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"MIS-RT "- 2021. Collection №78-1.

The 4th All-Russian Conference
"Physics of aqueous solutions"

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Favourites - 2021

  1. Water may participate in the formation of proton wires in DNA grooves. Elena Naumova and Max Rempel. m ax @dn ares ona nce .org , * , *video - 21.12.21.
  2. The mechanism of "water activation". Water phases at room conditions. Yakhno T., Yakhno V. yakh ta13 @g ma il .com , yakhno @ap pl .s ci-nnov .ru , * , *video - 20-22.12.21.
  3. Bicarbonate aqueous solutions in a stable nonequilibrium state are the prototype of living systems. Voeykov, E. Buravleva, K. Novikov, O. Yablonskaya. v 10902 8v1 @yan de , * - report, * - theses, *video - 22.12.21, 1:31:32-1:55:00
  4. Cavitation increases the ratio of ortho/para-H2O isomers in water and reduces its viscosity. S.M. Pershin, A.M. Prokhorov Institute of General Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 119991, 38 Vavilova Street, Moscow. pershin @ka pe ll a.gpi .r u , * - report, * - theses, *video - 22.12.21, 3:32:40-3:59:00.
    S.M. Pershin...Water Enrichment by H2O ortho-Isomer Four-Photon and NMR Spectroscopy. ISSN 1054-660X, Laser Physics, 2009, Vol. 19, No. 3, pp. 410–413.
  5. The Fourth Phase of Water A Centrak Role in Nature. Gerald H. Pollack, PhD Professor University of Washington Seattle. ghp @u .was hingt on.ed u , * , *video - 20-22.12.21.
  6. On the Nature of some Peculiar Nonlinear Water Effects Observed in Human Red Blood Cells. In memory of Erwin Schroedinger and his book "What is Life?". A question he asked as quantum phhysicist 100 years ago. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. (em.) Gerhard M. Artmann. Center of Competence in Bioengineering Biophysics Aachen, Campus Juelich, Germany. a rtmann mg @gma il .co m , * , *video - 20-22.12.21.
  7. Is water a deterministic chaos or an oversensitive receiver? Drozdov A.V. Institute of Analytical Instrumentation of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg. d a@bi ophys .ru , * - report, * - theses, *video - 20.12.21, 5:19:55-5:42:08.