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"IIS-RT"-2003. Collection №28-1-4

Alive water phenomenon and its simple explanation

Shironosov V.G.
Scientific Research Center "IKAR",,
XIII International symposium "International year of water - 2003", Austria, 29 march - 5 aprils 2003,
Collecton of abstracts "Water as Source of Life", 2003, p. 246-249.

We analyzed resonant problems in physics, chemistry and biology from the point of view of extremities of resonant movement states in nature. We analyzed dynamic stability of unstable states, bifurcation, chaos, non-linear dynamic systems evolution, which do not include series expansion parameter explicitly. A number of unsolved problems were investigated, namely the globe lightning problem, the activated water problem, hyperweak fields resonant effect on biological systems, including correlation between periods of solar activity and biological processes on the Earth. This analysis led to understanding of alive water phenomenon as a liquid in non-equilibrium thermo-dynamic state with resonant microcluster structure. We offer a simple hypothesis explaining immunity phenomenon and alive systems essence.

One usually understands resonance as drastic intensification of dynamic system x response to external action f=f0coswt, when external action frequency w is comparable either with w0 frequency or with total frequencies of natural vibrations of the system itself (nw=Sniw0i; n, ni- integers). Forced oscillations x appear and remain in the system due to external additive or parametric effects.

It should be noted that physics as a branch of science has started to develop with non-linear equations investigation, namely with the well-known Kepler problem. Later theoretical and experimental physics were based on linear physical theories. Realization of the fact that linearization can not be applied to a number of problems took a significant period of time (17-20 centuries). Today we can see the appeal for classical physics.

Problems of linear dynamic systems were investigated first in the course of studies. Linearization of the problems led to "throwing the baby out with the bathwater", that is to absence of stable dynamic movement states in conditions of resonance. Among the typical and traditional problems of parametric resonance one can name movement and retention of particles, cells and bodies of different size (micro and macro), with regard for their parameters (such as charge, mechanical, electric and magnetic moment, mass) in inhomogeneous fields, different fields effect on biological and non-linear physical systems. It is explained by the fact that this problem arises in connection with applied problems in mechanics, physics, biology and medicine. Such problems are quite difficult to solve because of serious mathematical and physical problems.

The main physical problem consisted in the fact that even when there was no field source in the space, there still could exist only one type of singular points, that is saddle points. Hence in one direction the object would be pulled in, and in another direction it will be pulled out. In 1600 this problem attracted Gilbert's attention, and in 1842 Earnshaw got interested in it. They came to the conclusion about equilibrium instability (of a static magnetic configuration). In static state stable particle retention is impossible according to Earnshaw theorem [1]. Brownbek made these conclusions more precise. He proved that unstable state in statics can become stable in dynamics on condition that the system includes a diamagnetic body. Things that are impossible in statics can become possible in dynamics.

When we turn our attention to dynamics, we see here a number of mathematical problems as well. The main problem here consisted in absence of general theory of strongly non-linear system oscillations when there is no series expansion parameter and in anomalous features of even relatively simple model systems [1].

Numerous experiments on anomalous non-contact water activation (by means of magnetic field, ultraviolet emission, laser, acoustic fields, diaphragm electrolysis etc) and hyperweak resonance field influence on biological systems (Chizhevskiy, Devyatkov, Golant, Kirlian effect, bioresonant therapy etc) needed its explication.

Biophysics realized that during primary action of fields on biological systems water properties and water microcluster structure change.

The investigations of field resonant influence on non-linear physical and biological systems proved the possibility of:

selective space retention of bodies and particles (of any size from elementary particles to macro) in inhomogeneous resonant electromagnetic fields without any external feedback (1974);
resonant microcluster formation, that is generation of resonant movement state in two covibrating dipoles systems due to non-linear parametric resonance (1984).
In the end non-contact liquid activation phenomenon was experimentally discovered. The phenomenon proved covibrating dipoles systems existence in non-diaphragm electrolyzers (1999) and during chemical reactions (2000). The processes of non-contact liquid activation were investigated by means of microwave spectroscopy in 2002. Non-contact liquid activation effect allows to receive thermo-dynamically non-equilibrium liquids with microcluster structure (covibrating dipoles systems) and negative ORP without changes of liquid chemical composition (drinking water, physiological solution, blood, etc). Experiments demonstrated activated environments positive influence on biological systems (seed sprouting, larvae development, cells development, blood corpuscles development, and medical treatment).

Anomalous features of non-contact electrochemical activation can be easily explained by formation of stable high energy systems on the base of two covibrating water dipoles (OH-…, water molecule dipoles near anode and cathode [1]).

There is a simple hypothesis accounting for effectiveness of medical treatment by means of non-contact liquid activation. Body cells are in fact miniature reactors for electrochemical and non-contact liquid activation in body. High energy systems generating on the base of two covibrating water dipoles form synchronous framework responsible for body energy and immunity. Hence, bioresonant therapy, millimeter resonant therapy, water therapy, aerotherary and ion therapy contribute to restoration of covibrating water dipoles energy at certain frequencies [1, 2].


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