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The method of adaptive treatment. Artificial source bio medicine

Boris Ivanovic Kiselev
the Director-General AOZT 1990-1997
tel.+7 (812) 387-4801, mob. +7-905-213-66-30, St. Petersburg, Russia 196070, Moskovsky Prospekt, Build 161, Room 70,

The article, in a very short and concise way, describes the major discovery of great importance to human civilization, for the first time it is proved that the so-called "bio" is not the prerogative of living objects. This discovery provides, firstly, a complete theory of the fundamental fields, secondly, to take a fresh look at the origin of life on earth and, finally, thirdly, a new direction in medicine, is fundamentally different from all known and allow for the two main principles of treatment;

  • harmles;.
  • treat the patient, not the disease.
shown to a new method based on the eight-practice patients a wide range of diseases.

St. Petersburg city 1993-1997 ISSUE 1

Say immediately : it further goes on regular panacea, and will be shown one possibility - a new approach to patient management.

Purpose of this study is on the one hand, the formulation of the new directions in alternative medicine, in which treatment of the patient is fundamentally different from all known methods of eastern European or mainstream medicine, and the other is to show practical achievements in the proposed area for treatment in the last eight years.

The basis for this new direction and establishes the following assumptions :

  1. diagnosis and treatment choices priority (with several diseases) should be made by the patient's body;
  2. according to their reserves resistance, the body shall mobilize the patient choices and creating their own funds to deal with a disease;
  3. command key, in which the body begins to work this way, should be a matter to a neutral body itself.

Easy to suggest that the implementation of these assumptions can :

  1. any possible medical errors, but also be able to treat diseases such that the early stages are not diagnosed, such as IBS;
  2. the possibility of complications and side effects, and the complete absence of contraindications;
  3. change the role of the attending physician.

Obviously, the medical institute's approach to treatment is not to teach. Therefore, asking for the opinion of modern medical technique, even with higher ranking doctors is useless.
Technology to the key had been tested in Pokrovskaya Hospital C - Petersburg, from which the author received a certificate in 1990. The principle of this technology was handling the electromagnetic field vials isotonic sodium chloride solution method intact. In other words, the chemical composition of the solution in the processing has not been changed. The following experiments were conducted at the outset IN VITRO to ensure objectivity, then at the Institute of Animal Physiology of Pavlova.

Photographs were produced using Kirlian photography, aura images of drops of fresh blood conventional arrive, and arrive, processed image technique (see photo No.1-3).


Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3

On the right plain broth, in the middle-treated, and the left-Aura drops of fresh blood. From comparison of images clear that the aura of processed box "dead" arrive the same aura living blood.

This is the first time shown that the method can artificially and physically force an inanimate object (water) for a limited time, a media bio. In other words, created an artificial source of bio (IIBP), as opposed to natural-life source.

In the early twentieth century, Academician Vernadsky V. I. has the idea of a global theory, which would have unified laws to animate and inanimate nature. This is the future of the unity of live and dead he called “noosphere”. In theory, no par. It is expected that it will be the most important theory of civilization on Earth. Currently, a critical step in establishing the theory of undefined methodological framework for future theory, and viable paradigm for developing systems. In this paradigm contains the basic requirements for any viable and growing system in animate and inanimate nature and the systems that characterize the viability of all civilization on Earth. This law is far from par, but the conditions laid down in the paradigm must enter in theory “noosphere”.

One theory is Fundamental Fields (TFP), the foundation of the theory of soils, a paradigm based on a viable and developing systems. Average combines all forms of interaction in the matter : the strong, weak, electromagnetic and gravitational - the main concept of TFP-laminate space. All the contradictions within existing disparate theories Spacetime time substance, and among addressed through TFP. However, the current hypothesis in biology, biophysics, and the hypothesis of the bio, ie special fields supposedly inherent only living system, a barrier between the known fields in biophysics and this particular field of living systems. We show that in fact there is no such barrier.
In this work, experimentally it has shown that the special effects of water or aqueous solutions known in physics fields, in the water or in aqueous solution, and there may exist some time secondary stimulated radiation in connection with the collapse of large water clusters with small numbers game small (electrically active) clusters with large numbers game. These small dipole, chaotically moving, a very low radiation of Incoherent chaotic spatial polarization. Since water is a major component of living systems, it is what field biologists called bio.

Random clusters of water in a living system comes from the special internal chemical mechanism changes (in a person that ATF) clusters. If this mechanism did not exist, the cells would not be able to assimilate micro-clustered water. Thus, stimulated emission of living systems (bio) is certainly a necessary accompaniment of the metabolism of cells of these systems, ie making large clusters of small external water.

On the magnetic radiospectrometer RE-1306, working Effect paramagnetic resonance with hydrophilic probes measured changes in the rotational mobility of ions in the cell water, as compared to natural water. Owners resonance lies in the range of 15-25 Hz. And the probe shows the rotational mikrovyazkosti decrease by 20-30%. As the frequency of the radiation is very low, and a living object is small compared to the wavelength of radiation, the actual field measurements near the site is always in short zone. Thus, the living organism as the laser is the sum of noncoherent point emitters with chaotic in a very low polarization range. Thus, it can be an important conclusion, namely : bio measuring devices must be physically in a multi-anechoic chamber for the suppression of external interference in the very low range of 120 dB. Such cells, in the author's opinion, in the territory of Russia is not. This is a very expensive camera. It should now understand. With measurements must be conducted by an electric dipole, and with high sensitivity magnetic antennas, ie parametric antennas with lasers, which can provide high sensitivity measurements.

Another problem, which is transport, water molecules are resonant absorbent of proteins. Dipole number is in the tens of thousands-tens, and the natural water these numbers are mainly based on the number of Debye. Thus, mono-structurized water molecules is essential for effective synthesis and protein breakdown.
To determine the impact of protein, a biological experiment on the effectiveness of the drug on blood cells IN VITRO. This two similar tubes filled the same number of the same blood. Then one of them introduced normal arrive at 1 / 15 of the blood, and another at the same level arrive treated field. Of the two bottles sampled at the electron microscope. After exposure to images submitted (photo No. 4-5).

Photo 4 Photo 5

On the left image visible blood cells with proteins conglomerate, and the right-treated cells of the protein.

Photo 6 Photo 7 Photo 8 Photo 9

Photo No. 6-9 shows the effects on the blood cells of the same blood IN VITRO various fields of the above methods. Photo No. 6-picture baseline erythrocyte (seen large blocks of waxy erythrocyte). At photo No. 7 after exposure to copyright methodology (see disintegration of large blocks into smaller). Pic No. 8-effects of ultraviolet radiation (visible disintegration of larger units than the photo No. 7). Photo No. 9-effects on erythrocyte (still large blocks, within which is scheduled to break small). Thus, you can make two important conclusions :
• objectively proved that the effect on blood broth, this is the electromagnetic field, there really was;
• effects on erythrocyte fields of copyright way more favourable than in other fields.

Impact on Plant (photo No. 10 : Left-treated water on the news. how, right-normal). The impact on the bread (photo No. 11) (a week) : right-treated water on copyright technique left-usual.

Photo 10 Photo 11

Check impact of the animals arrive at conducted to verify the absence of a negative effect on the kidneys and liver.
After such checks in the cardiology division Pokrovskaya Hospital on 30 IBS patients were treated in the drug compared with a control group. Treatment proposed method has significant advantages over UFO blood and other traditional methods. In preparation cardiac surgery intensive care department applied for the septic endocarditis, when antibiotics did not work. It also found that the drug was triggered automatically as gipokoagulyant and how giperkoagulyant and as analgetik.
The same "product", also with a double placebo was tested at the Department of Infectious Diseases GIDUV in treating hepatitis B and AIDS. The result was positive and published in the Medical Gazette (No. 19, 1993). Comparison with azidotimedinom AIDS treatment showed a significant advantage copyright method. One of the patients monitored so far, and he periodically receives treatment (from 1991). The result is shown on the chart :

Zashtrihovannoy area on the chart marked points of treatment. In December 1991 T4 lymphocytes were measuring 300, in September 1996 T4 lymphocytes reached 1026.
The Department Pediatric Gastroenterology GIDUVa treated group of children with various diseases, including goiter and golden Staphylococcus. A report the department. After treatment was positive.
Also been treating compression fractures and scoliosis (stages 1-2) in children aged 12 to 14 years (16). Output 2 -3 positive course of treatment-recovery (time-treatment of four months to a year). Confirmed rentgenologicheski and photographs (Photo No. 12-13). Recovery Time-2 months.

Photo 12 (before) Photo 13 (after)
Photo 14 (before) Photo 15 (after)

There is also a full recovery with the restoration of eosinophilic granuloma vertebrae in the spine and Kyummelya disease.
There are some observations on healing polycystosis ovaries, uterus myoma, welding pipes, eczema and neyrodermita, trophic ulcers, parapraktita, Hiss and burns. Quickly and with sustained remission kupiruetsya Hypertensive Stroke. There had been cured diffuse kistozno- slipchivogo Arachnoiditis Medio basal localization. As observed in the treatment of breast tumors overlaid pack, it can be concluded that the man found a source of bio anticancer funds directly.

Before Treatment After Treament

Comparing left photos tumors before and after treatment showed that the tumor disintegrated into two parts and has been considerably reduced. The photographs show the germination of living tissue in the tumor. The experience of breast cancer treatment in outpatient settings said that in the early stages, but already proposed knife surgery, IIBP can eliminate tumors. In a hospital in the intensive care unit was eliminated digestive tumor, the patient aged 74 years. It never seen any side effects or complications.

Photo 16 (before) Photo 17 (after)

Photo No. 16-17 demonstrated by the treatment of fatty oily skin (youth acne). Results obtained 4 months. Treatment proved hypothesis author of the new opportunities the new directions in alternative medicine. Thus, IIBP can be characterized as polisistemny tsitoprotektivny adaptogencorrector homeostasis. The technical name IIBP AKVATSIT--K (cell KISELEVA water).
Studies make important statements :

  1. the proposed method can cure any disease without laboratory tests on animals;
  2. new directions in alternative medicine actually has principles "do no harm" and "must treat the patient, not the disease";
  3. the doctor is actually researcher processes in body homeostasis Copy, which allows more correct to use other means of treatment in case of their own resistance forces is not enough;
  4. IIBP bioenergy can make in science;
  5. IIBP to better understand and explore the emergence of life on Earth;
  6. IIBP use in biological sciences and biotechnology could provide new results that are unattainable by other methods;
  7. IIBP is extremely cheap and environmentally friendly production of patients a wide range of diseases;
  8. public medicine unprofitable use this tool, as there is no need to require huge funding from the state for drugs abroad, receiving "commissions" person of companies.
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