"IIS-RT"-1997. Collection 22-1




  1. Electrochemical Activation of Water and Aqueous Solutions: Past, Present and Future. B.I. Leonov.
  2. Plenar Report. Douglas Vineyard.
  3. Electrochemical Activation: Theory and Practice. V.M. Bakhir.
  4. Electrochemical Activation for Solving Problems of Labor Protection and Occupational Hygiene. B.I. Medvedev, N.N. Dmitriev.

  6. Physical-Chemical, Chemical-Analytical and Ecological Aspects of Magnetic and Electrochemical Activation of Water and Aqua-Saline Solutions. E.A. Polak, V.S. Matusevich.
  7. Non-Contact Electrochemical Activation of Water with Different Mineralization Rates. V.M. Bakhir, V.I. Prilutskii.
  8. Method of Polarography for Studying the Phenomenon of Electrochemical Activation. V.I. Prilutsky, V.M. Bakhir.
  9. Polarographic Study of Non-Contact Electrochemical Activation of Distilled Water Exposed to Different Activated Media. V.M.Bakhir, V.I.Prilutskii.
  10. Polarographic Evidence of Distilled Water Non-Direct Cathode Activation in Static Conditions. V.I. Prilutskii, T.V. Kalinina.
  11. Polarographic Evidence of Activation and Inactivation of Saline Solution Catholyte, Synthesized in the Electrochemical FEM Element. V.I. Prilutskii, V.M. Bakhir.
  12. Catalytic Properties of Activated Catholyte. V.I. Prilutskii, V.M. Bakhir.
  13. Study of the Metastable Properties of Various Samples of Water with the Minimum Mineralization Background. V.K. Konyukhov, V.I. Tikhonov, V.P. Logvinenko, V.I. Prilutskii.

  15. On the Issue of the Biological Effect of Electrochemically Activated Solutions. V.V. Toropkov, O.I. Peresypkin, E.B. Altshul, M.V. Trush, E.V. Toropkova.
  16. Influence of Electrochemically Activated Water (Neutral Anolyte) on the Viability of Sanitary Indicative Bacteria. L.B. Mukhina, Ye.Yu. Dmitrieva, E.B. Altshul.
  17. Study of the Effect of Electrochemically Activated Water on the Intestinal Microflora of Calves. S.I. Agadjanyan, S.A. Usmanova, A.G. Liakumovitch.
  18. Study of the Biologic Activity of Electrochemically Activated Solutions. S.I. Agadzhanyan, Yu.Ya. Yefremov., A.G. Liakumovich, P.A. Kirpichnikov, V.F. Chikayev.
  19. Effect of Activated Water on the Resident Flora of Man. Yu.V. Kozminykh, A.N. Golendukhin, L.D. Osipov, G.G. Lyudkov.
  20. Influence of Cathodely Activated Water on Ethyl Alcohol Biological Effects. I.G. Zabirova, V.P. Listvina, L.V. Samoilik, V.I. Prilutskii.
  21. Effects of Activated Water on Human Cells; Cell Biokinetics. A.A. Solovyov, A.N. Golendukhin, G.G. Lyudkov, I.V. Shamshurina.
  22. Express-Method of Evaluating General Water Toxicity. A.A. Solovyov, A.N. Golendukhin, G.G. Lyudkov.
  23. Vital Reactions of Nerve Fibers to Activated Water. O.A. Paksyutov, V.M. Chuchkov, A.N. Golendukhin, G.G. Lyudkov.
  24. Further Development of Investigation and Application of Electrochemical Activation Methods and Means in Medicine and Healthcare. G P. Belikov, S.V. Tarasenko, V.S. Agapov, A.M. Lakshin, O.A. Zarezaev, T.K. Korneva, V.M. Melnikova, N.V. Loktionova, N.P. Kirbasova, G Ya. Vlasenko, L.N. Gadzhinskaya.
  25. Estimate of Physico-Chemical Parameters Stability for Electrochemically Activated Anolyte Solution (ANC). O.I. Sukhova, V.B. Rovinskaya, V.I. Prilutskii.
  26. Application of Electrochemically Activated Solutions Obtained with the STEL‑10H-120-01 Devices in a Traumatologic and Orthopedic Hospital. N.V. Loktionova, A.S. Samkov, O.I. Sukhova, O.V. Savostyanova, V.M. Melnikova.
  27. Experience of Using Anolyte and Catholyte Solutions. G.N. Gitsevich.
  28. Study of Using Electrochemically Activated Solutions in a Multi-Functional Hospital V.B. Rovinskaya, O.I. Sukhova.
  29. Studying the Opportunities for Application of Electrochemically Activated Catholyte Solution in an Ultrasonic Device for Cleaning Dental Instruments. O.I. Sukhova, V.B. Rovinskaya, S.V. Polikarpova, A.S. Gavrikov.
  30. Application of Electroactivated Aqueous Solutions in Treating Chronic Cystitis in Patients with Cystostomes. S.A. Alyokhin, A.A Gaibullaev, D.S. Gittelman, S.S. Kariev.
  31. Experience of Using Electrochemically Activated Solutions (EAS) for Treating Patients with Pyo-Necrotic Complications of Diabetes Mellitus. G.A. Bluvshtein, A.A. Kulakov.
  32. Express Method of Evaluating the Physiological Qualities of Water. A.A. Solovyov, A.N. Golendukhin, T.G. Glushkova, G.G. Lyudkov.
  33. Express-Testing of Drinking Water Physiological Parameters and Toxicity Level. A.A. Solovyov, I.V. Shamshurina, A.N. Golendukhin, T.G. Glushkova, G.G. Lyudkov.
  34. Role of Electrochemically Activated Solution in the Treatment of Purulent Wounds in Urgent Surgery. V.F. Chikayev, R.A. Zulkarneyev, A.Yu. Anisimov, S.I. Agadjanyan.
  35. Complex of Anti-Tuberculosis Measures. M.A. Safin, R.B. Shiriyev, S.I. Agadzhanyan, M.V. Kharitonov.
  36. Experience of the Application of Electrochemically Activated Water-Anolyte in Septic Surgery. V.A. Devyatov, S.V. Petrov.
  37. Prevention of Septic Trauma Complications. V.A. Devyatov, S.V. Petrov, V.G. Kornev, A.N. Prib, F.Sh. Yangilev, Yu.G. Sivachev.
  38. Electrochemical Hydro- and Heat Therapy. F.I. Kotkov.
  39. Treatment of Pyoderma With Electrochemically Activated Water-Anolyte. V.A. Devyatov, V.G. Kornev, A.N. Prib, F.Sh. Yangilev, Yu. G. Sivachev.
  40. Application of Electrochemically Activated Water-Anolyte in the Treatment of Panaris Patients. V.A. Devyatov, V.G. Kornev, A.N. Prib, F.Sh. Yangilev, Yu.G. Sivachov.
  41. Anolyte Neutral Cathodic (ANC) Applied in MEC Practice. A.G. Gritsenko, A.E. Lychkova, Ye.B. Filippova.
  42. Spectrum of the Use of Electrochemically Activated Solutions in the Operative Dentistry Clinic with the Purpose of Preventing Intra-Hospital Infections. S.V. Tarasenko, V.S. Agapov, G.M. Trukhina, G.P. Belikov. A.I. Orazvaliyev.
  43. Experience of Anolyte and Catholyte (Electrochemically Activated Solutions) Application in a Dermatologists Practice. O.A. Mashkov, E.M. Vorontsova.

  45. Application of Anolyte and Catholyte in Seed Germination. A.V. Filonenko, Ye.Yu. Baikovskaya.
  46. Electroactivated Aqueous System for Sterilization of Planting Stock and Seed Grain. G.V. Biletkova, L.M. Islamgazieva, I.V. Shulgina.
  47. Complex Application of Electroactivated Water in Poultry Farming. S.I. Spirina, V.G. Shol, V.I. Filonenko, I.P.Saleyeva.
  48. Application of Electroactivated Water in Hens Eggs Incubation. V.I. Filonenko, S.I. Spirina, V.G. Shol, N.A. Korolyova.
  49. Introduction of Ecologically Safe Disinfectants into Industrial Poultry Farming. V.I. Filonenko, V.G. Shol, S.I. Spirina.
  50. ANC Neutral Anolyte Used for the Purposes of Disinfecting Equipment in the Meat and Dairy Industry. B.V. Manevich, R.Sh. Perlovsky, V.O. Rybaltovsky, Ye.F. Sudakova.
  51. Use of Electrochemically Activated Solutions in Silage Making. I.N. Kusakin.
  52. Some Aspects of Applying Neutral Anolyte (ANC) in the Brewing Industry. N.G. Tsikoridze, Yu.N. Yakovlev, V.M. Bakhir.
  53. Production of Semifinished Tea. N.G. Tsikoridze, Yu.G. Zadorozhnii, S.I. Agadzhanyan, A.G. Liakumovich.
  54. Use of Electrochemically Activated Solutions in the Production of Concentrated and Granulated Tea Products. N.G. Tsikoridze, S.I. Agadzhanyan, Yu.G. Zadarozhnii, A.G. Liakumovich.
  55. Storage of Citrus Fruit. N.G. Tsikoridze, Yu.G. Zadarozhnii, S.I. Agadzhanyan, A.G. Liakumovich.

  57. Electrochemically Synthesized Solutions in the Foodstuffs Technology. Certain Aspects of Use. A.A. Kochetkova.
  58. Application of Electrochemically Activated Aqueous Solutions in Textile Industry Technologies. N.V. Alekseyev, V.L. Petrov.
  59. A New Method of Bleaching Cotton Yarn with the Help of Electroactivated Water. S.A. Alyokhin, H.U. Dadahodzaev, V.T. Tokar, L.M. Chernavina, S.Z. Pak.
  60. Technology of Washing Household, Special and Hospital Laundry Using Solutions Synthesized by STEL Devices in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region. E.B. Altshul, V.V. Toropkov.
  61. Prospects of Application of Electrochemically Activated Aqueous Solutions in Resource-Saving Technologies. V.I. Sarzhe.
  62. Application of the Technology of Electrochemical Activation of Water in Oil Processing. B.A. Grigorovich, S.V. Trifonov, V.M. Bakhir, A.G. Liakumovich, N.V. Lemayev.
  63. Experience of Practical Use of Aqachlore Devices in the National Economy. A.Yu. Popov, D.A. Popov.
  64. Application of Electrochemical Activation in Vodka Production. Ye.N. Bolotsky.
  65. Starch Hydrolysis with the Use of Electrochemically Activated Solution. N.D. Lukin, V.M. Bakhir.
  66. Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) for Characteristics of Antioxidant Activity of Different Drinks and Vitamin Complexes. V.I. Prilutskii.

  68. Efficiency Study of the Emerald-M Device for Additional Purification of Drinking Water. A.S. Belkin, S.V. Korolkova.
  69. Emerald Type Devices for the Purification of Drinking Water. Ye.V. Murkina, Yu.G. Zadorozhnii, O.I. Sukhova.
  70. Decontamination of Sewage with ECA-Solutions. P.P. Begunov, S.P. Begunov, S.G. Amelichkin, V.G. Ivanov, Yu.M. Simonov.
  71. Optimal Drinking Regime in an Orthopedic Hospital. G.N. Gitsevich.
  72. Preparation of Water in the Swimming Pool of Nursery-Kindergarten No.34 of Krasnogvardeysky District Education Department of St. Petersburg with the Help of Anolyte Synthesized by the STEL-MT-1. A.V. Schur, I.G. Luzhetskaya, O.A. Ivaschuk.
  73. Health Condition of Children Using a Swimming Pool Containing Water Disinfected with Anolyte. O.I. Peresypkin, V.V. Toropkov, M.V. Trush, E.B. Altshul.
  74. Electrochemical Stabilization of Martial Waters. F.N. Uchuvatkin, P.K. Bida, Ya.M. Rutgaizer.
  75. Efficacy of Microbiological Purification with Emerald Household Water Purifiers. Yu.V. Kozminykh, A.N. Golendukhin, L.D. Osipov, G.G. Lyudkov.
  76. Determining Quality Standards of Water Consumed by the Population. A.A. Solovyov, I.V. Shamshurina, A.N. Golendukhin, G.G. Lyudkov.
  77. Effect of Purified and Electrochemically Activated Water on Aquarium Flora and Fauna. A.N. Golendukhin, Yu.V. Yablunovsky, G.G. Lyudkov,
    A.A. Golendukhin, A.A. Solovyov.
  78. Emerald Type Devices for Drinking Water Purification with Advanced Productivity Ye.V. Murkina, Yu.G. Zadorozhnii, O.I. Sukhova.

  80. Evolution of Technical Systems for Electrochemical Activation of Liquids. V.M. Bakhir, Yu.G. Zadorozhnii.
  81. Renofilter - A Device Preparing Hemodialyzers for Reuse.M.V. Byalko, O.I. Sukhova, Ye.V. Murkina.
  82. New Automatic Electrochemical Devices. V.M. Bakhir, Yu.G. Zadorozhnii, R.Sh. Perlovsky, V.Yu. Ryzhnev.
  83. Automatic Device for Drinking Water Purification. V.A. Tsyplenkov, Yu.G. Zadorozhnii.
  84. Generator of Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfectant Solution Hypoflo. S.I. Nefedkin, O.V. Nikitin.

  86. Experience of Using STEL- and Emerald- Type Devices in St. Petersburg (1992-1997). E.B. Altshul, V.V. Serov.
  87. Working Experience of NPO Perspektiva. V.G. Gablenko, S.B. Zavyalov, A.F. Sazonov, P.Yu. Storchak.
  88. Experience of Applying ECA Solution of Anolyte in Medical and Preventive Institutions in the Rostov Region. G.V. Aidinov, M.T. Kononykhin.
  89. Geography of the Pollution of the Environment in the Moscow Region and the Problem of the Protection of the Population from the Impact of Toxic Oxidants. I.V. Moskalenko, N.A. Molodtsov, V.I. Prilutskii.
  90. Electrochemical Activation of Water Aerosols in Ionizing Radiation Fields. A.A. Stekhin, G.V. Yakovleva, V.A. Ishutin.