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"IIS-RT"-1999. Collection №14.

All - Russian conference "Methods and means of sterilization and disinfecting in medicine" (1994).

Theses of reports 20 - 22 December 1994.
Redactor Bahir V.M.
( in Russian)
  1. Practical application of an anolyte obtained on devices such as "Espero", for preventive measures, decontamination and disinfection of drinking water, different objects and feed yields from actuators of a choleraic infection. - S.A. Alohin, D.S. Gitelman, I.B. Ostrovski, R.H. Halmetov.
  2. Application of electroactivated solutions for treatment of the patients by a prostate adenoma and stimulations of sex activity. - S.A. Alohin, A.A. Zilbershtein, Y.V. Sheremet.
  3. Clinical application of electroactivated aqueous solutions at treatment of a pus-inflammatory pathology. - D.S. Gitelman, E.T. Rustamov. Application of electroactivated solutions for treatment chronic tonsillitis at the pregnant women. - D.S. Gitelman, I.N. Norbaeva, R.H. Halmetov.
  4. Application of electroactivated solutions at treatment sharp herpes stomatitis at children. - U.J. Jumatov, D.S. Gitelman, R.H. Halmetov.
  5. Experimental researches about influence of an electroactivated solution - catholyte on functional status of a liver. - D.S. Gitelman, R.H. Halmetov.
  6. Research of influence of an electroactivated solution of a catholyte on the immune answer and hemopoiesis at sublethal irradiated mice. - D.S. Gitelman, E.R. Zbrijer.
  7. Application of electroactivated aqueous solutions of a different micropartial composition in therapy of the patient by intestine chronic diseases. - D.S. Gitelman.
  8. The concept of electrochemical removal of heavy metal ions from drinking water in USA, criterion of the laboratory check, comparison with efficiency of devices "EMERALD". - S.A. Panicheva, V.I. Prilutski.
  9. Magnetic handling of drinking water and gatherings of medicinal plants with using of devices "AKVAMAG". - V.I. Shulatikov, I.U. Merkulova, G.V. Tsiplakova.
  10. Perspective of application of an antiseptic solution - anolyte neutral, for enclosed treatment purulent processes by a method of an active washing. - V.I. Prilutski.
  11. Electrochemical activation: an orb of medical - technical application. - V.I. Prilutski, Y.G. Zadorojni.
  12. Electrochemical devices STEL: operating performances, application in medicine. - V.I. Prilutski, Y.G. Zadorojni.
  13. Application of ECA - SOLUTIONS obtained on device STEL-МТ-1М for preventive measures and treatment wound fevers. - N.V. Loktionova, A.I. Kaveshnikov, V.M. Melnikova, G.G. Okropiridze.
  14. About a limiting mineralization of electrochemically activated water. - O.I. Suhova, S.A. Panicheva.
  15. Observation of the patients using in the medical purposes an anolyte neutral and a catholyte alkaline, synthesized by device STEL 1-35-01. - A.P. Polachenko.
  16. Scientific achievements and perspective of application of electrochemically activated mediums in veterinary medicines. - A.A. Zakomirdin.
  17. Application of devices STEL in animal industries for deriving detergent and disinfectant resorts. - A.A. Zakomirdin, Y.G. Zadorojni, V.P. Nelubin, N.E. Vanner.
  18. Sharp and chronic toxicity of electroactivated solutions of Sodium chloridum. - N.E. Vanner , F.F. Skvortcov, A.A. Zakomirdin.
  19. To definition of concept of electrochemical activation. - Y.G. Zadorojni.
  20. Efficiency of handling of hatchery air medium by electroactivated water. - N.V. Larivoshina, S.I. Spirina, O.V. Bogatova.
  21. Using of an anolyte for air disinfection in incubation cases. - S.I. Spirina, N.V. Larivoshina.
  22. Preincubation handling of duck's eggs by electroactivated water. - V.I. Filonenko, S.I. Spirina, U.T. Zinovina, V.A. Oficerov, O.V. Bogatova.
  23. Anolyte for poultry yards disinfection. - V.I. Filonenko, S.I. Spirina, V.G. Shol, O.V. Bogatova.
  24. Efficiency of carcasses handling by electroactivated water. - S.I. Spirina, V.G. Shol, V.A. Oficerov, O.V. Bogatova.
  25. Cathode activation of water refined for a haemodialysis, and possible strategies of usages of the electrochemical device "BAZEX" in clinical conditions. - V.I. Prilutski.
  26. Results of clinical approbation electrochemically activated water (ECA) obtained on device "Emerald - M" for preparation biologically active liquid (BAL). - V.D. Shishkin, R.P. Sharashenidze, P.I. Safoshkin.
  27. Antimicrobial properties of an neutral anolyte, obtained on device STEL. - R.H. Halmetov, M.T. Tahirov, A.H. Kasimov, L.G. Bagenov, L.A. Savitskaya.
  28. Perspectives of application of devices STEL for struggle with a pandemic of a cholera in scale of regions. - V.I. Ibragimov.
  29. Handling of the surgeon hands by electrochemically activated aqueous solutions and the microbiological check of a method efficiency. -
    O.A. Zarezaev, T.K. Korneva, S.A. Panicheva.
  30. Development of antiseptic gels on base of electrochemically activated solutions. - O.A. Zarezaev, A.A. Kochetkova, S.A. Panicheva.
  31. Electrochemical homopolar water handling as a method of guidance of germicides activity. - S.A. Panicheva.
  32. Some perspectives of using of secondary apple rinds. - L.G. Ipatova, E.A. Beteva, A.A. Kochetkova, N.G. Starodubova.
  33. Treatment of udder illnesses of the cows by a neutral anolyte obtained in device STEL-МТ-2-60. - S.A. Panicheva.
  34. Experience of a neutral anolyte using for unclosed pools water handling (Las Vegas, Pieces. Nevada, USA). - D. Vineyard, S.A. Panicheva.
  35. Use of a neutral anolyte in systems of reverse frigorific water supply ( Cooling Tower). - D. Vineyard, S.A. Panicheva.
  36. Correction of a rats thick intestine microbecenosis with the help of electroactivated aqueous solution - anolyte. - D.S. Gitelman, I.E. Norbaeva.
  37. Clinical efficiency of application of an electroactivated solution - catholyte in complex treatment of the patients by a chronic bronchitis. - S.A. Alohin, D.S. Gitelman, F.T. Ariphodjaeva.
  38. Experimental research of electroactivated aqueous solutions influence on the immune answer at intraperitoneal and peroral introduction. - E.R. Zbrijer, D.S. Gitelman, L.E. Gurevich.
  39. Experience of application of ECA - SOLUTIONS obtained on device "STEL" in complex treatment seborrheas of a head pilar part. - E.I. Shac, M.Y. Yushin.
  40. Experience of using of ECA - SOLUTIONS in complex treatment neurotrophic complications at the patients by a lepra. - A.A. Yushenko, E.I. Shac, M.Y. Yushin.
  41. Dynamic of exponents рН and redox potential of a catholyte obtained on device STEL-1-35-01, during a storage at different levels of a mineralization. - T.V. Pleshakova, V.I. Prilutski.
  42. To a problem of water preparation for devices STEL. - T.L. Cherkasova, N.V. Stahanova.
  43. Application of electrochemically activated solutions in washing technology of a wool. - T.L. Cherkasova, O.V. Cherkasova.
  44. Using of electrochemically activated solutions synthesized in devices STEL, for a washing and sterilization of the process equipment in manufacture medicinal agents and biologically active additives for a food-processing industry. - A.Y. Popov, S.A. Panicheva.
  45. Clearing and disinfection of pool's water. - B.P. Finogenov, A.F. Zabrev, A.Y. Popov, S.A. Panicheva.
  46. Evaluation of germicidal properties of an anolyte at adding anticorrosive substances. - L.I. Arefeva, L.V. Aristovskaya, L.G. Panteleeva.
  47. Comparative evaluation of antimicrobial activity of electrochemically activated solutions, gained in devices such as "STEL"; a neutral anolyte of the first and second type. O.I. Suhova, S.V. Polikarpova.
  48. Study of electrochemically activated solutions action (neutral anolyte, catholyte) on elastomer compositions used in manufacture of medical assignings workpieces. - O.I. Suhova, G.K. Melnikova.
  49. Research of an opportunity of the anticorrosive additives application in electrochemically activated solutions. - O.I. Suhova, S.A. Panicheva, L.V. Aristovskaya, T.V. Pleshakova, T.P. Pavlova.
  50. Structure and physicochemical activity electrochemically activated aqueous solutions. - V.M. Bahir.
  51. Using of activated water in manufacture of an apple-pectin intermediate product. - N.I. Shishina, E.S. Gorinkov.
  52. Germicidal properties of activated fluids. - L.A. Rusanova, I. Nematullaev, N.N. Nesterova, N.E. Posokina.
  53. Application of electroactivated solutions at treatment of dermatoses. - O.A. Mashkov, N.Y. Vasileva, S.O. Mashkov.
  54. Improving of functional properties of materials and workpieces of medical assigning after handlings them by electrochemically activated solutions obtained on devices such as STEL. - S.Ya. Lanina, S.A. Panicheva.
  55. Modernizing of devices for drinking water clearing. - Y.M. Kolbin.
  56. Application electrochemically activated water in manufacture of a brick, cement and porcelain - faience workpieces. - Y.M. Kolbin, V.I. Galchenko, G.M. Zabolotnikov.
  57. Combined application of medical-tonic creams "EKOELL-A" and "EKOELL-K". - A. Shpat.
  58. Influence of the factors of electrochemical handling of water mediums to mobility cell-like test-object. - V.I. Prilutski, R.I. Kayumov, A.P. Eskov.
  59. Bioelectroactivator "ESPERO-10". - S.A. Alohin, N.A. Pirogovski.
  60. Bioelectroactivator "ESPERO -6". - S.A. Alohin, L.E. Gurevich.
  61. Technique and technology of electrochemical synthesis detergent, disinfectant and sterilizing solutions. - V.M. Bahir.
  62. Giving to drink of the meat hens of parent herd by electroactivated water. - V.I. Filonenko, V.G. Shol, O.V. Bogatova.
  63. Influence of a unsoldering of an anolyte on bacterial infection of an eggs shell surface. - V.I. Filonenko, O.V. Bogatova, S.I. Spirina.
  64. Modes of giving to drink of the parent herd meat hens. - V.I. Filonenko, V.G. Shol, O.V. Bogatova.
  65. Giving to drink of the meat hens chickens by electroactivated water. - V.G. Shol, O.V. Bogatova, S.I. Spirina.
  66. Influence EAW on hematological exponents of a chickens blood. - O.V. Bogatova.
  67. Using of nutritious substances of a forage at giving to drink of broilers by electroactivated water. - O.V. Bogatova.
  68. Study of influence of electroactivated water on mastering of vitamins at giving to drink of broilers. - O.V. Bogatova.
  69. Modes of giving to drink of broilers. - V.I. Filonenko, O.V. Bogatova, S.I. Spirina, V.M. Bahir.
  70. Experience of application of the device STEL-1-35-01 in surgical separating of 6-th Lugansk hospital. - N.V. Babtsova, I.F. Komarov.
  71. Observation for using of system "EMERALD". - V.V. Demidov.
  72. Stability of the man blood erythrocytes at activity of electrochemically activated mediums (ECA). - V.I. Prilutski.
  73. About possible natural redox-activation of spring waters (on an example of researching of spring water "Kurkino". - B.I. Chistov, V.I. Prilutski.
  74. Researching of anticholeraic activity of an anolyte obtained on devices such as "Espero". - S.A. Alohin, D.S. Hitelman, I.B. Ostrovski.
  75. High-capacity devices for electrochemical activation of sodium chloridums solutions in veterinary medicines. - A.A. Zakomirdin, S.A. Alohin, Y.M. Arsh, N.V. Vanner, V.P. Nelubin.
  76. Application of electroactivated solutions for a washing and disinfection dairy Inventories. - V.D. Yablochkin, A.A. Zakomirdin, L.D. Demidova.
  77. Cleansing of an agricultural bird eggs by electroactivated solutions. - A.A. Zakomirdin, N.E. Vanner, V.P. Nelubin , Y.I. Bochenan, Y.M. Arsh, V.V. Kazakov, A.P. Zaitcev.
  78. Definition of terms "Water" and "Solution" with reference to technology of electrochemical activations. V.M. Bahir.
  79. Electrochemical activation of distilled water. - O.I. Suhova.
  80. Perspective of application of an anolyte neutral for enclosed treatment of purulent processes by method of a active washing and influx-withdrawal drainage. - V.I. Prilutski.
  81. Features of drinking water marketing in Japan and in republic Korea. - S.A. Petrov.
  82. Using of the module "Pearls" for a drinking water disinfection. - V.G. Gablenko, V.B. Polivanov, S.B. Zavyalov, S.A. Panicheva, G.A. Petrushanskaya, A.F. Sazonov.
  83. About some features of a hydrolyze agents select in technology of a pectin concentrates. - T.V. Rodina, O.A. Malchenko, A.A. Kochetkova, S.A. Panicheva.
  84. Application of ECA - SOLUTIONS obtained on devices STEL МТ-1М, at treatment usual and fire wounds. - N.V. Loktionova, V.M. Melnikova, A.N. Shalnev, G.G. Okropiridze, S.A. Panicheva.
  85. Application of concentrates on base of electrochemically activated solutions in manufacture of flour workpieces. - Z.J. Chelidze, L.I. Puchkova, A.A. Kochetkova, L.V. Lazarev, E.V. Tomashevich.
  86. Electroactivated solutions in technology of alimentary emulsions. - A.A.Kochetkova, E.A.Mesyac
  87. Application of electrochemically handled water in beer manufacture
    A.A.Kochetkova, M.V.Gernet
  88. The further development of the theory and practice of application electrochemically activated water-salt solutions in medicine
    G.L.Belikov, V.M.Bahir, G.Ya.Vlasenko, V.M.Melnikova, S.A.Panicheva, O.A.Zarezaev, G.S.Korshunova, L.N.Gadjinskaya, N.P.Kirbasova, N.V.Loktionova, S.V.Malginov, T.K.Korneva.
  89. Disinfection of waste water with application of electrochemically activated (ECA) solutions: results of trials. - V.G. Gablenko, S.B. Zavyalov, V.B. Polivanov, A.F. Sazonov.
  90. Technology of deriving of food dyes with using of an anolyte in a ultrasonic oscillations field. - O.I. Kvasenkov.
  91. Extraction of valuable components from chicory roots by an ECA solvent. - V.A. Lomachinski.