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"IIS-RT"-1997. Collection №22

Resonance in physics, chemistry and biology.

Valentin G. Shironosov
Department of BioMedPhysics, UdSU, Izhevsk, 2001. 92 p.  (, sb22e.pdf), , tel. +7 (912)024-77-74

    The resonant problems in different areas of physics, chemistry and biology from the unified point of view - extremeness of resonant statuses of motion in the nature are reviewed. In particular, the problems of dynamics of motion and holding of atomic, macroscopic particle, micro-organisms in inhomogeneous fields, outside and inside resonance conditions are analyzed; problems of dynamic stability of unstable states, bifurcation, chaos, discretization, evolution of non-linear dynamic systems which are not inclusive in an obvious view a small parameter. A fundamentals of the resonant theory of dynamic systems are set out. The unsolved problems are marked and the paths of their solution are planed, in particular: ball lightning, activated water, resonant effect of superweak fields at biological systems, including correlation between periods of solar activity and processes happening at this time on the Earth.

    The foreword.

    This book has arisen as outcome of the numerous lectures and seminars, in which one I attempted in the understandable form to set out an achievements of the different explorers, in the most different spheres of activity at unified object of our research her Majesty - Nature. The contents of the book was finally made after I had in a winter semester 1999/2000 to read a course of the lectures for the students-biophysicist of physical faculty of the Udmurt state university. . The noticeable place in the book takes a phenomenon of the resonance which has permitted to realize unified connection of phenomena, diversiform ambient and diving through us. Moreover, I and my employees in a lot of cases have could to influence “development of events” in this area.


The contents:

1. Introducing.

2. Resonance in linear systems. Traps for particles.

2.1. About dynamic stability of unstable states.

2.2. Atomic traps.

2.3. Problem of levitation of magnetic particles.

2.4. "A Problem 1/R3 " in a system of two dipoles.

2.5. Cells in "atomic" traps.

2.6. Ponderomotive wave action at "resonators".

3. Resonance in non-linear systems.

3.1. Simple computational method for non-linear dynamic systems.

3.2. About a pendulum of Kapica outside and inside zone of a parametric resonance.

3.3. Dynamic stability of saddle points in autonomous systems.

3.4. About stability of unstable states, bifurcation, chaos of non-linear dynamic systems.

3.5. Discretization, chaos and evolution in non-linear dynamic systems.

4. Resonant traps.

4.1. Ponderomotive wave action at patterns in conditions of a magnetic resonance.

4.2. Resonant levitation of bodies and particles with own magnetic moment.

4.3. Problem of two magnetic dipoles allowing for equations of motions of their spins.

5. Instead of the concluding - unsolved problems.

5.1. About the nature of a ball lightning.

5.2. Abnormal properties of activated water.

5.3. Resonant effect of fields at biological systems.

5.4. Sun, radiation and life.

List of the literature.

The application - history of the problem.