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"IIS-RT"-2004. Collection № 45-3

Water - the source of the biological and the electrical energy

Kiselyov Boris Ivanovich
General Director of JSC AKVAMED, 1990-1997),
+7-905-213-6630, v. House. +7 (812) 387-4801, 196070, St.-Petersburg, Moskovsky prospect, d.161, kv.70,;

      In 1974, I defended a thesis on "The Oscillator Energy SPATIAL Feedback".
      In 1975, HAC rejected my thesis because it was incomplete.
      I have repeatedly defended this thesis in Vake 5 more times. By the then 19 copyright certificates were already issued to me. However, in the course of defending my thesis, I realized that the reason for rejection was very different and the truth began to surface. After a while, I showed a letter to my best friend, who suggested that the rejection was because I was considered an anti-Soviet.
      Thesis were rejected.

However, the topic was not abandoned and I began to use it in medicine.
As a result, in 1990, I received the copyright certificate number 1827274 for "Method for processing physiological solution. Kisseleva BI."

In due time, I had perfected the process and received several patents. Testing began with the measurement of blood IN VITRO prior to the introduction of a nat. solution and treated by my usual method.

It was found that blood, as an independent body of liquid has an opportunity to respond to an "artificial bio-field"

Venous blood in the eyes become blood Alogo color, although color was dark. The blood of anaemic patients became normal haemoglobin rate. Later, in 1993, under the direction of MD SK Churin extensive studies were carried out on IN VITRO, and IN VIVO. The results were contained in a report submitted to the Academic Council approved by the hospital.

The primary findings of the work:

1. In the experiment, IN VITRO "Akvatsit-K" (the so-called structured I nat. Slurry). Structuring turned ordinary nat. solution in cell water and reduced the aggressiveness of platelets, to normalize the distribution of calcium inside the cell, causing activation of platelets.

2. "AKVATSIT-K" reduces the content of lipid hydroperoxide in plasma, indicating a stabilization of cell membranes.
3. There is good portability and lack of side effects course "AKVATSIT-K" for all the examined patients and the virtual absence of contraindications for this therapy to patients.

4. Under the short course influence of "AKVATSIT-K" as with the course AUEFOK, influences on the level of the lipids of the blood (cholesterol, HDL and LPNP) as well as blood sugar level could not be noted.

5. Towards the end of the course of "AKVATSIT-K", patients with hypertension 1,2 st. were observed hypotensive effect.

6. Against the background of the course "AKVATSIT-K", an improvement in the indices of ergometric was revealed. Tolerance to the physical load increased. However, with the course AUEFOK the tolerance to load remained at the same level as before the treatment.

7. There are positive developments in the state of blood coagulation (prolongation of time recalsification, reducing troboplastin-Thrombin activity and prothrombin activity).

Taking into account the favorable influence of "AKVATSIT-K" on the platelet count and the positive shifts in the clinic against the background of an improvement in the state of patients, it is possible, with a high portion of probability, to assume that the conducted course of "AKVATSIT-K", is connected with its influence on the coagulation potential of the blood and the processes of the peroxide oxidation of the lipids, which have value in atherogenesis.

Thus, this processing technique of intact nat. solution and methods of measurement of quantitative characteristics of changes in energy ions allowed the testing on patients with cardiovascular diseases, HIV patients and other diseases.

Patients suffering from multiple sclerosis 1-2 Art., Scoliosis, Article 1-3. As well as secondary syphilis had been successfully treated. Go to the second part of my work, namely, to create electro-hydrodynamic generator (pat. number 56397 [CASMITTER]).

CASMITTER- its name is an abbreviation for "CURRENT AMPLIFICATION - STIMULATED BY MOVEMENT OF WATER ALONG EMITTER", in other words, strengthening the current stimulated by the movement of water along the emitter.

This enhancement of current is because of clearance across the velocity vector of water movement, there is a constant force on the protons of water, intensified by its dielectric constant by 89 times. Calculation shows that the amount of this force composes value, under specific conditions, tens of megatons. Calculation is carried out for the generator, depicted on Fig. 1-4.





Furthermore, the water (electrolyte H4O) after several cycles of circulation increases energy of Brownian motion into tens of thousands of times (see Fig. 5, 6 before and after and the diagram of the setup in Fig. 7).



 In other words, through the sum of a constant force and forces of Brownian motion, impacts of a wide spectrum is produced throughout the entire length of electrodes. It is possible to assume that the lattice of the atom emitters under the influence of these forces, will enter into resonance and will drop electrons from its shells, which will already possess considerably larger energy, than energy of the action of protons.

Experimentally, such "fast" electrons were found as follow:
A solution was made of saturated KMnO4 (pregnant solution).
After a few minutes in the generator, the solution became completely transparent, and at the bottom of the dilators, precipitated brown iron ore were deposited. Iron in the periodic table is right at the next location and is different from the manganese to one electron at the second level. Thus, the penetration of the electron on the second level of the manganese atom shows no normal energy of the electron.
It is thus natural to assume that the electron left the atom emitter from its resonant power spectrum of proton strikes.
In other words, the amplifier turned dynamo (UPT), which has its own source of nuclear energy. It is possible to formulate cold hydrogen-nuclear reactor for fast electrons, which differs from the existing nuclear fast neutron reactors.
Therefore, such a generator fuelled electrolyte as an alternative to forms of fuel could be a serious competitor for all methods to obtain power and energy.

Without commentaries - applications

196070, St. Petersburg,
Moskovsky Ave,
d.161, kv.70
BI Kisseleva

Dear Boris Ivanovich!

    Your proposed method to achieve power, according to what you had stated in the letter, requires careful experimental and theoretical verification.
    Russian Research Center "Kurchatov Institute" does not deal with such problems.


RSC President
"Kurchatov Institute"



    The intensive care unit association Inter-Cardio had tested the preparation "Akvatsit-K" in postoperative patients with infection, instead of antibiotics.
The drug showed high efficacy in the treatment of sepsis, without the complications and side effects.


Professor AB ZORIN

Association of Inter-Cardio
Hospital Sall-Petrier Department Professor GANDZHBAKA
47 Boulevard Opital
75651 Paris index 13 - FRANCE

President Ave KABROL
Gen., Secretary etc. TOMA
Treasurer Ave PAVI

Association of Inter-Cardio

Hospital 'COVER
11 Grand Ave, 65, VO
St. Petersburg 199026 - Russia

President Ave ZORIN A.
Gen.. Secretary T. et al BAGRINSKAYA
Treasurer Dr. A. SHATALOV


     In Pokrov Hospital of St. Petersburg and the Institute of Physiology. Pavlov, a study on the impact of intact-structured isotopic solution of sodium chloride (Akvatsit-K) for the biological experiment and clinical (cardiovascular disease, ischemic heart disease and hypertension).
The experiment was conducted in vitro on the blood of animals (IP 14) to determine the SA-binding capacity of the membranes of platelets using KHTTS, fluorescent probe for spectrofluorometer.
In addition, a study on the blood of animals (№ 15) the impact of the preparation "Akvatsit-K" for hydroperoxide oxidation of blood lipids and given the comparative evaluation of the impact with the impact of MSS-blood for the same parameter.
Result: Reduction of fluorescence of platelets in the experimental group was an average of 32,4% ± 0,6%, in the control group - a decrease by an average of 15,1% ± 0,27%, that in 2,1 times less than in experimental group. The observed statistically significant effect of increasing calcium in the outer membrane as compared with the control group, which is likely to reduce the ability of platelet aggregation after exposure to the preparation "Akvatsit-K", ie reduced aggressiveness of platelets.
Result of hydroperoxide oxidation of lipids in blood plasma showed a decrease in average, 0,61 ± 0,03 to 1 ml of blood (control group). Thus, the statistically significant effect of reduction in the hydroperoxide oxidation of lipids with working of the plasma of the blood in vitro by the preparation of "Akvatsit-K" is a favorable factor for the stabilization of cell membranes, damage by the activation process of peroxide oxidation of lipids.
With MSS, there is increase in blood lipid peroxidation, which is a destabilizing factor for the "normal" functioning of cell membranes.
Studies conducted in vitro, showed good progress under the influence of "Akvatsit-K" in a state of cellular membranes, reducing the extent of lipid peroxidation, "aggressiveness" of platelets. One can assume that the changes observed in the smooth muscle cells (SMC) vascular wall, which in its SA-homeostasis resembles platelets: changes in concentration in the sagas + MMC vessels occurs by the same laws and mechanisms.

Clinical part
We examined 27 male patients aged 20 to 62 years. The majority of patients were persons of working age (avg. age 48 years). The main diagnoses: ischemic heart disease and / or hypertension. Angina with CHD corresponded to I-II functional class, hypertension of WHO classification in line with I-II stage.
The heavier group of patients consisted of 5 persons (transferred infarction with the postmyocardial infarction angina II- III functional class).
All the patients in the group were treated with traditional therapy treatment and a course of "Akvatsit-K". The course consisted of intravenous drip of 15 ml ampoules of "Akvatsit-K", dissolved in 150ml of isotonic solution of sodium chloride over 7-10 course of injections daily. No cases was reported of clinical deterioration in the current disease or poor tolerance of procedure. In patients with normal blood pressure, "Akvatsit-K" did not affect its value, while in patients with elevated systolic blood pressure, value fell by an average of 15 ± 5 mm and the diastolic by 7 ± 7 mm and remained stable until patient was discharged. Influence of "Akvatsit-K" for the frequency of attacks of angina pectoris was assessed only on the group of severe patients (5 men) with angina strain II-III functional class. There was a significant reduction of attacks of angina at rest, the easier halting of the stenocardia attacks, a sharp (5 times) reduction in the number of nitroglycerin tablets to halt attacks during the day, all patients managed to reduce the dose of designated nitrate's prolonged action of beta blocker and calcium antagonists.
Objective criterion for the improvement of the patients served as a test of dynamic studies of tolerance to physical activity by veloergometry before and after the course "Akvatsit-K". Initial power of 75 Watts. Every 3 min. load increased by 25 Watts. In the overwhelming number of cases, the load terminates upon attainment of heart rate 150 beats / min. Improving the well-being was noted in 16 out of 20 patients. OBJECTIVE: To reduce systolic blood pressure at rest and at the end of the load at 20 mm and an increase in the height of the load is not less than one degree (25 W), decrease signs of coronary insufficiency at the end of the load is not less than 1 mm. ST segment depression per kg. It is essential that 6 out of 7 patients on background therapy were minimal objective signs of improvement only on this type of treatment. In addition, the improved haemodynamics (increase in heart rate, blood pressure, rate of spending reserves myocardium under load). A study of influence of "Akvatsit-K" for blood coagulation system, as well as indicators of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism (cholesterol, sugar). Patients did not receive anticoagulants of direct and indirect actions. After the end of the treatment time recalcification of plasma extended the average for the group from 162 ± 11,6 sec. to 235 - 139 sec. It decreased the value of thromboplastin-Thrombin Activity with 94,5 ± 1,7 mg% to 238,5 ± 13,6 mg% (p <0.02), the value of prothrombin index decreased from 91,9 ± 1,7% to 79 , 9 ± 1,9 (p <0.01). Distinct tendency to the content of fibrinogen in the blood from 274,8 ± 3,5 mg% to 238,5 ± 13,6 mg%, and activation of fibrinolysis, lysis time of clots decreased from 314,7 ± 17,2 min. up to 277,2 ± 13,9 min. Critical reduction in size of prothrombin index and no prolong time in recalcification were noted. Fluctuations in prothrombin activity before treatment -108-76%, after treatment 100-63% (from 27 patients, reduced to 63% were from 3 patients).

Table 6 provides comparative data of "Akvatsit-K" for the severe group of patients (5) and blood.
No side effects of the preparation "Akvatsit-K" was found. Observation of clinical application of the patent, see IIS-RT № 17-4, 2000 - Kiselev BI Adaptive method of treatment (an artificial source of bio-field in medicine).    В таблице 6 приведены сравнительные данные воздействия "Аквацита-К" на группу тяжелых больных (5 человек) и крови.
Никаких побочных действий препарата "Аквацит-К" не обнаружено.    Опыт клинического применения патента см. МИС-РТ №17-4, 2000 г. - Киселев Б. И. Метод адаптивного лечения (искусственный источник биополя в медицине).

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