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"IIS-RT"-2003. Collection № 28-1

III International Symposium. Electrochemical Activation In Medicine, Agriculture, Industries

Theses of reports (Moscow, 2002)
Scientific Research Center "IKAR",,
International symposium "International Year of Water - 2003", Austria, 29 march - 5 aprils 2003,
Collecton of abstracts "Water as Source of Life", 2003, p. 246-249.

1. Some aspects of reception and application electrochemical the activated solution - anolite ANC. Bahir V.M., Vtorenko V.I., Zadorozhnij J.G., Leonov B.I., Panicheva S.A., Прилуцкий V.I.( in Russian)

2. Issledovvanie of influence non-contact activated water on electrokinetic properties of barmy cells. Kazankin D.S., Shironosov V.G. sb28-1-2-en.pdf.

3. Contactless activation of blood. Shironosov V.G., Menshikova S.G., Shironosov E.V. sb28-1-3-en.pdf.

XIII International Symposium
"International Year of Water - 2003"

Theses of reports (Austria, on March, 29th - on April, 5th, 2003)
(Selected works)

4. Phenomenon of water of life and its simple explanation. Shironosov V.G. p. 246 - 249.

5. Non-contact liquid activation (infusion, medicinal substances). Shironosov V.G. p. 250-252. sb28-1-5-en.pdf.

6. Installations and systems of ecological individual and collective safety for the house, office and hospitals. Shironosov V.G., Shironosova G.I., Minakov V.V., Ivanov V.B. p. 253-255. ( in Russian)