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"IIS-RT"-1999. Collection №13.

All - Russian conference "Methods and means of sterilization and disinfecting in medicine" (1993).

Theses of reports 22 - 26 November 1993.
Redactor Bahir V.M.
( in Russian)
  1. Research of an opportunity of diminution of diffusion terms surgical sutural materials at activity electrochemically activated aqueous solutions. - S.Ya. Lanina, O.I. Suhova.
  2. Application of eca - solutions obtained on device STEL-МТ-1М, for preventive measures wound infections in an experiment on animal. - N.V.loktionova, A.I.Kaveshnikov, V.M.Melnikova, G.G.Okropidze, S.A.Panicheva, O.I.Suhova
  3. Application of a sodium hypochlorite solution in a traumatology and orthopedics
    S.V. Malginov, V.M. Melnikova, N.P. Mironov, L.Y. Lukianicheva, A.A. Arutcheva, T.M.Kovalenko.
  4. Research of an opportunity of electrochemically activated aquatic solutions application for a disinfection cast materials and ready casts in an orthopedic stomatology. - G.L. Belikov, G.G. Okropidze, A.A. Arutcheva, V.M. Melnikova, O.I. Harchenko, G.N. Belova, Z.N. Melnik, L.T. Pilugina, V.N. Kopeikin.
  5. Experience of a sodium hypochlorite application at treatment of pus-inflammatory average ear diseases. - N.A. Malginova, S.V. Malginov, T.M. Kovalenko.
  6. Influence of an electrochemically activated solutions on a microbacteria viability. - A.A. Yushenko, M.Y. Yushin, O.A. Irtuganova.
  7. Prospects of physiotherapeutic application of electrochemically activated solutions, received on device such as STEL. - V.I. Prilutski, V.M.Bahir.
  8. Experience of work on practical application electrochemically activated salt and antiseptic means in a science centre of obstetrics, gynecology and perinatology RAMS. - N.P. Kirbasova, L.N. Gadjinskaya, S.A. Panicheva.
  9. Electron-donor property of living cells at an incubation them in model mediums . - V.I. Prilutski.
  10. Clinical approbation of water obtained on electrochemical device "EMERALD - K", on contingent of the urological patients. - Z.S. Vainberg.
  11. Electrochemically pured water for the nephrological patients. - L.S. Baeva.
  12. Abnormal properties of electrochemically activated aquatic mediums . - V.I. Prilutski.
  13. Area of medical application of electrochemically activated water obtained on devices STEL-МТ-1М and "EMERALD". - A.P. Polanchenko.
  14. Treatment of an erysipilatous inflammation of leg skin by a neutral anolyte obtained on device STEL-МТ-1М. - S.N. Kopshev, V.I. Prilutski.
  15. Use of a catholyte and anolyte at washing. - Y.M. Kolbin.
  16. Study of immune-toxic, allergen and cloudy water activity obtained on device "EMERALD". - L.V. Aristovskaya, V.N. Fedoseeva, N.V. Stomahina, A.M. Osipenko, L.P. Sichova, N.B. Kumpan.
  17. The further development of practical application of saline aqueous solutions obtained by a method of electrochemical activations for the medical purpose. - G.L. Belikov, V.N. Kopeikin, Z.N. Melnik, G.N. Belaeva, L.T. Pilugina, V.M. Melnikova, N.I. Loktionova, T.M. Kovalenko, S.V. Malginov, G.G. Okropiridze, A.I. Kaveshnikov, A.A. Arutcheva, S.A. Panicheva, O.I. Suhova, N.P. Mironov, L.Y. Lukianicheva, L.N. Gadjinskaya, N.P. Kirbasova, O.I. Zarezaev, T.K. Korneva, T.I. Frolochkina, G.S. Korshunova, A.T. Goliusov.
  18. About an opportunity of disinfection of a pool water by a neutral anolyte. - S.A. Panicheva, G.A. Petrushanskaya, A.D. Selivanov, V.M. Bahir.