SRC "IKAR" - 34 years with you

"IIS-RT" - 2021. Collection №76-1.

*Webinars of Klimov-Zatelepin

Winter-Spring Session, 2021 

  1. Rotation of bodies and electromagnetic time correction.
    * Zatelepin V. N. and Baranov D.S. - INLIS, Moscow; Golovanov D.V. - Chelyabinsk

  2. About the beginning of work on the creation of Wikipedia LENR in the community of scientists working in the field of Cold core transmutation and Ball lightning.
    * Prosvirnova A. A.

    Transient and relaxation processes in a plasma vortex reactor.
    * Klimov A.I.

  3. Based on materials from the book "Natural and artificial BL in the Earth's atmosphere".
    * Bychkov V.L.

  4. Analytical model of the transition layer between the equilibrium plasma of the sun and the nonequilibrium plasma of the heliosphere.
    * Vysikailo F.I., MGOU, Moscow

  5. Maxwell's equations and Occam's razor.
    * Andras Kovacs

  6. On the operation of a nickel-hydrogen container at room temperature, a physical model - the hypothesis of the appearance of "strange" radiation, on the penetrating ability of "strange" radiation and protection from it.
    * Chizhov V.A.

  7. Rotation and radioactive decay. Aftereffects in fluctuation processes.
    * Panchelyuga V.A. Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics RAS, Pushchino, Russia

  8. What do we know about strange radiation?
    * Zhigalov V.A., Ph.D., SIU MIET

  9. Review of papers presented at the conference RNBE 2020.
    * Jacques Rouet

  10. Errors of the 19th century ether theory. Alternative theory.
    * Afonin V.V. "Physical vacuum and the fallacy of SRT".

  11. Discovery of new bun energy.
    * Baurov Yu.A.

  12. Round table "Features of oscillatory processes in superunit reactors".
    * Klimov A.I. "Cooling down of the GPU at the TAC output and left EM waves".
    * Parkhomov A.G. "Non-stationary processes in superunit reactors".
    * Chizhov V.A. "Features of oscillatory processes in over-unit reactors".
    * Kovacs A.
    * Godin S.M. Kudryashov V.A. "Features of oscillatory processes in over-unit reactors".
    * Bychkov V.L., Zaitsev F.S. "Strange radiation observed in low energy nuclear reactions (LENR)".
    * Zatelepin V. N. "Growth of temperature oscillations during electric heating of a Ni + H medium in an external magnetic field".

  13. Discussion on speeches at the round table "Features of oscillatory processes in superunit reactors".
  14. Theory of low-energy nuclear reactions.
    * Myshinsky G.V., United Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia.

  15. Discussion on speeches at the round table "Features of oscillatory processes in superunit reactors".
  16. Samsonenko N.V. and the development of cold fusion science in Russia. On the occasion of the 80th birthday anniversary. "Strong interaction in the Barut model".
    * Samsonenko N.V. "The main directions of research. Strong (nuclear) interactions in Barut's model".
    * Klimov A.I. "HC in nonequilibrium plasma and LENR".
    * Parkhomov A.G. "Photo album".
    * Urutskoev L.I. "To the 80th anniversary of Nikolai Vladmirovich Samsonenko".
    * Vysotsky V.I. "Controlled Nuclear Processes at Low Energy".
    * Zatelepin V. N. "Dark hydrogen" H2. Electromagnetic and chemical properties".

  17. Continuation of the series of webinars dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the birth of Samsonenko N.V.
    * Bulyzhenkov I.E. "Let's add the absence of radical collapse to the bright ideas of N.V. Samsonenko on new bound states".
    * Shipov G.I. *video-26.05.21. (00:45:35-01:01:54)
    * Vysikaylo F.I.
    * Zaitsev F.S. "Ethereal interpretation of the anomalies of the orbits of the first Von Braun satellites".
    * Kornilova A.A.
    * Prosvirnov A.A.
    * Savvatimova I.B.
    * Tsvetkov S.A. "All-Union Seminar "Chemistry and Technology of Hydrogen" (HYDROGEN-91)".
    * Chizhov V.A. "My vision of the LENR process "From DISBELIEF to BELIEF"".

  18. Electrodynamic model of gravitational interaction.
    * Ivanov M.Ya.