SRC "IKAR" - the leading company on the resonance technology, developer and manufacturer of unique facilities for activated ionized drinking water of the highest quality, condensed matter and ionized plasma based technologies nonlinear parametric resonance.

SRC "IKAR" - is their own production, research, development and implementation of ideas in the final product. All of our products are designed to suit different requirements for water treatment, an activated aqueous solutions of different applications, that can effectively clean the tap, Pit and borehole water anywhere in the world.

Today SRC "IKAR" is the only producer plants for drinking water of the highest quality and consumer water purifiers based on them. Attention to the specific problems of water treatment in different conditions and research potential employees allowed us to take the place of the technological market leader in home water purification.

Excellent quality SRC "IKAR" achieved continuous improvement of existing products and creating new ones. We pay great attention to the development of advanced technologies for water purification and methods of use thereof. Our filters are used only the best materials and the quality of the product is monitored at all stages of its creation.

We make sure that our customers receive a top quality product. Position of the company is the safety of the consumer and our commitment is confirmed by certificates of conformity highest international quality standards of the leading independent organizations.

Our catalog:
("Izumrud" + "Stel" + "Ikar" =

Versatile device to produce biologically and chemically active liquids. On the output the liquds are in nonequilibrium thermodynamic state; they have resonance microcluster structure and negative redox potential. The device is based on contact and noncontact activation.

Fields of application:
  • getting drinking ionized water with chosen mineral composition (microelements: Са++, Mg++, Se, I, etc.) and properties (pH, redox potential, etc.);
  • advanced treatment of water with high bacterial count to make it satisfy regulatory requirements to drinking water; eliminating suspended matters and solvents from water;
  • getting detergent, disinfectant and sterilizing solutions (anolyte, catholyte);
  • intensification of physical, chemical and biological processes.

mod. 01 - device for getting drinking ionized water with negative redox potential and given mineral composition;

mod. 03 - device for getting detergent, disinfectant and sterilizing solutions;

mod. 04 - versatile device for getting activated liquids with negative redox potential (drinking water, beverages, physiological salt solutions, blood) based on contact and noncontact activation of liquids for household use and use in different fields (medicine, agriculture, industry, oil production);

Certificate of conformity
№ РОСС RU.АЯ09.H07683 от 14.11.1997 г.,
№ РОСС RU.АЯ09.В16506 от 13.06.2000 г.,
№ РОСС RU.АЮ39.Н01195 от 25.03.2004 г.
№ C-RU.АГ93.В.00902 от 19.04.2012 г.

Hygienic certificate
№ 54 от 30.04.1997 г.,
№ 18.УЦ.02.515.П00049.02 от 09.02.2000 г.,
№ 18.УЦ.02.515.П.000159.03.04 от 25.03.2004 г.,
№ 18.УЦ.02.515.П.000142.03.04 от 16.03.2004 г.

Sanitary and epidemiological expertise
№ Т-693 от 18.05.2012 г.

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Supplies, spare parts.
Device for registration of properties and parameters of condensed matter, located in a non-equilibrium thermodynamic state (STC) with excited Microcluster structure (RM) and super-coherent radiation (SR).

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Study test bench

Laboratory study test benches

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  • Izumrud-SI (mod. 03st)

    Study test bench is designed for contact activation of liquids

    Study test bench is based on “Izumrud-SI” device (mod. 03). It is designed for contact activation of liquids as well as for getiing bioactive water solutions. It might be used for researching the process of electro-activation in diaphragm electrolyzer, features of the activated solutions obtained (drinking water, anolyte, catholyte, neutral cathode treated anolyte) and for researching the effect that activated liquids have upon chemical and bioprocesses, enzymatic reactions and crystallization processes. Study test bench enables to get drinking water with antioxidant effects, certain composition which might be preset, structuralized water solutions with negative and positive redox potential.

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  • Izumrud-SI (mod. 04st)

    Study test bench is designed for contact and noncontact activation of liquids

    Study test bench enables to get water solutions with antioxidant effects (negative redox potential); disinfect drinking water; change redox potential of nonalcoholic and alcoholic beverages (juces, milk, tea, coffee, vodka, beer, etc.); turn redox potential of infusion solutions to negative; activate medicoprophylactic baths; get sodium hypochlorite. Breaf theory is given and methodology for carrying out experiments is explained. It might be useful for students, postgraduate students, engineers and scientific workers of other specialities who research water and water solutions; it might be also useful during research in different fields such as medicine, agriculture, hydrogen energetics, etc. and in development of new high technologies; getting new condenced mediums with resonance microcluster structure.

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  • LCh-1 (mod. 05). Double.

    Aeroionizer – twin plasmatron
    wall-mounted version
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  • STEL-10H-120-01

    Installation for cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing solutions
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  • LCh-1 (mod. 01)

    Aeroionizer - plasmatron
    desktop version
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  • Izumrud-SI (mod. 01k)

    Installation for agencies and drinking water with a given mineral composition and properties
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  • LCh-1 (mod. 04)

    Aeroionizer - plasmatron
    desktop version
    Complete description
  • Izumrud-SI (mod. 01d)

    Installation for agencies and drinking water with a given mineral composition and properties
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  • LCh-1 (mod. 02)

    Aeroionizer - plasmatron
    ceiling version
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  • Izumrud-SI (mod. 02)

    Setting to change the acidity, alkalinity and ORP
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  • LCh-1 (mod. 03)

    Aeroionizer - plasmatron
    computer version
    Complete description
  • Izumrud-SI (mod. 01)

    Plant for purification of drinking water to the requirements of GOST
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  • Izumrud-SI (mod. 03)

    Setting to activate liquids and water purification
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  • Izumrud-SI (mod. 01jd)

    Plant for passenger cars powered from the vehicle, allowing to receive on the road: drinking water with a given composition and properties and detergents, antiseptic solutions.
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  • Electrical thermos "Vlada"

    Electric thermos-activator for contact and non-contact activation of aqueous solutions, Developed by SRC "IKAR", produced OAO "Dalpribor"
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  • Izumrud-SI (mod. 01dos)

    Device for getting premium quality ionized drinking water.
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  • Izumrud-SI (mod. 03s)

    Installation for water disinfection, water conveyance systems, tanks and pools with electrochemically activated anolyte solution neutral
    Industrial variant
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  • Izumrud-SI (mod. 0-4-0)

    Device to get cleaning, disinfectant and sterilizing solutions.
    Productivity - 40 liters/hour
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Additional information

- when ordering ( and payment for legal entities is no VAT, the simplified system of taxation;
- for individuals with payment of the order, you must specify the exact address and name (in full) of the payer, phone number with area code.

Installation without price - made to order (the customer's specific objectives);

Delivery (at your option) - self, mail, transport company, railroad, air, express mail, payment in addition to Russia.

When you export - additional payment (export customs duties) + postage and packaging.

In connection with the loading - (planned supply for export and Russia) the term for an individual piece of the order within one month of the receipt of money for a/c.

Activated solutions - comply with the EPA allowed the Health Ministry, economical, environmentally friendly.

All goods are certified by Gosstandard Russia
Research Center "IKAR" interested in expanding and strengthening business relationships with regional companies operating in the field of environment, health and medicine. Installation can also be purchased in the regional service centers.