SRC "IKAR" - 34 years with you

"IIS-RT"-1999. Collection №8.

Some questions of the application of electromagnetic radiation of low power of the highest frequencies (millimeter waves) in medicine. SHF-therapy, v.2.

Holant M.B., Deviatkov N.D. and oth.
( in Russian)

1. Resonant action of coherent electromagnetic radiations of millimeter waves on alive organisms. - M.B. Holant.

2. Cell as underexcited resonant generator. Use external coherent and noise signals for the speedup of transition at the mode of generations. - M.B. Holant.

3. Role of coherent waves in the figurative perception and using intracellular information. - M.B. Holant , P.V. Poruchikov.

4. Influence EMR millimeter gamut, lazer radiation and their multifunction action on microorganisms properties. - A.K. Bryhova, M.B. Holant, V.S. Isaeva, N.S. Landau, N.N. Rattel, T.B. Rebrova.

5. Changing of microorganisms culture properties under influence of electromagnetic millimeter waves of lazer radiating. - A.K. Bryhova, M.B. Holant, E.A. Dvadtsatova, T.B. Rebrova.

6. On ultra structural security of electromagnetic connection in systems of living cells. - M.B. Holant, O.S. Sotnikov.

7. On the activity immune-modulating EMR: the concept of miscible immune-boosting EMR- factor. - V.I. Hovalo, I.A. Volchek, G.A. Kosmiadi, V.T. Baranovskaya.

8. Influence of electromagnetic fluctuations of millimeter range on reparation regeneration osteal tissue in experiment. - A.A. Podkolozin, N.V. Stepanova, V.I. Tonkonojenko, M.B. Holant, T.B. Rebrova, V.A. Starshinina, T.P. Tarasova.

9. Boosting activity of millimeter radiation of low intensity on wound process. - A.I. Polakov, Y.M. Petrenko, B.A. Zubkov, L.Z. Balakireva.

10. Radioelectronic justification of opportunity of EHF-GENERATORS using, working on the same frequency, for treatment of many diseases. - M.B. Holant, N.A. Savostianova.

11. Particularities of influence of millimeter range electromagnetic radiating on rheology and possibility of personality choosing treatment parameters. M.V. Poslavski, O.F. Zdanovich, A.S. Parfonov, V.A. Kichaev, D.O. Abshilova.

12. Criterion of choice of millimeter radiating parameters on the clinical practice. - V.I. Hovallo, Y.F. Kamenev, T.B. Rebrova, S.A. Gorbatenko, L.Z. Balakireva, Y.A. Toporov, V.M. Nadgeriev .

13. Using the millimeter range waves for treatment of chronic stomach-duodenum ulcers. - L.Z. Balakireva, M.B. Holant, A.A. Golovatyuk, N.D. Devyatkov, I.M. Korochkin, M.V. Poslavski, T.B. Rebrova.

14. Influence of electromagnetic radiating of millimeter range on englobement at the patients by a peptic ulcer. - M.V. Poslavski, T.K. Shmelova, O.F. Zdanovich, V.A. Starshinina, N.A. Didkovski.

15. New way of relapse preventive of a peptic ulcer. - M.V. Poslavski, L.Z. Balakireva, I.M. Korochkin, V.G. Basckatova, A.A. Golovanyuk.

16. Some biophysical aspects of millimeter waves influence on the peptic ulcer coursing. - M.V. Poslavski, Y.V. Dedik, V.G. Bashkatova, I.M. Korochkin, A.A. Golovatyuk.

17. Influence of electromagnetic mm-range radiating on factors of immunitny system under hyperplastic womb processes in experiment. -
V.N. Zaporojan, T.B. Rebrova, O.V. Hait, V.N. Nizov, S.V. Rudenko, L.Z. Balakireva.

18. Possibility to reconstructions of growth activity of lymphoblast culture after quiescing. - T.I. Bulichova, M.B. Holant, I.A. Kalinina, V.A. Kichaev, G.Y. Miterev, V.A. Starshinina.

19. Using of millimeter radiating in clinical oncologies for uprise of hemopoietic system resistance of organism at application of chemotherapy. - S.D. Pletnov, N.D. Devyatkov, V.G. Mazurin, M.B. Holant, T.B. Rebrova, E.N. Balibalova, I.I. Sokolova, V.I. Borisov, N.Ya. Ass, L.M. Aleksandrova, Z.A. Grachova.

20. Particularities of influence of electromagnetic millimeter waves on rheology properties of blood. - D.O. Abshilava, O.F. Zdanovich, V.A. Kichaev, A.S. Parfonov, M.V. Poslavski.

21. Study heme-protector function of millimeter radiowaves at chemotherapy of dairy Ferri lactas cancer. - I.N.Fasahov.

22. Status of blood of the oncologic patients at holding a chemotherapy in conditions of using millimeter electromagnetic radiating. - S.D. Pletnov, N.D. Devyatkov, V.G. Mazurin, I.I. Sokolova, V.A. Grachova, T.B. Rebrova, M.B. Holant, E.N. Balibalova.

23. Chemotherapy in combinations with millimeter electromagnetic radiating at treatment of dairy Ferri lactas cancer. - M.B. Holant, L.A. Sevastianova, I.N. Fasahov.

24. Using of combined activity of chemotherapy and EMR at treatment of malignant neoplasms in gynecologies. - L.Z. Balakireva, V.V. Barinov, A.G. Borodkina, M.B. Holant, E.S. Zubenkova, V.P. Kozachenko, T.B. Rebrova, L.A. Sevastianova.

25. Application of EHF-THERAPY in combined treatment orthopedic patients. - A.A. Alekseenko, L.B. Mankevich, M.B. Holant.

26. Experience of using low intensity millimeter radiating in the complex therapy of patients by ischemic illness of heart, sufferin by heavy stenocardia. - I.E. Ganelina, T.A. Stepanova, V.A. Korneev.

27. Influence of millimeter electromagnetic fluctuations on development of experimental myocardial infarction. - V.I. Tonkonojenko, A.A. Podkolozin, N.V. Stepnova, M.B. Holant, T.B. Rebrova, T.P. Tarasova, V.A. Starshinina.

28. Using millimeter electromagnetic radiating for treatment of patients by idiopathic hypertensia. - P.Ya. Gaponuk, V.V. Kovalenko, T.Y. Sherkovina.

29. Influence of millimeter electromagnetic radiating on processes reparations at a sharp myocardial infarction, energy and lipide metabolism. - L.N. Goncharova, M.B. Holant, N.D. Devyatkov, O.D. Lokshina, V.M. Pavluk, T.B. Rebrova, N.I. Sinicin.

30. Experience of using an electromagnetic EHF radiating in children's surgery and therapy. - A.A. Alekseenko, E.F. Samoilovich, M.B. Holant.

31. Clinical evaluation of using low intensity millimeter radiating at the patients with a wound fever of finitenesses. - Y.G. Shaposhnikov, N.D. Devyatkov, Y.F. Kamenev, A.G. Sarkisyan, Y.A. Toporov, V.A. Homenko.

32. Influence of electromagnetic millimeter radiating on survival rate animal at irradiation by neutrons. - N.P. Didenko, A.V. Zamotrinski, A.I. Gorbatenko, Z.I. Rjevskaya, M.E. Gurevich, A.I. Kuzmin, V.A. Cha, V.M. Perelmuter.

33. Changing of medicinal stability of intestinal rod and staphylococcus at action of millimeter radiating. - I.O. Luneva , G.M. Shub, V.I. Rubin, G.Ya. Melnikova.

34. Opportunities of using in the medicine and biology of information possibilities of coherent waves. - N.D. Devyatkov, O.V. Betski, M.B. Holant.

35. Hypothesis on influences of interrelation of small power coherent waves of EHF, IR, optical and UV gamut on the cells operation. - N.D. Devyatkov, M.B. Holant, O.V. Betski.

36. Radiophysical character of regulation of biochemical processes dynamic by cells, happening in them, directional on maintaining of a homeostasis. - M.B. Holant.

37. Physiologically justified variants of medical action of millimeter radio - waves on a skin of the man. - V.I. Rodshtat.