SRC "IKAR" - 34 years with you

"IIS-RT"-2008. Collection №42-2

Diagnostic complex "IKAR-TEST" for noncontact monitoring of microorganism development dynamics

Anisimov J.S. (1), Kazankin D.S. (2), Shironosov V.G. (2,3)
(1) Student Construction Department "Resonance"
(2) ESC "RТ", Udmurt State University, Russia, Izhevsk,,
(3) Research center "IKAR", Russia, Izhevsk,,

XX-th all-Russian scientific and technical conference "Biomedicine system - 2007",
December 18 - Ryazan, 2007. рр. 228-229


The product description To date significant number of examples of water solution modifications have been accumulated. Physical characteristics of water (conductivity, dielectric constant, redox potential, surface tension, etc) and chemical activity (variations of speed and even direction of chemical reactions) change as a result of increase of free energy in hydrogen bonds while chemical composition remains the same. This is possible under condition that components of the system remain electron-excited and interact with each other due to constant circulation of energy at their common electronic levels. Being the most cooperative system, water act as a matrix for these interactions.
    The newest hardware and software diagnostic complex "IKAR-TEST" is based on this principle. This device allows to record biochemical processes, as well as stages of development of microbial community without disturbance of hermeticity of the propagator and without contact with cultures of cells.
    The multifunctional complex "IKAR-TEST" in the form of the working prototype is ready for duplication, however several things need to be done: 1) the further accumulation of an empirical material; 2) further research of mechanisms of the phenomenon; 3) development and optimization of the accessories in order to make the production sample.
    The principle of operation of the device comes to recording dynamic processes in water systems and microbial cultures through polymeric walls impervious to fluids and gases (fig. 1).

Fig. 1. The schematic diagram of hardware-software complex "IKAR-TEST"

    Source of a signal can be the diversified chemical and biological processes running in water solutions which generate the factor of modification of water solutions (FMWS). FMWS penetrates through walls of polymeric containers and spread to surrounding medium. The know-how of the project consists in the hypothesis explaining the nature of the factor and the basic patterns of its display; this hypothesis. is quite developed . The elementary detector is a water solution with low concentration of ion generating substances. A water solution can immerse FMWS, accumulate energy up to a detected level and re-radiate it in the form of quanta with high energy (for example radio-frequency or even ultraviolet emission). The primary measuring transformer is double electric stratums (DES) in dissymmetric electrode system. System DES remains in disequilibrium and aspires to reduce proper energy of a surface. Therefore its sensitivity becomes apparent at much lower energy levels of influence, than in case of physical and chemical sensors in equilibrium state. The recording system and system of indication in the form of the prototype is the modified device intended for measuring рН and redox potential (ORP) - pH-150. The prototype needs to be completed and automated, and new sensors should be developed, more specialized and sensitive than a platinum electrode (PE-02) and a silver-chlorine reference electrode (auxiliary laboratory electrode) used at present.
    The innovative potential is high enough for successful embodiment and commercialization of the project. Researches and design efforts are carried out on the basis of the scientific research center "Resonance technologies" (department of the Udmurt State University), where students of various faculties and specialties work at experimental projects of interdisciplinary character developing innovative ideas. Manager of the ESC "RT" is scientific manager of Joint-Stock Company NITS "IКАR" Shironosov V.G. Joint-Stock Company NITS "IКАR" deals with problems of water purifying, electrochemical modification of water environment for more than 16 years. The company was founded by the Russian Academy of Science, it has the international recognition and has been awarded at numerous exhibitions and the congresses ( An innovative infrastructure of the enterprise (science - formation – business) is most effective for embodying the project.     All the necessary equipment is ready for the assembly and embodiment of the first lot of devices by staff and students of UNTS "RТ".

The scientific novelty offered for commercialization of the solutions
    The phenomenon of transmission of FMWS from chemical reactions and biological objects has been recently discovered in the laboratory ESC "RТ". Patent search has not found any devices using similar principles. The present phenomena had been recorded earlier, but biological objects have been used as sensors (instability of indications, labor-intensiveness of recording, etc.), and the other sensors were not sensitive enough. The comprehension of descending processes has allowed to create artificial model of biological detection and to realize it in the form of a sensitive device with significant sphere of application that is not defined yet.
    Competitive advantages Performance of microbiological analysis is a labor-intensive process with the minimal automation and high cost of active storages, this process demands professional training of the staff. These requirements decrease due to the offered device. It allows to reduce the price considerably and to computerize laboratory examinations, to expand a net of hygiene and sanitary laboratories, to enlarge number of analyses due to the methods of screening and express-tests.
    Calculations had shown that economy that can be achieved by introduction of the "IKAR-TEST" will make 42 million 410 thousand roubles annually only in Izhevsk and the Udmurt republic with only 20 % of all realized analyses. Payback period is 1 year. More considerable economic performance can be achieved through increase of analytical work.
    Spheres of application of "IKAR-TEST": 1) technological processes control in industrial chemical and microbiologic synthesis (food stuffs, medicines, fibers, etc.); 2) the sanitary-and-epidemiologic control; 3) clinical diagnostics - cheap screening and express methods of laboratory medical analysis and research.