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“The Khachatryan Effect and Cancer”

Open seminar Professor Ashot Khachatryan in Singapore (26.03.2009)

The Treating of Patients in U.S.A. using Anolyte,
Catholyte... and Non-Contact Activated Liquid - NAL

Prof. Ashot Khachatryan Papikovich

President of the International Academy of Health, Russia
Honored Inventor of Russia, winner of the Goskomizobreteny Prize - USSR
Academician of the European Academy of Natural Sciences,
Academician of the New York Academy of Sciences, ,

Professor Khachatrian is an internationally renowned scientist and medical doctor, member of the Russian Academy of Medical & Engineering Sciences, European Academy of Natural Sciences and the New York Academy of Sciences, who conducted many years of medical research in various countries. He successfully shared the benefits of his discoveries with over 40,000 patients around the world, ranging from terminally ill cancer patients to the top of the international business elite and European royalty.

Professor Ashot Khachatrian has the unique distinction of being the only medical doctor in the history of Russia, who was bestowed the title of the "Merited Inventor". He has earned this title by receiving a remarkable number of some 60 patented inventions and innovation granted to him by the Patent Office. Over 50 of those innovations were approved and, moreover, recommended for use by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

He is also an author of six published books and numerous articles. During many years of his scientific research, working with such renowned institutions as the Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Institute of Antioxidants Chemistry, Scientific Research Center "IKAR", All-Russian Oncological Center, Institute for Medico-Biological Research in Space Medicine at the Russian Space Agency and the famed Sklifosovsky Institute of Emergency Medicine, Professor Khachatrian came to realization that since cancer is a very complex disease due to its varieties and mechanism, and no simple, "cure-all" solution would work.
Prof Khachatrian will be visiting InnerGlowMD (Tel: 67469288) from the 23 March to 30 April 2009.

The Khachatrian Effect Protocol
Treating the Cause of Cancer and Diseases

Despite the great advances made in medicine and medical technologies over the years we have yet to discover the true cause of cancer. Radiation and chemotherapy remain the main stay of treatment for cancers for the last 60-80 years. However these modalities of treatment have not been fully satisfactory because of severe side effects of vomiting, extreme fatigue, infection, hair loss and immunity depression.
Prof Ashot Khachatrian focused his research on the core effect of cancer and other diseases at the cellular level. He discovered that the cell in the disease state is unable to function normally because of a depressed membrane electro potential. Using bio-resonance technique he developed an electron-activated liquid that is capable of charging the cells to elevate the electro-potential to normal. By doing so enables the body to rid itself of diseases like cancers, and optimize health in many other ways The result of his therapy which he named the Khachatrian Effect, or simply, the K-Effect has been consistent and in many cases, startling.

Befor.... and 10 days after K-effect,
What is the "K-Effect"?

The "K-Effect is not a treatment of diseases or disorders. It is a unique approach in medicine to enhance the vital physiology of the body in the dramatic improvement of wellness and ability to control diseases and disorders.
Prof Khachatrian's approach involves the use of electronically energised proprietary nutritional solution. This bio-activated solution has high oxidative-reduction potential (ORP) that is capable of restoring cells to optimal health and vitality. His approach also involves the intensive application of select strains of probiotics (beneficial microorganisms), enzymes and supplements specially selected for their synergistic qualities.
This unique approach restores the electro-potential of the cell membrane, increases cell energy and neutralizes free radicals. It detoxifies, alkalises, oxygenates and strengthens the immune system. Clinically it is highly successful in energising and treating patients with such diverse health conditions as allergies, psoriasis, chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, depression, fibromyalgia, bronchial asthma, candidiasis and intestinal diseases like irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis.

This dramatic improvement in health were noted by the vast majority of those patients who have experienced the Khachatrian protocol or, simply, known as the "K-Effect" (

How can the K-Effect improve cancer and diseases?

The K-Effect targets the end-point of cancer and other diseases, that is, "the depressed cellular electro-potential". Every cell in the body is like a battery and in the disease state the battery is poorly charged. Using his innovative approach Dr Khachatrian uses biomedical breakthrough "electron- enriched solutions" to charge the cell directly and invigorates its function. This results in the reversal of the effects of the disease. Clinically this is observed in the relief of symptoms, increase in energy and in some cases a regression of the disease.
Prof Khachatrian subscribes to the notion that diseases are associated with a disruption of the normal intestinal micro flora that is important for immunity and freeing the body of toxins. The probiotics component of the K-Effect protocol is the key to maintaining a strong immunity and together with proper diet and lifestyle, maintain better health.

Dr Khachatrian is famed in Russia for his work as a medical doctor and a scientist. He has used the K-Effect to treat more than 40, 000 patients in the last 20 years.

In 2008 he brought his protocol to the United States. He worked with Dr Alan Schwartz California and treated 40 patients with diverse health conditions, including terminal cancer. The result was largely successful (sb43-3e.htm)
In 2009 he worked with Dr C Kotsanis (USA) and Dr Koh Lam Son (Singapore) at the Wellness Metabolic Clinc Texas USA. 16 patients were treated and the early response was very encouraging. The patients suffered from different medical disorders, including advanced cancer patients and autistic children.

Are there any side effects or complications of the K-Effect?

There are no major side-effects.. The treatment is very safe because it is natural and physiological. There may be transient symptoms such as fever or body ache; this is recognised as "detoxification" or Herxheimer's reaction. It signifies a positive response to the K-Effect. Likewise, in an autistic child, there may be a temporary regression of behaviour before a higher level of improvement is achieved. This is recognised by two of parents of the six autistic children treated.

What does the K-Effect Protocol include?

This is a 21-day protocol. Based on the diagnosis, the severity of symptoms and age of the patient an individualized program is prescribed. This includes treatment with the K-bioactive water by mouth, intravenous route, inhalation through a nebuliser, rectally with enema, soaking of feet and wrapping of affected skin lesions. The probiotics can be taken by mouth, via natural home-made yoghurt or via enema. Oxygen is taken as tasty foaming water in malt.

Where and when will the K-Protocol be available in Singapore?

The K-Protocol will be available at InnerGlowMD Medical Specialist Centre , 253 Changi Road ,Singapore 4179744, Tel 67469288 , from the 23 March 2009.
Prof Khachatrian will be visiting InnerGlowMD from the 23 March to 30 April 2009.

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