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"IIS-RT"-1997. Collection №1-2.

Physical Basics of Water Resonance Activation.

Shironosov V.G.
First International Symposium
"ElectroChemical Activation in Medicine, Agriculture, Industrial"
The collection of the reports M.: 1997, p 220 (in Russian)


Discussing questions about water activation on level of molecular structure.
Proposing to use water activation by short wave resonance irradiation.

    Simplicity of production and storage relatively harmless action on living organism activated water produced by technology of electrochemical activation (ECA) provided its wide use in different spheres and technologies.

    Water activation in general is conducted with adding diluted solution of salt. During process of flowing through anode chamber in ECA every microvolumetic salt solution comes into contact with surface of anode, where appears in high intensity electric field. As a result, solution exposed to strong electron - acceptor influence and inside of the solution synthesize active substances which acts like strong oxidants. Most parts of those compounds cannot exist outside of water in another state of aggregation. In this matter anolyte is unique in its chemical composition. Also, in this solution guarantees absence of dioxins or any xenobiotics which create risk of contamination to environment.

    Physics of this process is complicated, but it's easy in general to understand. Flowing through reactor activated water obtained features of "Mazera" - systems highly active ions, molecules "microgenerators". Water activated by resonance short wave frequency (SWF) - electromagnetic radiation acquires characteristics close to ECA activation [1]. In some way molecules of activated water based on clinic experiment of their use of our hospital center [2], - It's something like a miniature version of SWF generators ("Kremlin Pills"), which by flowing through a living organism causes its "restoration" - healing by resonance field. That is why even a small amount of these substances soluted in that water will cause affects (affect close to homoeopathy).

    According to this experiment it becomes extremely important to learn the spectrum of emission and absorption of liquid atmospheres which were activated by ECA and using internally, because of clinical experiment of using SWF devices were found to have not only positive influences by electronmagnetic vibrations, but also negative influences on certain frequencies. That is why additional activation of liquids by short wave resonance radiation on certain frequencies may substantially increase its healing abilities.

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