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"IIS-RT"- 2002. Collection № 26-5

Appearance model of production of drinking water
and activated washing, disinfectant and sterilizing solutions (catholyte and anolyte)

Khalyavina I.L., Minakov V.V.,
Shironosov V.G.

Department of physics, medicine and biology
Udmurt State University, Izhevsk
Collection of abstracts of VNKSF-8, Yekaterinburg, 2002, p.608-609

Water purification and production of environmentally-friendly disinfectant liquids is getting more and more important as time goes by. Infectious diseases are more frequent due to low-quality drinking water, and they affect even those regions that did not face such a problem earlier. It happens due to degraded environment conditions, anthropogenic catastrophes and groundwater pollution. Common purification methods are not effective enough in present conditions and quite expensive as well.

Nowadays, we can use not only filtration, sorption and ozonization as methods of water purification, but also electrochemical water activation which has a wide sphere of application. Electrochemical activation can be used not only as a method of water purification of microorganisms, phenols, nitrites, nitrates, heavy metals ions, but also as a method of the following production of high-quality disinfectant (such as anolyte) and washing (such as catholyte) solutions.

Nowadays ZAO ERC "IKAR" produces a multifunctional device "Izumrud-SI". The device is meant for production of water with a predetermined mineral composition and properties and for the following production of washing, disinfectant and sterilizing liquids. "Izumrud-SI" has bactericidal properties, it purifies water up to established standards and eliminates suspensions. Activated solutions (catholyte and neutral anolyte) have marked washing, disinfectant and sterilizing properties. The device shifts water ORP from +420mV up to -55 mV and more. It allows receiving water with predetermined content of Ca++, Mg++, J ions. Cost price of activated drinking water and solutions is ~5-10 kopeck per liter.

We created a special appearance model on the base of multifunctional device "Izumrud-SI" and the technology of electrochemical activation. This appearance model can be used for demonstration of the main mechanisms and methods of production of drinking water and activated solutions (anolyte, catholyte). By means of the model one can study electrochemical activation of water solutions and obtain water with predetermined composition and properties. It is possible to change the hydraulic circuit according to given instructions and then obtain drinking water and activated solutions (anolyte, catholyte) with different parameters.

The activated solutions can be used not only as washing, disinfectant and sterilizing liquids, but also as remedies for prevention and treatment of diseases. Their main advantage is their harmlessness and the fact that they assimilate easily. These solutions are characterized by low content of initial and synthesized substances, and in that respect they are similar to water and are environmentally-friendly.

"Izumrud-SI" (mod.03u) - 2002

"Izumrud-SI" (mod.03u) - 2008, i-si-03_u.htm

The appearance model presents a vertical board to which hydraulic circuit elements and power unit are fixed. For its operation an electrical network (220 V) and water main are needed. Flexible hose connects the model to water main. The model should be placed on the table. The size of the model is 820x420x350 mm. Power consumption is up to 180 W.

The appearance model can be used in universities during lectures and laboratory works on electrochemical activation as well as for new technologies development (in farming, animal husbandry, food and light industries, building, medicine, cosmetology, etc)