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The universal automated device (mini-factory) is designed to obtain the highest quality activated preparation liquids:

Device provides:

  • additional purification of water from all types of chemical, bacterial, organic contaminants to the requirements of SanPiN;
  • effective disinfection of water, even if it is contaminated;
  • correction of the ionic composition of mineral elements in water (Са2+, Mg2+, К+,I-, Se…);
  • antioxidant properties of water;
  • automatic control of the operation of all basic elements;
  • electrochemical synthesis of activated solutions (AM-RNT) with a given composition and properties - ANK, anolyte and catholyte of the highest quality.

The device is equipped with a built-in controller, display, flow sensors with a two-level display system - monitoring the operation of systems: osmosis (purification), activation (ionization), mineralization.


  • Productivity for activated solutions with a given composition and properties (anolyte, catholyte, drinking water, aqueous solutions), l/day, 2000;
  • Range of regulation of concentration of oxidants in anolyte, mg/l, 200…500;
  • Change in ORP for drinking water (ORP), mV, -300…-450;
  • Supply voltage, V, 220;
  • Frequency Hz, 50;
  • Maximum consumed electric power, W, 2000;
  • Net weight (without water), kg, 57;
  • Dimensions (L*B*H assembled), mm 420*440*420;
  • Service life, years, 5

More detailed information: Info, Video, GRNT, Global Resonance Non-linear Technology for Water.

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  8. P.S. At present, in different countries, encouraging results have been obtained from the use of activated solutions in various fields - industry, medicine, biotechnology. Including - with covid - Collection №73.

Translated by Shironosova O.E.
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