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Crisis of technologies, societies, ecologies and how they can leave it

(newspaper "Notifications of Udmurt Republic" from 23 july 1994).

University of Longevity
"Proceedings of the Udmurt Republic", 23rd July 1994
(Cap. are members of AO SRC IKAR)

Man - a speck of nature, rather than her crown and the life they have between them are closely linked. According to the Bible, when God began the creation of the world, He first created the Earth, then water and air, then plants and animals and His final creation - man.

The very same people enjoys the fruits of nature and without feeling the pangs of conscience methodically destroys nature: firstly the animals, the cuts down forests, polluting rivers and oceans, then poisoned the air, excavated earth and finally began its final stage - slips out of his soul and God was busy with self-liquidation. And man bears no regrets and self-pity!

Thinking about the short-term, looking under his feet, he is not looking to divide. While he was himself - he is a reasonable and perfect but its device surpasses the most complex and sophisticated machinery and equipment ever created. Over hundreds of trillions of cells working in resonance-synchronous mode for normal functioning of our entire body, his synergetic coherence.

Individual states are trying to create comfortable conditions for creating a unique system of air, water purification, indiscriminately dumping its activities on its territory - forgetting about the relationship and cycle of nature. In a pristine world man lived in a low-temperature plasma. Not without reason and when we look in the highlands, studies had shown the existence of clean air and ionized water ( "mountain air and thawed [melted] water" with a predominance of negative ions).

Theoretically, we could live up to 200-280 years. However, due to the deterioration of the environment, the human immune system has reduced life expectancy. And if he lives longer, sick and paralyzed, sustained by a state of artificial life support systems ( "artificial homeostasis").

We have now virtually become complicit in the deepest crisis in our country. First and foremost, we take it as a political crisis - the fall of communism, the ideology, and then as economic. It was because we were taught to understand the "classics" of Marxism-Leninism: all the historical "catastrophe" - the revolution. Cliche "classics" has a crack - instead of "scientific progress" resulting in increased productivity and consequently to improve living conditions, they were deteriorating.

It is impossible to treat disease, without first realizing its origins. It became clear to us after participating in an international exhibition of new technology in Switzerland (see "Pearl in the crown of Udmurtia - Izvestia, SD, city 28.05.94). A similar crisis is growing, not only about us but abroad as well, only to alleviate the form. And this is generally not dependent on public labels ("socialism", capitalism, etc.).

Difficulty to open new, having forgotten the old. So the crisis is caused by the agony of obsolete technologies, designed to ensure and protect in the beginning, but with their limited development had done little to improve the quality of life of mankind and the deterioration of at the final stage, with mass production. As a result, and there is a growing crisis of old technologies, stalled and deadlocked in the final phase of the needs of society.

This isolation contributed to the political and economic structures, descended upon old technologies and eating at their expense. Devoid of the scientific world outlook of life around us, the lack of proper peer reviews, the current situation and development prospects led to an impasse amongst various countries. Attempts to fix rickety old stud, obsoleted technologies that are the backbone of the existing politico-economic structures, have repeatedly resulted in coups and revolutions. As some historical examples (of nuclear power in particular) - requires a fundamental restructuring of a range of industries, sectors of science, rather than vice versa.

Currently, the serious consequences of development of stalled old technology are not allowed and resulted in non-development of new technologies as evidenced in our ecology. Deionization and poisoning of our surrounding air and as a consequence "acid" rain, soil and thus produce acid water. Finally - the emergence of mutants and the weakening of the immune system. These will not hide, wherever they lived - in the hut or in the palace. This slow and cumulative factor, like "shagreen leather" sharply shortening our lives, leading to a slow and torturous extinction from old age.

Resonance Technology

In Russia the unique situation was created, but whether we can correctly understand and use it?!

Based on an exhibition in Switzerland, out of 40 presented Russian technologies 30 has received awards and basically were so unique there were no analogues in the world. Russia as well as on Olympiad had won first place. None of us have mass production on the basis of new technologies. But we have the "advantage" - almost all were destroyed, there is no domination of old technologies, scientific "potential" has not absolutely run up, for us "anything" does not stir except for our own nonsense and there is nothing to lose. There was the most unique opportunity for Russia to be pulled out and forward during the given historical moment - only the best will survive, economical and based on the latest domestic technologies, in particular - resonance. That will sell abroad besides raw material and "know-how".
Firstly the decision of a question depends on the wisdom of our authority and its finance status: whether they understand or not the concrete historical moment, necessity of attraction of scientific and engineering forces of a society for the decision of the arisen crisis, or we again shall appear in a whirlpool of "revolutions" and " labour output " from crisis will be resolved by the usual method of violence.
Scientific research has recently clarified: the phenomenon of resonance is at the heart of the multifaceted phenomena that occur in nature and is key to understanding the "anomalous effects", the processes of evolution of the living and lifeless. Among the most general principles it became clear, irrespective of classical or quantum understanding: - resonance is the most stable condition for the various systems in nature, ranging from micro to macro-level (molecules, atoms, electrons, solar system). It has become clear that resonance not only destroys, but also creates.
A resonance system "loses" the least and "gains" the most. Weak influence results in an enormous impact of macroscopic effects. A vivid example is the resonance stability of the solar system, it is a step-type behaviour. In this respect, understanding the role of technology-based resonance phenomena - as the most economical, maloenergoemkih and ecologically pure. Resonance technology is already beginning to work and it is in Russia, thanks to a strong academic school which is still not quite affected by "new economic policy," hewn bough on which we all sit.

Here are some that is worth mentioning: laser;

New silent and highly economical resonance engines for any type of fuel (liquid, solid, gas);

New aircraft (like "flying saucer"), with low aerodynamic drag;

Resonance mechanisms, tools and conveyors that is unique and different from the usual in its technical parameters;

A new system of high efficiency liquid activation of water that reduces power consumption by 10-1000 times - producing ecologically clean drinking water without chlorine, dioxins and intensifies technological processes in the agriculture industry, food industry, constructions, machine building, pharmaceutical industry and way of life and so forth;

The unique and highly effective installations of low energy non-contact resonance effects for treatment and preventive therapies of many illnesses and so forth;

Currently it is possible to isolate further promising trends on the resonance technologies;

Molecular technology on the basis of the creation of resonance traps for different particles with sizes from the elementary to macrobodies without external feedback and the study of their properties and dynamics of separate particles in such traps (including electrons, atoms and molecules with their further packing on the board);

The selective separation of different powders (magnetic, ferromagnetic and so forth), in particular for the magnetic carriers of data (magnetic disks, tape so forth);

New resonance supersensitive sensor field (electromagnetic, acoustic, hydrodynamic, gravity);

Only together, regardless of nation or religion or social status, we will be able to get out of an impending crisis.

In this and subsequent articles, conceived as the University of Longevity, we try to work together, taking into account your letters, proposals, articles, focusing on the environment, the problem of longevity for our specific conditions of existence, indicate a way out of the critical situation, to answer your numerous letters on the background of "anomalies" and "miracles" - a charged water, distance thought-transference, psychotronic weapons ...

Next publication - Pasture of Life ( "Air Ocean Life", theoretical and applied aspects of the origins of illnesses, acid rain, soil, mutants, the biological effect of ionic air), released 6.08.94.

Results of the measurements of concentration of light negative aeroions:

1. Store of "Radiotekhnika" - 405 ion/CM3 (per cubic centimetre)
2. Center, Train ticketing booths - 220 ion/CM3
3. Izhevsk pond (pier) - 210 the ion/CM3
4. Shore area of pond at TETs (heat and power plant) - 505 ion/CM3
5. Street to main road junction - 210 ion/CM3
6. MSCH of "Izhstal" - 405 ion/CM3
7. Kirov Park (main entrance) - 690 ion/CM3
8. Pushkin Street (1000 Melody Store) - 460 ion/CM3
9. India Street - May - 250 ion/CM3
10. Timiryazev Street (stop) - 260 ion/CM3

Hygienic - 600 ion ion/CM3 (min), 50000 ion/CM3 (max)

Izhevsk, 19 July 1994 (Sun).