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"IIS-RT"- 2006. Collection № 38-4

Application of non-contact activated infusion solutions for prophylaxis of a postoperative pancreatitis of oncopatients

Shironosov V. G., Napolskikh V. М.1, Sorokin E.P.1, Kubashev А.P.1
Scientific Research Center "IKAR",
426075, Molodezhnaja st., building 111, private box 6006, Izhevsk, Russia
Тел.: (3412) 763-466, факс: (3412) 763-466, E-mail:
1Medical Academy , Oncology Department
426069 Studencheskaya st., building 7, Izhevsk, Russia

The IV International Congress "Weak and superweak fields and emissions in biology and medicine",
03 - 07 june 2006, St. Petersburg (Abstracts: р. 218)

The new method and device for noncontact activation of infusion solutions and medical products is offered. The device will allow in the shortest terms with low costs treatment and preventive maintenance of various diseases, including the most complicated ( HIV, oncological, drugs dependence) with optimum medical effect.

The known device and method of Kiseleva B.I. for non-contact activation of infusion solutions with the combined action of UV-irradiation, laser, magnetic and acoustic fields, that have been applied by him since 1989 as a highly effective method of treatment for the most complicated diseases (HIV, etc.), is expensive and inaccessible for general-purpose [1].

We suggested a simple device for increasing the biological activity of infusion solutions with resonance microclusters structure and negative oxidation-reduction potential, without changing their chemical composition, remaining in a nonequilibrium thermodynamic state. The device has for its basis the effect of non-contact activation of liquids (NAL) with the use of electrolysis without a diaphragm that was theoretically proved by Shironosov V.G. in 1984 and experimentally confirmed in 1999 [2].

We have investigated the influence of non-contact activated infusion solutions (NAIS), obtained with the help of installation "Izumrud-SI" (mod.04), on the development of a postoperative pancreatitis of oncopatients after radical operations on a gastrointestinal tract. We have analyzed index changes of diastasis of urine and discharge from drainages in 314 patients (2002-2005), divided according to a treatment mode into 4 groups. Optimum layout of prophylaxis and treatment of a postoperative pancreatitis are developed. As a result the rate of postoperative pancreatitis complications has decreased from 71 % in the control group, up to 26 % in the group where NAIS were used.



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