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Device for contact and non-contact activation of liquids (awarded prestigious international awards - gold, Switzerland).

New model mod.04uni of device "IKAR" significantly differs from mod.04s of a household, sanitary and hygienic device. Single central unit mod.04uni allows you to automatically control the processes of contact and non-contact activation of condensed media, record their dynamics and output activation parameters to the built-in display or computer. The device also allows you to register and manage activation processes for the program autonomously, or from a computer.
Various configuration of the installation with peripheral devices (computer, heaters, pumps, additional sensors, Ultrasound-Doppler ...) is possible at the request of the customer.

Intended for contact and non-contact activation of liquids, obtaining biologically active aqueous solutions, condensed media with resonance cluster nanostructure, express diagnostics of contamination of liquids (water, drinks, blood, human body, animals) with microbes, viruses; registration and optimization of chemical, biochemical and physical processes under the influence of various factors (in particular, optimization of biotechnology, medicines, preparation of drinks, dietary supplements and research of their biological activity, optimization of hydrogen energy technologies).

Activation of liquids this is the transfer of liquids to a nonequilibrium thermodynamic state with a resonant cluster structure (*, *, *, *). Liquid in a nonequilibrium dynamic (activated) state possesses excess internal potential energy, which causes its abnormal activity. This state is accompanied by a supercoherent electromagnetic radiation from resonant clusters (molecular and atomic "tonometers") and can be used to intensify various chemical, biochemical and physical processes, express diagnostics, spectrometers, obtaining new solids from non-contact activated crystallizable liquids (patents RU 2316374, 2299859, 2194017, pr-1.htm, pr-7.htm,, pr-8.htm, pr-0.htm).

Provide * ( depending on the configuration):
- disinfection of drinking water and imparting antioxidant properties to it (negative ORP);
- activation of therapeutic and prophylactic baths;
- the work of an ionized shower;
- obtaining sodium or potassium hypochlorite;
- non-contact, change in the redox potential of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages (juices, milk, tea, coffee, vodka, beer, etc.), decoctions and infusions of medicinal plants, gasoline, oil;
- non-contact, change in the change in ORP of infusion and dialysis solutions towards negative values;
- obtaining anolytes and catholytes of fresh water;
- obtaining new solids with a resonant cluster structure;
- express diagnostics of liquid contamination and contactless registration of the dynamics of chemical, biochemical and physical processes.

Areas of use

  • obtaining activated condensed media * (substances, liquids) with resonant cluster structure, unique physicochemical and biological properties (pr-7.htm, pr-1.htm);
  • express diagnostics and registration of liquid contamination, optimization dynamics of chemical, biochemical and physical processes based on бесконтактной активации жидкостей (pr-8.htm);
  • diagnosis, prevention and treatment (avik.htm, sb43-3.htm);
  • preparation of drinking water, disinfecting, sterilizing and washing top quality solutions (pr-2.htm, sb44-1.htm)

Pic.1. Effect of activated fluids on biosystems

Pic.2. Method of obtaining solids from non-contact activated crystallizable liquids (patent RU 2316374)

Pic.3. Resonant microclusters in aqueous solutions avk_com.htm

Device options

- manual;
- automatic (scheduled);
- computer.

Controlled parameters:
- manual voltage switching between 12 and 24 volts;
- manual on/off output "Heat";
- manual on/off output "Pump";
- manual on/off output "Valve";
- automatic maintenance of the current temperature;
- automatic water level maintenance;
- automatic maintenance of the specified activation level.

Automatic tasks (schedule):
- up to 4 independent tasks;
- work by days of the week and time (start and stop);
- work by dates and times (start and stop);
- control of all available device parameters;
- customizable start and end sounds.

Settings and device options:
- automatic control of external peripheral devices - a pump (tied to an activator);
- switching from 24 to 12 volts if a short circuit occurs in 24 volt mode;
- display contrast and backlight;
- on/off sound buttons and screensaver;
- separate menu with current parameters;
- offline recording of current parameters or tasks, lasting up to several days ("the black box"), with the ability to view them when connected via a computer;
- quick erasing of "the black box";
- showing the current size of "the black box" in percents
- "hot" control buttons for main parameters and outputs;
- pause mode (one button control).

- by current;
- current adaptive (auto-switching 24 to 12 volts);
- by temperature inside the unit;
- on the loss of the input supply voltage of the installation. Main window:
- "hot" parameter display;
- setting the duration of the display of parameters or their exclusion from the display;
- current time;
- currently active auto jobs and current setup mode.

PC connection:
- control of all parameters of the device in real time;
- automatic tasks and control via the Internet (at the request of the customer);
- visual viewing of the current parameters in graphical and numerical form, as well as their recording and saving to a file;
- view saved offline settings ("the black box");
- updating the firmware of the device and the program itself.

- time setting up to 99 hours;
- configurable end timer sound;
- showing the remaining time;
- by timer, you can turn off or not turn off the device;
- flashing backlight display when timer ends.

Sensors and devices:
- two electroactivators (ОРТА, Pt);
- two activation sensors, ORP;
- conductivity sensor;
- digital temperature sensor;
- water level sensor;
- three sockets for connecting additional peripheral devices - "Heat", "Pump", "Valve";
- universal connector for connecting additional devices (multichannel multiplexer, pH meter, analog output from other devices, remote control (IR remote control, buttons), indication, digital communication with other devices ...);
- universal stand for sensors and for receiving anolytes and catholytes;
- pump.

Activator power supply:
- switching 12 volts, 24 volts or disabled (not mechanical);
- protection current 6A and 3A for 12 and 24 volts, respectively.

Useful links

  • Adaptive treatment method (artificial source of biofield in medicine). (Kiselev B.I.) sb17-4.htm
  • The use of non-contact activated infusion solutions for the prevention of postoperative pancreatitis in cancer patients. (Shironosov V.G., Napolskikh V.M., Sorokin E.P., Kubashev A.P.) sb38-4.htm sb17-4.htm
  • The experience of treating patients in America using anolyte, catholyte and non-contact activated liquid (BAJ) (Khachatryan A.P.) sb43-3.htm
  • General hygienic wellness galvanic shower. Physical rationale. (Davidyan D.B.) sb37-7.htm
  • "Ionized" shower is a new healing and rejuvenating method. (Davtyan V.G., Markaryan T.G.) sb32-3.htm
  • Medical and health-improving procedures used in saunas, home and medical baths based on electroactivated aqueous solutions (EVR). sb3-1.htm
  • High quality drinking water preparation: analysis and perspective (Shironosov V.G., Minakov V.V., Shironosov O.V., Shironosova G.I., Ivanov V.B.) sb43-1.htm. Scalpel and tweezers for nanotechnology (Presentation at the 1st International Congress on Nanotechnology, Moscow, 03.12.2008-05.12.2008, download - *)

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