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"MIS-RT "- 2022. Collection №82-4.

*Klimov-Zatelepin Webinars

Autumn-Winter Session, 2022  

  1. The study of LENR in a backward-vortex plasma energy generator PEG-2. * - Belov N.K., Klimov A.I., Marin M.Yu. nvt ite ch @g mail .co m General manager LLC "New high technologies and innovations", Solovyov A.M.
  2. Hydrocarbons and LENR. The possibility of creating a highly efficient HCE reactor. * - Speaker: Anatoly Ivanovich Klimov, Ph.D., kl imov .anatol y@gmail .co m
  3. Resonant incoherent scattering of gamma radiation in the vicinity of an electric discharge. Baranov D.S., Zatelepin V.N. * - theses, * - report: Candidate of Technical Sciences Valery Nikolaevich Zatelepin, zvn0 7@ya ndex .ru
  4. Regularities of statistical analysis of data recording the intensity of the radioactive decay process exposed to external influences of nonelectromagnetic nature. * - theses, * - report: Candidate of Technical Sciences Karavaykin Alexander Viktorovich, Engineer, Head of the Laboratory. Vega Nonelectromagnetic Cybernetics (Moscow Region), kar ava ykin @mail .ru
  5. In the final webinar, let's recall the original ideas that were discussed in 2022.
    The following speakers in short speeches will recall the main idea of their speeches in 2022:
    - Klimov A.I. "Highly efficient nuclear reactor", * ;
    - Parkhomov A.G. "Nuclear transmutations and incandescent lamps", * , * ;
    - Vysikailo F.I. "Cumulative ideas in nuclear and particle physics", * , * ;
    - Urutskoev L.I. "Collective phenomena in LENR", * ;
    - Chistolinov A.V. "Ball lightning and strange radiation", * ;
    - Zaitsev F.S. "Emission of neutron-like objects in a TNLT installation", * , brochure , book ;
    - Zatelepin V.N. "Incoherent scattering of gamma radiation in LENR", * , * .