"IIS-RT"-1999. Collection №11-1.

Water as a new energy source.

Filip M. Kanarev
director of pulpit Theoretical mechanical engineers
Kubansky State Agrarian University,
the doctor of technical sciences, professor.

The Second publishing. 2000. Krasnodar ( sb11-1.zip)
e-mail: nauka@kubgau.kuban.ru


The foreword.
1. Brief analysis of problem status.
2. Postulate of unity of space - substance - time.
3. Searching quantum model.
4. Conservation law of momentum moment.
5. Structure of a quantum model - energy carrier.
6. Model of electron and proton.
6.1. Electron model.
6.2. About proton model.
7. Structure of the first chemical elements.
7.1. Model of hydrogen atom.
7.2. Model of hydrogen molecule.
7.3. Structure of helium core and atom.
7.4. Structure of carbon core and atom.
7.5. Structure of oxygenium core, atom and molecule.
8. New structure of water molecule and new theory of electrolysis process of it.
8.1. Inconsistency between the existing theory and experiment at water electrolysis.
8.2. New structure of water molecule and new theory of electrolysis process of it.
9. Plasma-electrolytic way of deriving of extra energy.
9.1. Energetics of chemical connections in water molecule.
9.2. Plasma-electrolytic process.
9.2.1. Physical analog of process.
9.2.2. Chemical model of process.
9.3. Clusters and their binding energies.
9.4. Calculation of energy content of plasma-electrolytic processes.
9.5. Plasma-electrolytic reactor № 2.
9.6. Protocol of check tests of plasma-electrolytic reactor № 3.
The inference.
The literature.