (mod. 04). We find it very useful the fact that at the beginning of the procedure, 20 minutes after the start of activation, the ORP is + 550-600 because in our opinion, such water has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. 10-12 minutes after the start of the procedure, there is a rapid drop in ORP to minus 100-150, figuratively speaking, "dead" then "living" water in one bath. Positive the effect is especially noticeable in skin diseases - eczema, neurodermatitis, psoriasis.

26.09.2012 - the device 01-300 has been successfully used to date in the spa treatment of various diseases. Baths gave very good results (device 04с) in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, neurology, skin diseases. We continue to observe and collect materials.
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