SRC "IKAR" - 34 years with you

"MIS-RT "- 2021. Collection №77-1.

*Klimov-Zatelepin Webinars

Autumn-Winter Session, 2021  

  1. Overview of the main works ICCF-23. 22.09.21.
    * Speakers: Klimov A.I. Parkhomov

  2. Neutrinos as the trivial wave solutions of the Maxwell equation, and their connection to nuclear transmutations. 29.09.21.
    * Andras Kovacs.

    Andras Kovac's previous speech at the webinar on February 24, 2021 was called «Maxwell’sequations and Occam’srazor.» you can look at the link.
  3. Review of the work of the 14th International Workshop on Anomalies in Flooded Metals ( IWAHLM - 14), August 29th – September 1, 2021, Assisi, Italy. 06.10.21.
    * Speakers: Klimov A.I. An overview of some of the workshop's works. Parkhomov A.G. Direct conversion of LENR into electricity. Zatelepin V.N. An overview of some of the workshop's works.

  4. Direct production of electricity in palladium and iron films in a hydrogen atmosphere. 20.10.21.
    * Professor Jean-Paul Biberman, , University of Aix-Marseille, France

  5. Once again, about the direct production of electricity in LENR experiments. 27.10.21.
    * S.M. Godin (Speaker) - "Intes" LLC , V.A. Kudryashov - "Intes" LLC

  6. The crystal model of the atomic structure. 10.11.21.
    * Bogomolov S.A. makes a report on The book - G.D. Chukina - ,

  7. The use of energetically active metals and hydrogen. 17.11.21.
    * V.S. Tereshchuk S.N.S. IMASH RAS, Candidate of Technical Sciences
    * V.S. Tereshchuk. The use of energetically active metals and hydrogen. 2nd ed., ispr. and add. M. Innovative mechanical engineering, 2021. 218 p.: ill.
  8. Experimental studies on the physics of heterogeneous plasmoids created in a plasma vortex reactor. 24.11.21.
    * Klimov A.I. , D.F.-M.N.

    *Video 1 part 24.11.21.
    *Video 2 part 24.11.21.
  9. Nuclear reactions at low energies. Attempts at explanations. Preliminary results of recent experiments. 01.12.21.
    * Corresponding member. RAEN Pakhomov A.G.

  10. LENR in a Can Near instant transmutation of Tungsten using Ohmasa Gas. 08.12.21.
    * Bob W. Greenyer B. Eng. (Hons.) Director – Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project

  11. Demonstration by A.Rossi on December 9, 2021 of EcatSKLep and Ecat Skilled electric generators. 15.12.21.
    * Speeches: Klimov A.I., Parkhomov A.G., Tsvetkov S.A., Uzikov, Zatelepin V.N.

  12. Assessment of the biological effect of factors associated with high-current explosion of conductors in a vacuum (according to the work of Pryakhina E.A., Urutskoeva L.I.). 22.12.21. Abstracts - * . Report - * . Speech by E.A. Pryakhin (Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Head. Experimental Department of the Ural Scientific and Practical Center for Radiation Medicine). Report - * . Speech by V.A. Chizhov. О the penetrating ability of "strange" radiation and protection against it.
    *video- 22.12.21.