SRC "IKAR" - 34 years with you

"IIS-RT"-1998. Collection №5.

Aeroions and health.

(in Russian)

1. Computer, ТV and health (or life under "hubcap") SRC "IKAR".

2. Synopsis of main aspects of using an aeroionizanion and aeroionotherapy. - Rogdestvenski L.M. (doctor of biol. sciences).

3. The Influence aeroion insufficiency on immunity system (analytical review). - Shalnova G.A. (doctor of med. sciences).

4. Methodical instructions on medical action of ionized air. Ministry of public healths USSR from 11 may 1959.

5. Sanitary-hygenic rates of possible levels of ionizing an air of production and public rooms. N 2152-80 from 12 february 1980

6. Hygenic requirements to display terminals, personal electronic-computing machines and organization of working extract from SanPiN (refer to here: full SanPiN - - in Russian).