"IIS-RT"-2003. Collection № 28-1

III International Symposium. Electrochemical Activation In Medicine, Agriculture, Industries

Theses of reports (Moscow, 2002)
Scientific Research Center "IKAR", ikar.udm.ru, ikar@udm.ru
International symposium "International Year of Water - 2003", Austria, 29 march - 5 aprils 2003,
Collecton of abstracts "Water as Source of Life", 2003, p. 246-249.

1. Some aspects of reception and application electrochemical the activated solution - anolite ANC. Bahir V.M., Vtorenko V.I., Zadorozhnij J.G., Leonov B.I., Panicheva S.A., Прилуцкий V.I.( in Russian)

2. Issledovvanie of influence non-contact activated water on electrokinetic properties of barmy cells. Kazankin D.S., Shironosov V.G.( in Russian)

3. Contactless activation of blood. Shironosov V.G., Menshikova S.G., Shironosov E.V.( in Russian)

XIII International Symposium
"International Year of Water - 2003"

Theses of reports (Austria, on March, 29th - on April, 5th, 2003)
(Selected works)

4. Phenomenon of water of life and its simple explanation. Shironosov V.G. p. 246 - 249.

5. Non-contact liquid activation (infusion, medicinal substances). Shironosov V.G. p. 250-252. ( in Russian)

6. Installations and systems of ecological individual and collective safety for the house, office and hospitals. Shironosov V.G., Shironosova G.I., Minakov V.V., Ivanov V.B. p. 253-255. ( in Russian)